You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. You should never make anyone responsible for your happiness. Even if you love them with all your heart. You should never assign to another this power over you…it has nothing to do with trust. And even less to do with love.

Rather it is only when you are courageous and wise enough to assume full responsibility over your own happiness will it then begin to come from deep inside you and not from outside or someone else.

Then it is truly yours to command and call your own.


‘Often when we are unhappy. We seek out others to beacon out our murk of our own unsettled feelings. Not realising that these same people who we seek wisdom from to set us on the right path in life are just as messed up as us in their own way. And when I say this…it includes me as well.

They like me are also dealing their own garbage, so it is not really good advise that we receiving from them…doesn’t matter whether they happen to be our best friends or even people who have stuck with us thru thick and thin…all those you can throw out of the window. Always remember they are dealing with their own garbage as well. That’s my point.

Observe and you will see this wherever you go in Singapore or any where else in the world – people who are unhappy will come together to create their own version of the joyluck club. Men and women who are sufferers of destructive relationships will come together under the name of solidarity. They will gather for Sunday buffet or in their weekend bicycle club under the aegis of ‘support’ ‘fellowship’ ‘camaraderie’ etc etc. Theirs is the brotherhood or sisterhood of victimhood….that is how they see their predicament when they are estranged from the very idea of love….but in this temple of doom and gloom that they are adherents of where the high priest or priestess may preach why all men or women are predition and bad for your soul etc etc etc….what are they doing actually? Might they be healing themselves? No! Because their therapy requires them to first hate and tear down everything that is good, noble and beautiful about the whole idea of love….to paraphrase to make themselves seemingly whole and complete again where they might perhaps even believe ‘to be part of love again’ I have to forment hate against the very person who has denied me my happiness!

Don’t say this is a small and insignificant movement…it is not! MGTOW will of course insist they are more of a philosophy than a movement and that is the same for the worshippers of the temple of spinsters or jilted women as well how will also insist that their hatred of men is simply incidental and never operative in whatever makes up their philosophy….but my point is they all subscribe to essentially the same belief….to gain membership in this club, you first need to hate and believe resolutely in the idea that your happiness lies in the hands of another….so tell me where might all these lost souls be heading?

But I do not believe that to be true…I don’t need to tear down, hate and throw into the sea that person who once came into my life and has now decided to walk away from me just to make myself whole and complete again.

I can always commune with myself and seek answers from deep within I don’t have to be a part of the temple of hate…and that is what it means when I say, do not be resentful, angry or sad as what has gone will come back one day in another shape and form….but that is only true is if you are gentle with yourself and never allow your heart to be hardened and cold….otherwise it could be standing right before you and you will not even see it for what it is…love.

Do not be sad.’

At a time when most Singaporeans and stakeholders are cynical as they are critical of everything about trains. The PM is nowhere to be seen or heard. Maybe the decision dice has slid from his table and disappeared into another universe. Maybe the golden parrot that can always be counted to pick the yes, no or maybe cards has pengshan and died. Maybe the PM’s speechwriter is lost somewhere in some ghost train that never made it to the next station…


Draft speech….

‘My fellow Singaporeans I would like to state that I too share many of your concerns and anxieties about the state of our train services. I happen to know how disruptive this can be (actually dunno lah, as every where also chauffeured, but just include a snap shot of standing in a the train with a concerned expression)…and first allow me apologise. (Say sorry even when not sorry as this softens you audience for what you have to say)

I am not here today to make false promises that all our problems with the trains will disappear like lemon drops. No! (Pause for a while as if you are reminiscing about some conversation…it is very easy to do this, just play mental soduku and your facial muscles will take care of the rest). Neither I or my colleagues for one imagined this to be easy from the day we tasked the new leadership to do this, it would not be easy but hard. As never fear my fellow Singaporeans just as we successfully developed home grown technology to filter water from the sea to guarantee our independence and survival and much earlier before that we had the wisdom to develop a competent arm and security services from scratch…(pause again. This look if you sharing a national secret like whether maybe Japanese gold is buried in Oxley road… a good way to do this is to pretend to stammer) You see we have to develop homegrown core competencies to run trains well. We need to master this in the same way the Romans were good at building roads to secure their interest or the British in the days of empire built ships and later the Americans to built rockets to enable them to conquer vast territories and space (maybe that is not such a good idea otherwise people will label us closer imperialist)…without this as a strategic imperative we would not be able to participate meaningfully in heavy industries. Some have asked why not just give it all to foreigners who have more experience and a stellar trek record to run trains. But if we do that then many of the learning outcomes such as heavy industries, tool and die, engineering and fabrication will be outsourced as well. We will lose out! Truth is our trains support a multitude of jobs along with opening countless opportunities (have pictures in the background of people welding, aunties putting together blue and black wires in a conveyor belt, ITE students looking at engines etc etc) and that is why it’s important for us learn how to manage trains even if it means in the short term we will most likely experience setbacks. As this is the only way for nation to go about steadily acquiring knowledge….thru trial and error (pretend to drop a pen or sheet of paper…pick it up to reinforce the subliminal message that you are fallible…I use this trick all the time).

