14th GE of Malaysia

December 17, 2017

Many people have asked me – what is my take. My answer is very plain and simple. I don’t know. I am reminded in all political races. All things being as equal as possible. It’s very easy to fall into a mind trap where one starts off with an assumption like it’s a cat and not a dog. Only to begin ferreting out the various real and imagined reasons why it cannot possibly be a dog and must be cat. Result: it’s a dog.

The best way to clear muddy water is to let it be.


‘We don’t live in a world where things are clear any longer. One of the great paradox of the internet age is while information is freely available in every conceivable shape and form….it’s not always possible to gainfully make sense of it to derive at a definitive conclusion.

Just because ten people are in a forum slagging off candidate X doesn’t really mean anything in the larger scheme of things. Not when you consider search algorithms stream these same folk into that echo chamber….it just means ten people are in a forum slagging off candidate X.

The Trump vs Clinton presidential elections is a classic case of how even the experts can get it so wrong. When Election Day broke, almost all the pollsters, vote pundits and political insiders in the country had Hillary Clinton waltzing into the White House.

By the time polls closed, all those prefidious faced projections counted for little except maybe wishful thinking — just like the ones a year ago that rubbished the possibility of Donald Trump winning the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

In every case the experts got it wrong. Strange isn’t it when you consider we already live in a seamlessly digitally connected world where innocuous pop up adds of toasters or cameras may magically appear just when we were googling up on them a minute ago.

This just goes to illustrate there exist real limits to how much we can expect to beacon out the murk.

Will the Barisan Nasional juggernaut be able to garner the votes? Well at one level of understanding you can say things certainly look very promising for Najib & Co. The opposition is in a shambles and they even look crumbly. The economy seems to be in the pink of health. There is of course the 1 MDB scandal and the recent painful rolling out of consumption tax on goods and services that hasn’t gone down well. But those things are too far off to register so powerfully in the stream of public consciousness to create an upset. Or maybe I’ve scaled it all wrong….like I said my assessment is based entirely on one and only one level of understanding. The problem as I see it is this vantage isn’t commonly shared by all…even within that cloistered rank of ‘understanding’ there may well exist sub groups and beneath them further sub divisions of groups like how so many US voters publicly told the pollsters they would never vote for Trump. As they just felt embarrassed and didn’t want to be labelled a red neck. Only for many of them to vote Trump….above all I reminded it’s darn hard to pin down the outcome especially when the machinery that accounts for the decision making process is so varied and segmentised into so many divisions and sub divisions of interest and anxieties…that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty.

I am sorry I just don’t know…..but one thing I do know is…you best hang on tight as it’s going to be ride that will take you to where you least expect.’

Lady in the supermarket held up what appears to be a tomato and turned to me and said, what beautiful tomato. I told her, I regret to inform that is not a tomato, it may well be a suggestion or perhaps a hint of a tomato, but since probabilities don’t make for possibilities it is anything but a tomato.

Lady was very confused….I merely smiled and proceeded to disappear into the infinity of the supermarket aisle.


This is the problem. When a country fills up one of the most important diplomatic post with what seems to be an ex Kentucky fried chicken waitress who has absolutely no inkling whatsoever in how to manage international affairs or for that matter convey reasoned arguments in such a way where it may sway intelligent folk…she doesn’t seem to understand the patently obvious….. there can be no winners in a nuclear war.

Only very stupid people believe it is possible to emerge as a clear winner in a nuclear conflict.

Girl told me she didn’t care about politics. She went on to add…besides it all rotten to the core and even if I did care, it wouldn’t have capacity to change anything…so it’s best to just care about things that I can change.

Then as if feeling somewhat stupid that I didn’t seem too bothered to talk her out of it….girl ask, say something….tell me that I am wrong. Tell me that if I care enough things will change for the better.

I simply told her change it will…..for the better or worse I don’t know…only understand this, if you can’t even be bothered to write what you really want to see change in this world. Then trust me someone will come along and just write it all down for you……not because they respect you. Not even because they care whether you live up to ninety or end up in a ditch before you turn twenty five…..they will write only because they have the power to do so.


‘The one thing that no one ever talks about these days is power. I realise that’s a funny subject that even seems to have very little with ‘engagement’ because everyone probably tells you…it’s the policies that are really important…what’s the point of talking about power?

That could well supply an explanation why the only time mellinials ever talk about power is when the get together in Starbucks and go gaga over the ‘Game of Thrones.’ It’s their equivalent of reality based soap opera, they’re riveted to not only the characters, but the whole idea of intrigues and endless twist and turns of the plot as well and that if you notice is the only time when mellinials really talk about power.

Sadly that has to be a awful waste if not a great diffusion of energy. Because HBO doesn’t have the capacity to change anything and the only power there is make belief power.

