Fans in public places have become really big and scary!

I like the booties….they look comfy and safe….the only problem is how do I take a dump.

Coronavirus Nation

February 5, 2020

The idea of droves of people going about their daily business donning gas mask may seem strange and alien….but this is likely going to be the new normal of modern life.

Bunker world

January 31, 2020

Long before the brotherhood. I used to run a forum called Bunker World. The whole concept of Bunker World was inspired by some catalysmic world extinction event like nuclear war or some rouge virus that would turn the human race into zombies….the HOW was never really explained.

As usual, I just fast forwarded it all. To cut a long story short. Bunker World was an ultra secretive movement of survivalist that had all the know how on how to survive a post apocylyptic event…now with Wuhan virus its no longer a just a theoretical thingy.

You know when I was running Bunker World and churning out my weekly dystopian world stories…most of the readers were just kids who would met in McDonalds on every third Monday of every month. I was the leader. Even then I did not count on many of those nerdy kids taking what I had to say serious….fast forward to today. Many of those kids are middle aged men and some of them are incredibly rich.

I am still the leader of Bunker World.

Three days ago I received a seven digit code simply entitled SARAH.

SARAH is like a gigantic Noah’s ark…it is designed not only to survive a post extinction event, but it is an idea that is bigger that what I can possibly imagine it to be.

When a time comes everyone with a seven digit code will have to assemble at a certain point and date…..could it all be real?

It was so many years ago…

Happy 2020!

December 29, 2019

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2019

When things line up…

December 2, 2019

Usually it means – shit is just round the corner. That at least is how brotherhood mumbo jumbo goes. No one planned it this way…it’s just the way it is and everyone accepts for a fact that its as old as the hills.


‘Let me, let you into a little secret. Do you know how you know that you have successfully started a cult? Well it’s like this – when you walk into an annual conference comprising of these adherents and you tell them that you are their leader – no one believes you…so there you are holding your plastic cup like the others….only you know. No great messiah wearing a top hat is going to walk thru that door. Because you were actually the one who started it all…….and another thing. Everyone else in the fucking room seems to know YOU better than you know yourself. They can even stand up on a soap box and give a two hour lecture on why i once said this or wrote that and a million things that I wrote that I cant even remember….you want to know the truth?

No! You don’t….I best sit down quietly and just be like everyone else….as for Darkness….I dont think he existed at all.’

Till it lined up with the angles, squares and vertexs of a great building…and this idea is not only mysticism. But it also involves shammanism.

The difference between a priest and a shaman. Is the priest is educated in religion, but the shaman comes to higher consciousness by completing the epic journey into the core of his being….so one is sanctioned externally. The other given a right of passage internally which is the shaman.

My point is all of have the knowledge to know what is right, ordered and harmonious from its opposites. This knowledge need not be taught, it resides deep in our bones like how turtles are drawn to the sea the moment they hatch.

It is the same with architecture, places and people….when they strike a cord in us….it is very hard to ever forget them. Even if all we want to do is carry on.

They linger deep in us like the smell which is our being.

I think when you approach the subject of architecture as architecture…then you invariably do a great disservice to yourself. As you have set yourself to look upon a thing as an outlier or intruder. But when you approach architecture as merely a means of expression. And nothing more…then it is suddenly very familiar and even sits with one very well.

It is possible to attain niceness without too much fuss…I reckon. But when a thing is done right….so right that it sits harmoniously with the secret laws of nature. Then it becomes mystical….and even prophetic.

Some places, buildings and people have this power.

It is not a direct power that comes from….rather it is a sort of power that is activated within one, like a seed having the power to germinate and set forth life when sun and water is present.

A latent power within…..

The flower of life

November 16, 2019

Symbolism is a very dominant aspect of the order. As it is thru signs and symbols that the unsaid is communicated to those who belong to the order….what is said is expressed only thru these tokens and signs and symbols…..the flower of life represents the highest order and it represents ones completion of the various stages of learning and assemblies and rituals.

When each spoke in the wheel sprouts leaves it means the exponent has successfully completed each level of the training…thereby transforming the six spoked wheel into the flower of life.


October 20, 2019

If you ask me politely where I first hatched the idea of combining hiking boots with a business suit…..i would say Agnelli.

Either you know or you don’t….and that’s really the badge of honor for those who choose to live a life where they rather be in the know.

Super Bread

October 20, 2019

This product can literally last for one million years. Its very versatile and doesnt get mouldy or attract fruit flies. Goes well with curry and butter. Or jam or a cut of ham. Making it the ideal frontier food.

Its also very compressed. Think of a whole loaf compressed in just one slice of Pumpernickel…..despite the circa 1972 style advertising….its good bread.

After growing a moustache and beard

How to wear a khaki suit

October 19, 2019

Most men will find it incredibly difficult to carry a khaki suit. Its one of the most challenging colors to carry with class…..the trick about Khaki is to wear with the attitude of a planter. This will immideately give you a certain creative license.

For example I wear serious stompers like hiking boots with a khaki suit. Normally this would be sartorial hara kiri…but thats OK in a planter setting. However i would not recommend it in banking or the hospitality sector.

Another thing about khaki is to carry it well, one has to master the art of effortlessness…..Sprezzatura ([sprettsaˈtuːra]) is an Italian word that first appears in Baldassare Castiglione’s 1528 The Book of the Courtier, where it is defined by the author as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”… me its a bit like wabi- sabi and it means deliberately creating little carefully constructed flaws in the way you carry khaki…..when done right this can be both elegant and sophisticated. For example there’s a certain je ne ce qua charm to the way linen pants crinkle. Or the way the collar seems to be slightly wonky….its done deliberately so that one doesnt come across as contrived and if pulled off right, it lends one a certain charm that comes from being imperfect….yet strikingly authentic and real.

Only don’t go too far otherwise your khaki suit will just look like a cheapy cheap gunny sack.

180,000 readers – part 2

October 19, 2019

If you read something written by some one. For long enough. Then its not just a casual affair. A one night stand. That’s a five chili casual affair. But not when it comes to the act of reading. Because at some point in the transaction. You will begin to see, hear and feel the world thru the authors senses and so you live vicariously thru this person who you read everyday.

180,000 readers

October 19, 2019

THe advent of populism was a phenomenon that I registered clearer than anyone else…..what many fail to understand is everything that we see as the set pieces of the geo economic order today can be modelled mathematically with game theory as far back as 2001. So for me it will always be a curse. That is to say how clearly I saw it all back then. When all others could see was what they believed whole heartedly to be the logical perpetuation of the free market and globalization.

Till today I believe that if leaders and governments and many of my readers had done their part to forward many of my theories concerning the corrosive effects of gloablization and the unmitigated feralness….maybe we could have sropped the genie from wriggling out of the bottle.

But it is too late…So Of course I feel mortally wounded deep down. I cannot even begin to describe the depths of my sorrow and how it has effected me.

I am only one person….but there were so many of you.

Forgive me if I say this….but some of you could have done much more.

After all on the last count there were 180,000 readers!

Monkey Business

September 30, 2019

The bread of shame

September 26, 2019