My fellow Singaporeans since MRT started some thirty years ago (screen behind shows sepia pics of MRT along with commuters wearing bell bottoms and ties the size of napkins sitting in trains….screen then shifts to image of a how the MRT network has grown to cover a wider area like an octopus) we have been steadily growing our service area of coverage to make it possible for every singaporean to enjoy affordable and safe (better drop the word safe…as it comes across as defensive…use instead pleasant) public transportation. As the service area grows so does the complexity. As we are pushing the envelop of technology. Many say we should not have embarked on such an ambitious plan to grow our rail services at such a fast speed (give them the trade off’s), but that would also mean there would be gaps in system. (Show pics of kids walking under the hot sun with their grandparents and maids carrying NS men back pack)

My fellow Singaporeans both I and my better half Ho Ching have been informed that Khaw Boon Wan will be retiring due to unexpected health reasons arising from signal problems with his pacemaker. (Khaw appears in a wheelchair. He is waving to the crowd who been given instructions to clap…..the persons with no necks who all look like the friendly Gestapo have been given strict instructions not to stop he goes from left to right and disappears).

My hope is that now that I have shared with you all the bigger picture….(background switches to images of a corn coloured sunrise to symbolise rebirth and renewed optimism…slow music plays in the background and the image of the mythical train slowly appears to overwhelm the entire screen…..cut and edit it.)

This is how I will do it…. That’s all folks!

Last night it rained again and this time round my lands are flooded….most of it at least. I will be a laughing stock. That much is clear.

Last night I cycled to the land under the cover of darkness and closed all the overflow points….You may ask why did I do so or bother to go to such lengths.

The reason is simple…too many questions have been raised concerning where I might have once acquired the skill to clear land in the way I did. You see clearing land in agriculture isn’t just setting aside old trees and planting new ones – it’s like a resume…a story…a very detailed chronological account very much in the way one twirls dirt between the index finger and the thumb and brings it to one’s nose to say this is good or bad or average….that sort of skill can only come from having chalk up plenty of Seasons.

It is the little things in life that gives a man’s past away…setting the bezel of a Rolex submariner to the three o’clock mark and wearing it inside the wrist may mean nothing at all most people. Some may even assume you do this just to keep track of time while driving. But to someone who is a accustomed to tranversing the Sahara, this is insider information as it’s a reliable way to navigate by time and azimuth in the featureless desert. Setting iron sights at 300 metres on a 1918 Lee Enfield may mean nothing to most people, but to professionals who are accustomed to taking long shots that speaks volumes about marksmanship….or tying one’s boots with a double closed surgeons knot…that only legionnaires ever do to keep out sand…it is the little things in life that betrays one’s past.

Most will I assume only wonder and stop right there…but what about those who may choose to drill deeper to find out about my past….the life of that other man who used to farm in a faraway land.

This way at least they have something to chew on and laugh about. Meanwhile I will slip silently away like a submarine on a moonless night.


‘If there is anything that the custodians of power did to exacerbate public opinion against SMRT it was that they came across as Kay Khiang. In the Chinese dialect of Hokkien this vernacular translates as being too smart for one’s own good. It is usually used to describe someone how has bitten off more than he can be reasonably expected to chew and usually this phrase is coupled with a rejoinder that goes something to the effect – you will get your due!

This unfortunately is the psychology that accounts for why the national hobby of Singaporeans these days seems to be indulging in spot of Schadenfreude when it comes to all things related to trains.

Retrospectively one cannot blame the custodians of power for believing in the cult of scholars as a reliable means of achieving good results. But they could have scaled the expectation more realistically to even manage public perception in such a way where the masses would not be so impatient to the perennial breakdowns trains seem to experience daily.