I have this pet theory, one compelling why mellinials don’t seem to ever want to talk about real power has alot to do with taking the idea of individualism so far that, that notion ceases completely to have any intrinsic value to society. That’s to say we live these days in an age when the individual is the most important thing in this universe and where mellinials may have confused the whole issue of how power fits into the lives is they have some how managed to convince themselves and their peers that power is a dirty word. Well you can’t blame them (the mellinials) because every group that is powerful, from the Politicians to the bankers have gang banged them in so many ways that these days, it’s very hard for mellinials to live in hope.

A generation with no hope will not dream – why should they? After all their dreams are probably going to turn to crud. Neither are they going to stick their necks out either…only people who are optimistic about the future can do that and the whole notion of being part of groups that are powerful is just anathema to mellinials.

It’s not that they don’t want to talk about power…they’re afraid too in the way really poor kids turn down the offer to munch on premium chocolates because the moment they take a bite of paradise. They know, they will go thru the rest of their life thinking only about that day because they actually believe they will never be able to afford to eat decent chocolates…so they say, fuck it! I rather not go there! It’s too bloody painful on memory and my taste buds.

Only kids who come from rich families, if you care to notice are really asking the important questions like, where the hell has power has gone to? Where does it reside now? Who turns on and off the power taps? How does the whole con job work?

That’s very sad to me. Because we’re not going to change anything until we actually understand where power is these days.’

Man exclaims in utter despair. There is so much lies these days….it’s very hard to know what is really going on. Man went on to insist quite strongly, it’s so important to stick to truthful material…..I told him, the worse lies are manufactured by those who call everyone liars.


‘The anthropologist Alexei Yurchak, in his 2005 book, “Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More” argues quite eloquently I might add (not sure whether it is him or his translator who is responsible for his capacity to wordsmith so elegantly) that, during the final days of Communism, the Soviet system had been so successful at propagandizing itself, at restricting the consideration of possible alternatives, that no one within Russian society, be they politicians or journalists, academics or citizens, could conceive of anything but the status quo until it was far too late to avoid the collapse of the old order.

The system was unsustainable; this was obvious to anyone waiting in line for bread or gasoline, to anyone fighting in Afghanistan or working in the halls of the Kremlin. But in official, public life, such thoughts went unexpressed. The end of the Soviet Union was, among Russians, both unsurprising and unforeseen. Yurchak coined the term “hypernormalization” to describe this process—an entropic acceptance and false belief in a clearly broken polity and the myths that undergird it.

It would seem the soviets were the first proponents of bending the truth to suit their specious ends. But I am not so sure….Constructive ambiguity is a term generally credited to Henry Kissinger, said to be the Maha guru of the negotiating Strategy.

It refers to the deliberate use of ambiguous language on a sensitive issue in order to advance some political purposes. Examples of constructive ambiguity are words such as rightsizing instead of downsizing, ponding instead of flooding, coming in contact instead of colliding, better calibrate instead of better managed………this begs the question – why do Politicians and leaders need to filter the truth in such a way where it suits their ends?

It would seem at first, it may have something to do with simply crafting a reliable means to manipulate the masses. I am not so sure about the validity of this motivation. If I had to plumb for a reason why Politicians and leaders regularly indulge in a spot of truth bending, the real motivation behind it may yet be more sinister as it will probably come across as understandably simple.

It’s conceivable the world along with the multitude of its affairs ranging from economics to geopolitics has become so awfully complicated that no ordinary person can possibly understand it’s workings any longer. Including myself. Perhaps the custodians of power are not to blame for regularly advancing sugar coated narratives that elide the truth and paint a rosy pictures of a valedictorian future filled with hope….From Donald Trump’s nascent to President to the sinister rise of global panoptical snooping in order to sell the masses stuff they don’t – what is fast emerging is a newly radicalized way in which humanity sees the whole construct of the truth. I say construct. As it’s not really the truth as we know it to be. But nonetheless we have all come to accept it or at least condone it by acquiescencing or maybe it’s just apathy…as there is no other alternative is there to this bleak dystopian landscape where the truth will always be couched in a sublimely clever lie that always holds itself out to be the truth and nothing but the truth. Really it’s like living in Jonathan Frazen’s vantage of the corrections. Moment after moment I come across lies masquerading as homely sugary truths…aunties rolling tomatoes in the supermarket not realising they are consuming produce that have little whatsoever to do with how a tomato would really taste like if men in white coats tinkering with testubes had nothing whatsoever to do with genetically modified organisms…men and women who walk around with wires sticking out from their ears as if it’s perfectly normal, cocooned in their hermetically sealed bubble of make belief privacy that even somehow manages to render Nabakov congenial..friendly and affable….it’s quite unsettling for me at times…..I must confess, I do rue the passing of everything that I’ve come to believe to be the truth…and as I look on at what I can only describe as Aldous Huxley’s caricature of a new brave world, where lies have become codified and accepted, where leaders refuse hard choices, cede authority to global finance and corporatist, and forward simplistic, patently false narratives to steer the public away from the terror of uncertainty and what they insist to be impending dooms of our age which we all know are always closer to fiction than truth….it makes me feel like a sort of omega man….a man who is marooned in his own head walking all by himself in an empty city.

