About Spaghetti

September 9, 2021

I dont think Italians realise when they exported spaghetti to every part of the world. They were really just spreading loneliness……… It takes a lot of time to make good spaghetti. One starts off with a pot big enough to take a bath in and fill it full to the brim with tomatoes and stir, stir and stir………… All alone.

The only thing you need to FEAR is FEAR itself. Go to this site thoughtmaybe.com ….because if you keep reading the shit from mothership you will become stupid and when that happens no one will want to be with you.Worse than poison. Maybe that is something that is worth Fearing more that fear itself? What do you think?

YOU r also your greatest enemy as well. When u know this truth abt YOURSELF…….. it is impossible for anyone to put fear into your heart.

Dune Music

September 6, 2021

Can’t be very good…..they all look as if they’re forced to attend an economics lecture

Folding Space

September 6, 2021

The Mandolarian

September 5, 2021

You will need this. Because neither a plate or bowl or any other shaped receptacle will allow you to eat without having to worry about spillage. I used to work in a plantation. So eating out a medical kidney tray was absolutely normal. As when one goes out to the field, weight commands a premium so everything needs to be able to double or triple its function. I guess for most, they need to go beyond the yuck! factor.

Whats around the corner?

August 31, 2021

Empty Malls

August 31, 2021

The Covid Calculus

August 30, 2021

Mathematical models cant really predict how the Covid story will unravel, As the spread of a disease is much more complicated and abstract affair and there are many factors that we can’t pin down in practice, such as exactly how infectious the disease is and how much people will continue social distancing and wearing masks, which are important ways to further reduce the effective rate of infection. Math however is an important tool, but it is just one of many that holds out the prospect of giving us valuable insigbts into the future……… But in the final analysis, the Chapter that ends with live happilybever after. We would all do well to come to terms that daily deaths from Covid that run into the hundreds will simply be a feature of life as mankind heads towards normalcy.

.For me. This reality or calculus is simply the cost of living a normal life. It is a good decision and shoukd some die, it will still be worth it. Besides. Lately, I have begun to wonder whats on the otherside? I am curious.

Thick Girl

August 29, 2021

I didnt like her when I first set eyes on her ten years ago. She looked clunky and too utilitarian, stripped of all elegance. But after 400,000 kilometers. Thick girl has grown on me. These days I don’t even feel safe and secure driving any other car. Most people don’t realise that machines aren’t dead and lifeless. They have a soul and if you spend enough time with them and give them love and respect, one might even discover they have a character as well as life. And if you invest more of yourself into the cylinder heads and labyrinth of wires under the hood….at some point, they just come alive like Pinnochio. Thick girl isn’t perfect, she has her set of faults, she’s loud like a dumpster truck. Hard to drive in narrow and tight streets in the city. She’s not the Si Wen type (delicate and fragile sort). Rather she’s a girl with really big feet and maybe a faint moustache and when she speaks everyone drops everything and runs to the hills…..but thick girl definitely has her own mind. For example if you try to force her up a hill at full speed without checking on her coolant she doesn’t mind catching on fire and frying you to a cinder. Or if you try to force her to run thru a river without adequate rest, she doesn’t mind impersonating a submarine so she is full of character. She was manufactured just at the cusp of the digital age. When automotive engineers weren’t too sure about relegating everything to the infinite wisdom of the microchip. Hence there’s still an awful lot of analog in her and that simply means she has alot of character and soul that most modern cars don’t.

I know they’re sexier and probably better cars out there….but I think I am stick with thick girl for the next ten years….I just love her.

Ghost Dog

August 29, 2021

Whenever I drive to the mall carpark for my lunch. This stray settles right next to my car. Usually she just loafs around like a piece of driftwood. I always bring something for her. I used to work and live in a plantation. I am fond of dogs. And we have kindred connection. Most of the security guards have been trying to catch this stray for at least a year. They see it in the CCTV. But for some mysterious reason, they all can’t figure where it stays….I’ve got an idea, but I am not telling. Whenever any of those panting security guards ask me whether I have seen a dog in the carpark….I always shrug my shoulders and give them that look as if they’re asking me about ghost…..ghost dog. That’s her name.

What does P stand for?

August 29, 2021

I have my lunch in my car these days. In the Covid age. Eating in public is just too much grief…so I drive to some abandoned mall carpark most of the time for lunch. I always park before this alphabet, it probably means P for Parking, but these days being the only car here it might possibly have an altogether unexpected meaning.

Sleeping Monk

August 22, 2021

I have as many flaws as a dog as fur. But if you ask me what’s my biggest character defect…it probably has to be the fact that I am a complicated man. The way I see it. I am over designed in many areas of my nature in the way Concorde has hundreds of miles of wiring and most of it is simply dead weight and should they be used….they would most probably be switched on once in ten or twenty years. Life should be simple. I took this pic of a sleeping monk in one of my regular hikes. I think it says it all.

On updating my blog

August 21, 2021

I apologise…if I seem to be switched off of late. It is just that I find it difficult these days to write. Again. I am sorry.


July 4, 2021

He was never accorded the venerable status of artist. Instead, he was regarded as a mere technician. A window dresser. It was only much latter that he gained the confidence to call his work artistic.

In the olden days. It was not unusual for a country to spend 5% of its GDP to host the World’s Exposition and for participating countries to spend a small fortune just to showcase their products and services in their showy pavilions, visiting a world exposition was a once in a lifetime event. The idea was way before the Internet and it brought ALL of the world into one city.

He makes documentaries in the way one would write a novel……highly thought provoking and revolutionary in the way he uses the medium of film to convey the message.

Watch the documentary BEFORE the interview. This way, you have no assumptions and biaseness. I made the mistake of doing the reverse, so I had to spend quite a while untangling my brain to get to where I wanted to go with all this.

He is the guru……the indefatigable George Yeo

At a time when the divide between East and West threatens to spiral out of control. There’s a desperate need to understand the push and pull factors that are at play. No one in my opinion can fill that thoughtful position as well as George Yeo. It is nice to see him back in the saddle again after what seems to be an unusually long hiatus.