For one the team put in charge after the cleopatra sales girl was sacked could have been watered down to such an extent where expectations would have been more forgiving. The custodians of power could for instance have appealed for more understanding by stressing from the day of inception that train technology and its management is something strategic like perhaps water or having the core competence to make rifles and it has to be homegrown rather than to take the easy street route of being outsourced to foreigners. And although growing things at home may often create disruptions at the end it would be worth it. As it would mean, we can do it all of these ourselves one day without being beholden or relying on anyone.

But instead they stormed right in like the dream from the nation of the master of the universe and true to the rejoiner of being Kay Khiang they got their teeth kicked it for six….as they bit off more than they could possibly chew.

I think there are many lessons to be learnt here.’

The wisdom of giving in

November 19, 2017

One of the elders in the village asked why I didn’t turn up for the charitable school dinner. I did not answer him. This man went on to tell me that it did not seem right that the most educated man in the village does not seem to show much enthuism for education. Again I did not answer him. Feeling exasperated and slightly infuriated by my response. He said say something…I told him, yes you are right, I will certainly make an effort to attend next year.


‘Often we associate giving in to be a sign of lack of confidence and weakness. But that is only because so much that makes up our understanding of what is strength is really only derived from stereo typical images of what and how a strong person might respond to a given set of conditions.

In reality, it takes a lot of strength of character to ‘give in’ to others.’

Gently making way

November 19, 2017

When you truly love someone. You should never stop them from finding themselves in the world. If you allow yourself to be guided by the spirit of love. You will have the wisdom and courage to step aside and make it easy for them to take flight.

After all they’re about to embark on a long journey into the unknown to find themselves….it will not be easy for them. They will be nervous and even a bit scared.

In such moments. If you allow your heart to be guided by love. You will give them the strength and courage to break free. You tell them their feathers are so bright and beautiful. Assure them. The wind will always be right behind them to give a gentle push and it will be a breeze.

Be very strong like a mountain and assure them that they too are strong like you and capable of all things even if they doubt themselves. Tell them heroic stories to lift their hearts and souls, so that they have it in them to fly high above the scary sea beneath them…make them laugh at their own fears.

Love is not about possessing, it is not about collecting stamps or how to keep fishes in a tank, it is really only about one thing….appreciation for the person who once came into your life and now stands before you to take flight into the blue yonder.

It is really only about freedom.


‘Don’t be childish and stop the person who you love from ever growing. Do not confuse abuse with love. As that need arises from the selfishness of your ego to always posses and control. Don’t be manipulative either by making unreasonable demands or guilt tripping just because you want them to stay with you. Again that has nothing to do with love either. That is blackmail and cunningness of the most despicable sort that comes from an evil and uncaring heart. All these dark thoughts have no place in true love. As even if you succeed in doing all that so cleverly – he or she will certainly be with you, but their heart will be elsewhere.

Instead give them the freedom and confidence to find themselves in the world beyond you. Be grateful for all the beautiful times and memories they have given you by coming into your life. That is part of appreciation.

If possible find the courage to give them your blessings. Never stand in their way.

Above all do not stop them from finding themselves just because you are afraid to stand all by yourself in this world. Or that you have no one to share the sight of a beautiful sunrise with.

Truth is…you came into this world alone and when it is time to depart. You will be alone as well…..and even if you can be with the person who you love and loves you in return…you will also be alone. loneliness will follow you to the end of your days – that is the default position of all matured minds. It is not something to be feared. Or to run away from like a frightened child. Rather loneliness requires deep understanding and patient study.

Above all do not be sad, bitter and resentful just because things didn’t turn out the way you had it all lined up in your head. As what you have lost has not died, not at all, it will all come back to you in another shape and form.

Without deep understanding of love, there can be no such thing as true appreciation.’

Big rain

November 18, 2017

Destroyed a bridge. Flooded some sections. But the trenches held up. 90% at least. The remainder burst their levies.

Although the rain lasted only a mere two hours. The quantity of rain was phenomenally unreal. It was such a large quantity within such a short period of time that there was no time for the soil to even absorb most of it.

I’ve never seen rains of such intensity before.


‘I don’t have any idea how much rain came down. Maybe ten inches possibly more. It’s very hard to say. I drove back and found that a section of the hill had given way. So it had to be around there…ten inches. Yes, only that sort quantity of water can unravel a hill. The damage would have been much worse had it not been for the cover crop.