Welcome to the post truth world…the world is ending…but despite its Faustian misgivings….I am still Glad to belong to it.’

I sensed it today…the slight rustling of the eaves before it shifts direction…the hollowing of the air asunder. Not everyone can sense this shift, just as not everyone can talk about the weather. Not at lenght at least. Not in the way that engages….not in the way where you sit at the edge and strain for every word with anticipation….I reckon, I am the only person in the world that can talk about the weather in that way.

I used to know a girl who meant a lot to me who had this special gift. We would talk about weather for hours into the depths of night. She did not think me odd. No. She listened and we spoke mostly about the weather.

I miss her very much. I miss her right down to the marrow of my bones….You see I have so much to tell her. Perhaps I will see again in my next life.


Some said he must have been a mercenary who fought a war up North in Chad. He had terrible scars. Others insisted he was a spy who worked for French intelligence…then there others who simply shrugged their shoulders. Nonetheless, they left the stranger to himself…the man took a room on the second floor of a sundry shop overlooking the harbor in the Coite de Noire….there was nothing that stood out about him, he paid for his provisions in French gold guines, but that wasn’t odd as many sailors did the same….but what was odd about the man who installed himself on a rocking chair every evening when the light waned and nursed a No.4 Montecristi and sipped neat whisky was he seem to really only come alive when the subject of the weather was raised….and he spoke about very little else it seems….the weather.

Days before the skies of the desert turn ochre red. Window frames warp, doors creak, floorboards begin to curl at their edges, nails begin to loosen and catch against flesh, wooden spoons split, lips crack and when it seems as if one is content to only breathing in flaming needles. That’s just around the time, when the indigo people of the desert would stand in one long line and look northwards – they don’t say anything. They don’t move very much. Like birds gathered on a line in a frosty September morn. They just look on knowingly into the yonder….then slowly the winds begin to pick up and the skies begins to darken a tobacco brown…..the harmattan.

For days thereafter the winds howl incessantly like a widow mourning her secret loss. City folk scurry beneath the eaves of protesting flapping wind swept corrugated awnings covering their faces. From time to time they pause, look up searchingly to make up whether the sun is still there or might it too be swallowed whole by it’s violent approach from the North. A wind once considered so evil that a mad Sultan declared Jihad against it and marched out into the swirling desert to meet it with war elephants and a column of pike men in full armor only to perish. The red wind the sailors in Coite de Noire know as the sea of blood. The ever wandering Beduins call the kinsam, 50. As it last 50 days which they all greet with two rents from their antique Lee Enfield rifles with the salutations, ‘Allah wakbar’ – as it billows it’s last dying whispering hush across the sea of Guinea. Soon a few gusts of air and a thin rain presages the final approach of the…..the harmattan. Now mystery is furiously at work in the preamble of the twilight, the sands swirling and fingering into every nook and cranny, appearing as if by magic to cling to the secreted, spoiling well oiled machinery, mucking clothes and rendering everything a bitter after taste. Everywhere and everything is touched by the ochre red of infinitesimal of omnipresence. All the while, the constant rattle of window panes, the sobbing of rooms, the tears of rawed eyes having borne witness to prophecies……yes…I remember her….the red wind..they all call, the harmattan.’

Punish with ❤️, not hate

December 13, 2017

My neighbor has a very bengkok (bent) fruit tree. Some of the branches are so bent and out of shape that he has even decided to cut the whole tree. When he asked me what should I do?

I asked him for some thick gauge steel wire and proceeded to wrap it tightly around some of the out of shape branches….I told him to do it gently, increasing the tension only at intervals of every month and reassured him that if he followed my instructions religiously, the tree would come back to how it was meant to be.

Be gentle….be very gentle.


‘If you are angry or if your mood is dark. Then don’t pass judgement. Better still if you can set aside the matter of judgement for a whole week while you cool down. Because if you past judgement with a hateful heart. You are likely to be heavy handed and end up breaking that person in half. So much so, he or she will be so broken that they will never return back to the fold again…they much rather take their chances in the wilderness than to return….since hate featured in the judgement….hate will beget hate and the vicious cycle has begun….this is the executive summary of how stupid people create hell for themselves and everyone else.

A superior system of social justice is one where the punishment must be designed ONLY to highlight the error of the way to the offender in clear and unambiguous terms, so that he is motivated to change his bent ways to enable him to return back to the fold with dignity and no loss of face and most importantly to serve society.

It must be premised only on love….love for what is right…love even for those who have crossed the line….and love in the hope the punishment will never be so heavy as to break him in half…love begets love….brotherhood begets brotherhood.

This is wisdom.’


December 13, 2017

Our notion of reality is very fragile. Often it is much more crumbly than we believe it to be. But since there is no alternative to this niggling feeling that something is terribly amiss in the system…in our lives and even in the very air we breathe.

We play along with it…we all become the very fuel that makes the great lie possible.

Why man is attracted to myths

December 12, 2017

Man asked. Can you walk thru a brick wall….do you know how to walk on water. I told him, why would I need to learn something as useless as walking thru a wall when I walk thru a door? Why would I even bother walking on water, when I can buy a ticket for a ferry to take me across the river?



‘Man is like a child raptured by fairytales. So much so, he seems unable to live without myths and this infantile fixation is so chronic and acute that he even has to fashion his own myths to give reason to his litany and drudgery, pain and fear of life.

If you observe very carefully once new myths come before man in the TV, internet or just ordinary living – political, economic, religious…even trivial myths…fairytales that make extravagant promises that a better world is just within his grasp…if only…..if only…soon man is taken by it all.

These myths supply man a certain sense of meaning to his otherwise empty life by making feel larger than life, so that he can he be free from his own emptiness, loneliness and miserableness.

Yet the very violence of these political and religious myths betrays the anxiety that besets man – for even if they manage to pout their chest out like proud pigeons or shout out that only they and they alone see the world clearer than anyone else….there is nothing courageous or noble about them. They are simply a pathetic lot, children huddling together in the dark and shouting just to give themselves courage against the hollowness of their lives.’

The problem that is Jerusalem

December 12, 2017

The Trump people behave as if this is a matter that can be wrapped up by Friday and after the long weekend most people will forget about it and by Monday it’s business as usual.

But unilaterally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel cannot be that simple. Already very funny people are suggesting sending troops to Jerusalem – what exactly is their role there? We can only imagine. How will they even get into Jerusalem? Again we dunno. And this is simply the tip of the iceberg.

As what this example illustrates is how easily the subject Jerusalem can be used to inflame the feelings of masses…as hard as I try to beacon out the murk, it is very hard to say where this will all go.


‘At the conclusion of a Jewish wedding the groom will place a glass under his heel and break it. Afterwards he will shout out Mazel Tov and everyone will clap. This symbolises the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem, it is an allegory of how one mourns loss only to discover wholeness in the form of a union between man and woman. This is how strong Jerusalem exerts a gravity on the psyche of the Jews. It is not only just any place…it is literally where X marks the spot. So I can understand why Jerusalem is so important to the Jew.

Having said all that. Jerusalem is no less important to the Palestinians as well as they believe East Jerusalem to be the capital of their homeland. As for the larger community of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world Jerusalem also holds a special place in their hearts as well. As the golden dome masjid that stands on the 36 acre mount is where many Muslims believe that the prophet ascended heaven. So I again I can understand why Jerusalem is so important to the Muslim.

Jerusalem is also important to the Christians as well. As so many scenes from the bible is set in the old city of Jerusalem. So much so it is not possible to even talk about the Bible without mentioning Jerusalem. So again I understand why Jerusalem is so important to the Christian.

But what I cannot understand is how it is possible for one to work towards any form of resolution, when one faction decides to unilaterally decide on the matter that is such a powerful touchstone to these three communities. This cannot be easy to resolve under any definition of the word resolution. As at the heart of the issue it involves faith and heritage along with where one chooses to see the issues from the various vantages of historicism.

I say it cannot be easy because it is not an issue that can be reasonably resolved by collaboration of facts or winnowing information to get at the truth. Where heritage comes encrusted with religion. It is operating at another level of understanding that even has the capacity to subordinate logic and reason itself. This is not an indictment of religion per se, it is a factual understanding of how I believe heritage and faith works in the mind of those who are its adherents. Heritage and religion sanctions and promotes bias. To exacerbate matters it is greatly assisted by the sketchiness and paucity of what actually once transpired – the less precise it is, the more room for imagination and interpretation. Worse of all it is protected by parochialism, insularity and ignorance which all serve different audiences for different ends.

That is why Jerusalem is so problematic that it is best to leave it alone.’

If we listen to this idiot…one entire generation of Singaporeans will end up going around in big and small circles!

Listen to what he has to say….