I was hoping to return back to Singapore for a short break. I even planned it all out – had tied up all the loose ends for the season and things even looked good for the time that it lasted….now I’ve just got to put all that behind.

I’ve got enough work here to last me a whole season. You know there is a message posted on one of my doors….I feel my emotions and my pain, and I allow my emotions to flow thru me in a healthy way. I guess what this means in a round about way is it could have been much worse. Well that at least is how I see it – the trenches could have failed epically to cause a flood…the whole hill could have given way. As for the bridge it could have given out under me when I drove across it….as it is, its bad, but not that bad….it’s not something that a man who isn’t afraid of hard labor would ever lose sleep over.

In a sense what I am trying to say is we have to give thanks even when things don’t go well it could have been far worse….even should others back home fail to understand why it’s so darn hard for us to go back. Even if the rest of the world see us as some odd ball that is plodding along in life and going nowhere.

Above all we have to give thanks for the many things that worked out well in our lives. Doesn’t really matter what it is – could well be the trains, relationships or anything that we spend all our waking hours thinking about. From time to time we have to still ourselves and say, at least we had a good run most of the time… least we had those years that made us laughed and chased away the blues. Even to make the effort to see the good times for those that eventually crashed and burned. Above all we need to will ourselves to find the courage to pick up the pieces and try over again with a happy heart and never give in to self pity and beating ourselves up black and blue.

Because if we can’t give ourselves a pat on the back from time to time…even when the shit hits the fan…or be gentle and kind to ourselves to even laugh at our mistakes…then whose going to do it…who?…it has to begin and end with only you.

Maybe I’ll be luckier next time.

I promise I’ll go back to Singapore….next time.’

This is the right way to do it to get restaurant quality results.

The learning outcome from this video is as follows:

Mix oil into minced pork. This is a professional kitchen tip.

Don’t add the water in the veggies into the final dish. As this would impart a bitter taste.

Taking offense at a HardwareZone forum thread that has been circulating online, SMRT posted a vehement denial of the supposedly unsubstantiated remarks in the forum thread and fiercely defended its Chief Executive Officer Desmond Quek on Facebook yesterday evening.

The forum thread that SMRT was rebutting claimed that the transport operator’s night shift staff in charge of maintenance of tracks at SMRT have been cut to one-third of its original strength over the years.

SMRT branded the thread “obviously fake!” and clarified that the number of night-shift maintenance staff has almost “DOUBLED” under Quek’s leadership….but despite their best efforts to do good, they got one hundred million brickbats from the public instead.

I hope when the dust clears….they would keep their message short. Simple. And above all relevant.


‘It is very clear to me SMRT needs a propaganda office to effectively manage public perception. If I was Desmond Quek the first thing, I would do is lose that sissy office shirt and go around in a bush jacket or short sleeve shirt with a serious striped tie. He should get tips on how to dress from General G. Yeo…sharp and well pressed.

As it is he looks sloppy and doesn’t inspire confidence.

The second thing I would do is keep the message very simple, short and relevant.

Whenever there is a crisis in the kampung. I will go around saying – we will win! This magic formula applies to everything from global warming, El Niño, La Niña, flooding, menstrual cramps to even unexplained mass fainting spells caused by everything from UFO sightings to X files related phenomenon ranging from ghost to werewolf sightings.

Usually I will go around spouting this mantra. If people ask me why we will win I will flash them a look of incredulity as if they’re stupid and simply tell them very slowly, because…we will win! If they ask why we are having so many setbacks if we are winning…I will tell them that is because we have one problem less to deal with and this will means we are getting one step closer to the goal and again…..we will win!

It is the perfect circular argument.

If all fails I say something like….we will win because we will win! If I am pressed that things are getting from bad for worse….I will say that it needs to get worse before it gets better, but rest assured we will win!

Many times I will whip the crowd into a feverish frenzy where they would chant rhythmically, we will win!….we will win! And before anyone can stop me to ask for more specifics such as what is the grand strategy or even why am I so convinced….I smile supremely, wave to the crowd and get into my car and drive off into the sun set.

We will win! Never ever fails….it ALWAYS works!

SMRT needs a simple yet effective message. Above all it needs a self fulfilling prophecy.

A caring heart

November 17, 2017

Stuck on each door of my plantation house there are small notes. I’ve come to believe in these words….so they must have power. They are like magic spells from a caring heart to protect me against evil in my weakest moments.