“Can we perhaps provide some support to the children of entrepreneurs when they are starting university? Can we help them defer some of these costs? We can provide certain support in other areas surrounding their families so that they get better family support and they do not need to be worried about the family and can focus on the business.”

Truth is if the custodians of power are dumb enough to ever run with any of his cracked brained suggestions – despite their best intentions, all they would end up creating is new generation of lackeys who are good for absolutely nothing!

This is poison.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/too-sheltered-entrepreneurial-on-the-record-edmas-neo-9481842


‘Understand this! To learn how not to get cheated. You must be taken to the cleaners and bleached right to the bone. To learn the value of gathering primary data to make good decisions. You need to be lied to so many times that your head literally spins and you can’t even tell black from white, right from left or whether you are up or down. To learn how to protect to your investments. You must be robbed by villains. To learn how to be ruthless in business. You have to come face to face those who don’t give quarters.

The most promising continent on this planet that is able to impart business knowledge as I have just described in the most effective way is Africa.

Better still if you can find a country there that is so fractured by civil war that there no such thing as tap water or that everyone there uses their fridge to keep clothes because there is no such thing as electricity…better still if it is so riven by corruption right to the hilt that no ever bothers with the law and to the best of your knowledge there is no such thing as the rule of law.

To my understanding Africa is a Mother of business arcanum – it is everything that Harvard business school should rightly teach for one to be well equipped in the business world. But since the HBS doesn’t teach it that is why so many Fortune 500 firms these days come and go. As it is probably the only land mass on this planet where a man might venture into penniless and statusless and yet with dexterity, work ethic and disregard for his own life and limb is able to make something out of himself.

In every other country in the world to gainfully be an entreprise owner one would first need to beg for start up capital or cough out money first. As the entry cost to be an entrepreneur is so high. But in Africa, there is no need for seed money. As everything under the sun can be commoditized true to the spirit of Hardrock cafe, we love all, we serve all….a bridge can be taken over and tolled…no one will stop you in Africa for the simple reason if you don’t roll up your sleeves and put that broken bridge up. No one would do it. Not even the local or central government. In Singapore if you want to set up your own enterprise ERP. You will need to write to LTA and ten other quasi government bodies to seek their approval. By the time they have finished with you. You will also be finished as well, as you will drown in a sea of A4 paper. In Africa, like NIKE says…just do it! Even wells can be syndicated…in Singapore you need to seek the approval of PUB and six million other agencies. In Africa all you need to do is draw out your business plan on sand beneath a tree and get buy in from the village strong man. You can even operate your own MRT in Africa. All you need to do is hook up with a few locals and get them to build rickety platforms that can run on government tracks with improvised grass cutting engines and people will willingly pay money and thank you for providing much needed public service. The best thing is when it is flooded. You can even start your own ferry business and funeral services and if you do a good job, you will given a funny leopard hat by president and conferred honorary citizenship for life – you can even start your own bank and with the cooperation of the local tribesmen it is even possible to start your own parliament. All this is possible only in Africa.

All this is possible in only Africa. No other continent on this planet offers such a wide scope for improvisation and latitude for imagination to the budding enterprise owner.

All other models to attain self emancipation and financial liberty are inferior in my opinion. As not only do they make it possible for those who may not have either the right aptitude or determination to try for success. But since they come with truckloads of security of safety nets and spine melting ‘assistance’ in their variousness of shapes and forms, they are likely to create only a cohort of lackeys who are only good for recounting ever more inventive reasons why they cannot seem to discover the imagination to prosper.

To my understanding, the idea of teaching people to be entrepreneurs is an oxymoron. Because the skill sets cannot imparted. One can only do it and hope for the best that it all comes around.

If this sounds brutal. I am so sorry. But you must understand I am not a merchant of fantasy, I am first and foremost a realist.

Ironically Africa brutality, unforgivingness and intrinsically unfair business environment is what ensures the man will be stripped right down to his bone and rebuilt again into the übermensch….he cannot fail…as failure will mean death*’


*’Exactly one year ago a group of men sought me out in the wild. They wanted to know my personal assesment of North Korea’s ballistic capabilities. I told them they had wasted their money and time on a very unnecessary trip. As since I am just a simple farmer I don’t own a spy satellite to gather such intelligence. Neither am I the CEO of that ultra secret Organization known as SPECTRE.

However since they had both made such a long journey. I felt the least I could do was sit down with them. During our conversation. I did mention what I believed to be the tipping point – that is to say, four criterias need to be met for N.K to be a clear and present nuclear threat. First the ballistic must be able to reach a ceiling of 2,000 kilometres. That is the magic number in the vocabulary of ICBM’s. Secondly, it must be solid fuelled and not liquid cooled. Thirdly it must be mobile, either TOPOL-M, rail or submarine launched. Finally, the cone needs to be able to survive re-entry into atmosphere intact. Then one of them asked – do the N.K have such scientific capabilities in the field of rocketry? I told this person, that is an irrelevant question. As there is already exist plenty of motivation for N.K to find the means to create such a dooms day weapon. I went on to stress it is the motivation alone that guarantees the inevitability of the creation of such a weapon. I even underscored to these two mysterious gentlemen that was what Jane Defence weekly is silent about, and in my humble assesment that is a very serious omission as it goes into the crux of the issue. I mentioned the only referreed publication that discussed extensively on this was the DIPLOMAT, it is all about the motivation, if the motivation is strong enough, the means to the end can only follow and in the case of N.K’s – they are not so different from the planet of the apes who are the worshippers of the ICBM. As incomprehensible as that may be to the western mind, that idea has to be as close to religion or a God as one can possibly get. As the ICBM is their only means of salvation. There is no other alternative. None at least that can supply salvation to the N.K….that is why it will become a reality.’

Time with yourself

December 10, 2017

Man asked. Isn’t it lonely to be by yourself all the time. I asked him, isn’t it lonely to be surrounded by people all the time?

He did not understand. I did not explain and cont working.


‘If you make relationships the center of your life. You are bound to end up losing your true self. As not all relationships nourish your being. Not all are based on truth. They are all self serving in their own way to the ego and to worldly desires and can never be entirely reliable or for that matter true.

If you are the type who can only be yourself in the company of others….then you in dangerous territory.

Take the time and opportunity to fellowship with yourself. That is my humble advise if you allow me to say so. As once you get to know yourrself better it will be the most enjoyable and productive way to spend one’s time. That skill to be alone will also transform you into a first class friend as well. As when you are in the company of others since you are comfortable being alone….you will not take or for that matter use your friends to fill up the empty spaces in your soul. Instead you can guide them towards independence as to comfortable alone means you are a giver, not a taker.

One should not go out of one’s way to seek partners or friends. Doing so simply demonstrates that you are still a dependent and not an independent mind. Do not waste your time trying to find support and nourishment from friends. As if you are afraid to be alone, in all likelyhood they too suffer from the same phobia. All you will end up with is two instead of one scady cat who is afraid to be alone.

Instead the default position of a mature and well balanced mind should ideally be to seek to know and be comfortable in one’s own company.’

This morning a man said something unflattering to his friend concerning me that he knew would probably make me angry. Instead I pretended as if I didn’t hear it. Then he said it louder and again I pretended that I didn’t hear it….and finally he shouted it directly at my face…..and once again I smiled and pretended that I did not hear it.


‘When you are easily moved by the feelings your mind creates. Then you cannot be so different from a Lalang (wild grass). A lalang can only be taken by the wind, it has no other choice but to go with the flow. If the wind is turbulent it will move like a belly dancer. Even if it is a mildly windy day, it will sway here and there.

This is the reason why some people get angry and worked up unecessarily – since they have developed a habit of taking their feelings so seriously to such a point where they cannot detach their being from what they might feel. They can only hold on their feelings very much in a way a man holds on to his gold bars with a death grip even should it take him right down to the bottom of the sea like an anchor.

But when one does not make an attempt to hold on the passing feelings that may come and go in the theatre of the mind…..then one is always stable like a mountain.

The mountain does not move, it doesn’t matter how strong the wind blows…it is simply the mountain.’

Footnote by the author: I will not insult your intelligence. The perceptive reader. THIS IS NOT AN EASY THING TO DO, NOT CONSISTENTLY AT LEAST. However being aware that our nature has a tendency to cling to our feelings which in turn modulate the way we feel and respond is the first step that makes mindfulness possible. Mindfulness allows us to practice restraint daily and with practise the hope is it will get much easier and soon you may even find that it is very much a part of your character.’

Jerusalem and Trump

December 10, 2017

The UN on Wednesday agreed to an emergency session of the Security Council after eight nations requested talks on US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump had earlier announced his administration would begin the process of formally moving its embassy to Jerusalem to recognize the change of Jerusalem’s status in the eyes of the United States government.

With his recognition of Israel’s claim, Trump is seen by many — particularly Palestinians — as siding with Israel in a conflict in which Washington is supposed to be brokering a peace agreement.

The Palestinians want East Jerusalem, which Israel captured in 1967, to be the capital of any future Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution. Trump’s statement did not refer to East or West Jerusalem and instead treated the city as one.

Pandora’s box has truly been prised wide open….


‘I would imagine most of the people who Trump sorrounds himself with are thoughtful folk. They are in my assessment very thoughtful and intelligent along with having the benefit of a very reliable trek record. So I cannot understand the reasons for this sudden move…..the only appeal for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital is perhaps to garner support from the Christian Right in the US. But that would be akin to solving one problem only to create one thousand and one other problems.

Sometime back ago I had a conversation with a gentleman, who intimated to me that the only way for America to rediscover herself again is thru a coup d’état. During the conversation I searched for madness in this man. Try as hard as I could. I could not find a single trace of it.

Now reflcting back at what was once discussed in that conversation, I must say it is a very sensible proposition….very reasonable and studied in every aspect of how to resolve this problem that is a very broken America.’


December 9, 2017

I have been tracking the progress of this aerospace start up for over two years. Frankly I like the idea of commercialising supersonic air travel. The concept is hardly new, Concorde tried it and it failed big time…so why should this succeed?….my feel is this time round so many things are different from the 1960’s period when Concorde was first conceived. For one Boom aerospace will have the advantages of modern technologies in the form of design, materials and engines to deliver on many of the shortcomings of Concorde.

The way I see it – the speed of commercial air travel has remained relatively static for the last fifty years. In any other mode of transportation this would be strangely incomprehensible, but for some curious reason commercial aircraft transportations seems to defy this rule of natural progression.

When Boom is public listed. I am likely to invest in it.

Woman told me frantically she had to find some thing to hate about her ex, so that she could move on with her life. Then like a lightbulb, she said, yes…he can never keep time….I will focus on that. Later on she said, his nose is also to big….that is another thing to hate about him.

When she turned to me I suggested she should drink one cup of herbicide. That was when the woman looked surprised and exclaimed, ‘that’s poison…it will kill me!’

I turned to her and asked, ‘and what is hate and bitterness….is it not a form of poison that will kill you as well?’

Soon she calmed down and when she had settled. I took a brief rest from my work and said to her, remember the good times only….never allow bitterness and hatred to be the source of your courage to leave him. This way when your love returns in yet another form in yet another season you will see it for what it is….a source of joy and hope.


‘When a man falls. There are only three possible outcomes.

The first is that he will be wounded and scarred so badly that it can only hold him back the rest of his days.

The second is by some miraculous feat he manages to not only survive, but thrive as hatred and revenge along with a thousand dark thoughts will fuel his determination to succeed like the power of the sun.

I say worst still only because such a man cannot be stopped. It is truly impossible to stop such a man from succeeding, as the power of hatred and bitterness once they are unleashed into his soul will give him virtually limitless power like superman….the irony is even if such a tortured soul is able succeed. He will never be at peace. Even all the wealth of this world will ultimately be so meaningless. Because what really accounts for his determination to succeed is the very source of his pain and unhappiness…..it would take many many years for such a lost soul to come to terms with the error of his ways and to begin repairing the wreckage of his soul. By then the story of this man’s life will be littered with so many sad stories of what could have or should have been….that regret can only follow this man till the end of his days even if he manages to come thru to the other side.

The third and final outcome is, the man will grow wiser from his many set backs in life – as he never once allowed those bad experiences to rob him of all the goodness and optimism that life has to offer ahead of him.’

Men who fall into the second category with great effort can return back to conclude their story like the third and final outcome….only many years would be spent in darkness.

They will be wasted years of great suffering….’

This is a stupid move. What’s the solution when the roof leaks? Do you patch it up? Or do you build a new roof on top of that leaky roof? The way I see it Desmond Kuek is the CEO. Now what some smart Alec has done is to create yet another new position on top of the CEO.

This should prompt the perceptive reader to ask..then what’s the point of the CEO.

Besides the root cause for the SMRT malaise is in my opinion far more serious…the true scale of the problem as to what corrosive aspects of the cultural problem was never really explained in details or specifics…but if I had to venture an opinion, it has to be right down to the marrow of the all that is wrong with SMRT…besides, it’s not as if systems in the form of standard operational procedures are not there…..it is the workers…or at least some of them that don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of what they have signed on for.

If the problem is ‘cultural’, then there is only one cure.

Radical problems require radical solutions.


‘These days the word discipline is widely regarded as undesirable, politically incorrect and old fashioned. I don’t want to go into the reasons why, that is best left for another blog entry. Suffice to say, it is what it is!

That is why I much prefer to use the prosthetic term skill or work craft. I find that whenever I use the term discipline, usually it provokes a lot of resistance and in some cases it even makes it darn right impossible to get my message across.

However for the purposes of this blog entry I will stick to the word discipline.

In a plantation setting when discipline has broken down to such a point where it is no longer possible for the management to command and control effectively. Then a form of decimation needs to carried out – I will not mince my words, it is harsh, ruthless and blind in its application. But it is necessary as when things are allowed to deteriorate to such a pathetic level where even reason can no longer move the masses, then force will have to be deployed to effect cultural change.

If done well. This will have the effect of resetting the level of discipline to the point before the rot.

The way to do this as follows:

(1) Make sure nothing is in writing. Make very sure! In the event where it is not possible to communicate without writing. Ensure that you structure your sentences in such a manner where it is possible for you to deny all knowledge of controversy. This can be accomplished by inserting ambiguous words like ‘discreationary power,’ ‘as you see fit within the remit of company policy’ always end with the cover your ass escape clause, ‘in the event you require any assistance my door is always open.’ Actually no one can contact you.

(2) All orders should only be communicated only by word of mouth on a one to one basis with no documentation in the form of minutes or evidential collaboration or acceptance of responsibility on your part. Ensure always that you are in a position to state categorically to anyone or body that subsequently decides to conduct an investigation – I am not in a position to confirm or deny this or that. One trick that I usually use is hang around the mall and borrow strangers phones to issue out clandestine orders. Or cultivate bangla or Filipino maids friends, usually for the price of an extra phone card. You can even make calls to the either the mafia or Yakuza…can even make as many clandestine calls the whole day without raising suspicion.

(3) In the event you are investigated. Never issue a statement verbally, instead always insist to respond in writing thru your lawyers. This way if you are incriminated. You can always blame your lawyer for taking your submissions out of context. All your submissions to a board of enquiry should be structured with the following opening lines…to the best of my knowledge and understanding, I am not in a position to commit a definitive answer. However in my considered opinion at that period…blah blah blah. This way if new incriminating facts emerge, you can deny all knowledge or better still put the blame on someone. Better still if you can fake visits to your neurosurgeon before you begin your black ops to show evidence that you have been suffering from memory loss. This is very easy, just tell the doctor you have pain in your head, don’t be too specific or they will suggest an operation. Keep changing the position of the pain. If pressed, just say you forgot….this alibi should allow you to avail yourself of legal defense ranging from insanity to incapacity…if all fails just repeat the sentence…I have no recollection blah blah blah. Make sure you wear a big bandage like a turban when you appear in court and show up in pyjamas.

Good luck! I did not write all these things. If I did, my name is Romana Klobac, I am a Romanian candle maker. You did not read this either.

Being powerful

December 8, 2017

Man began to berate me. You behave as if you have no pride. No face! You don’t even bother to show your face any longer during the annual charitable school dinner or make an effort to attend any of the festive gatherings…you are a freak.

I just ignored him and continued working.


‘When you live your life in such a way where you don’t seem to make a conscious effort to either gain the approval and respect others…then all the hooks, lines and sinkers that the world throws out into the ocean of humanity will mean very little…You’re not interested to bite….suddenly you find yourself like a man who has stepped out of the game in the way he discovers the exit door on a stage that opens that into another world….a wider and broader world far removed from the politics and cosy insiderism of partisanship and suddenly you are very powerful. As there is no one to work to gain approval from any longer. Neither is there a craving to be respected. All these things come from within….they don’t come from outside any longer….that is why in life, no one likes a man who can perform this perceptive feat. As not only does it take that man’s mind to another level, but it is also the first sign of awakening to an altogether new stream of consciousness….one that is unfettered by small and petty minds. One that is big and wide. No! Such a man can only be considered dangerous. At times they will even kill him! and that is also why you must absolutely do it!’

The Being in the Human

December 8, 2017

Dog psychologist asked of me, why is it that I don’t seem to show any interest in engaging her services. I told her plainly, my dogs have all come into being….they are all dog beings.

The lady was very amused that I used such as a word – dog being. She went on to ask further, does such a word really exist.

I replied, I really don’t know, but even if it doesn’t….it should. As it is very meaningful and unlike humans who like to automatically ascribe meaning even when it doesn’t seem to exist….dogs it seems don’t suffer from the same delusions of grandeur.


‘We use the term human being to commonly describe the species of the homo sapien, but it is the wrong application of sentencing along with meaning. As not all humans come automatically into the state of being. Most are just humans. That is to say there is no being…the bucket is empty! A human being on the other hand is another level of existence.

I want to be very clear so as to avoid confusion – this has nothing to do with age, qualifications or even nett worth.

Understand this not every human has come into a state of being where they are conscious of what is happening in and around them. For the vast majority of humans ther is no being….as they are living their lives in such a manner where they do not seem to show any awareness for their consciousness of being.

It is only when we as humans see the whole process of the state of being as one that needs to be worked on. Instead of just coming to us automatically that we can see that the task of coming to being as a human as an ongoing process – a possibility.

For this possibility to materialise…we must first be aware what it really means to be a human being.