I look at them these days for a very long time….they are the only few things that mean everything to me. I am a simple man who can do with very little. I don’t need a lot to go right on.

There is an aphorism – never defend the indefensible. What this basically means is should you encounter very strong opposition. Then it’s best either insist your words were taken out of context or get back in your car and drive back to where you once came from.

This life lesson seems to be lost to Amos Yee who has now be cast by US public opinion as the ambassador at large in support of pedophilia. Is he a pedophile? I highly doubt it. Does he even support it? No! I don’t think so. But America is not a country favoured for nuanced deep thinking, neither are its inhabitants accustomed to holding two opposing views in their head at the same time without running the risk of exploding and creating a mess.

As a consequence it’s fair to say this is the end of Amos Yee as we know it – the famous blogger. He best get a job as a sorter or grocery bagger in a US supermarket to support his lifestyle. As it is very unlikely that the US public would ever be so open minded as to see pedophilia as something that is even negotiatable. Either that or the US is so open minded, their brains are spilling out.


‘You cannot pull the wool over my eyes about the West. As I studied there. I am not one of those people who only know the west thru the mind bending reality of movies, books and third hand information like some people who have never stayed or worked there before.

One of the enduring myths perpetuated by the west is that it is a free country. Nothing can be further from the truth….if you want proof go and write to Alvin Tan and ask him how true is that idea. Go on!

You are only truly free in the west if you can walk into a aeroplane showroom put a down payment on a Hondajet, have breakfast on the balcony of penthouse in Manhattan overlooking the park etc etc. Otherwise the west is very intolerant place where you will experience the reality of discrimination along with all sorts of inequities…that is the hypocrisy of the west that is very raison that accounts for it’s existence! But I digress, where were we…oh yes, Amos Yee.

There was a lot of unnecessary consternation about Amos Yee. Too much in my opinion. All of which in my considered opinion amounted to just a great diffusion of energy. As when you think hard about it – it’s only a matter of time before he would ultimately self destruct. The reason is very simple, there is no sinister plot against him. Neither are there groups of mysterious people scurrying like rats in the internet to undermine him either. All these enemies are imaginary as they are highly unnecessary.

As Amos Yee himself is his worst enemy.

The architect of his epic downfall.

I do not wish him bad. No! Infact if you peruse thru my blog you will even see that I do not agree with how he has been incarcerated by the custodians of power for his highly divisive and controversial views.

I wish him like any person who starts off in life well…we have never been in the business of hate, so none of that ever came from me, not even so much as once, that is why I have always maintained, he should dedicate himself completely to the dignity of labor and get a job and forget about the internet.

Now it seems he may have to do all this only because that may well the only hole out of that painted corner that he finds himself in. The end.’

Man asked why is it I have decided not to visit the village any longer. I told him I’ve been busy lately. Man went on to add, its no good that you keep so much to yourself. I told him, yes maybe you are right….I have to make an effort to fit in.

Truth is…this is all planned.


‘Constructive engagement’ belongs to category of terms like ‘ponding’ to describe a flood or the recently hatched ‘came together’ to describe two trains colliding. It was first coined by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon era to describe a geo political theory that required engagement with the enemy with a strategic focus – the way in which constructive engagement works is premised on the idea, it is far better to be close to one’s enemy rather than to cut all ties with them.

To some degree and extent this strategy holds true. But where it begins to unravel is when the enemy also learns how to make use of this strategy for their own benefit. That is to say just as you use this platform as a means of dessiminating disinformation to perpetually keep your enemies in a state of nervous flux. Eventually they will wise up and do the same. In the event this occurs, it is best to reset the game by moving the relationship to détente and proceed to terminate all ties with the strategy of beginning again.

To play this game well one must be adept in scaling opportunities and risk. It is pointless to pursue this strategy for the sake of keeping to the strategy. On the first sign that constructive engagement no longer yields a strategic benefit, it must be destroyed by elevating the level of conflict to unsettle the other side. If one does not know under what conditions to play on or pull the plug, then it is not a case of how good one is at playing the game. Rather the game will play you right to the grave!

Competitive games don’t ever get more deadly than this!

Ten o’clock

November 16, 2017

I’ve grown so used to the routine that I find myself feeling quite lost without it. You see it that was the highlight of my day like a cherry topping….now I find myself polishing my shoes till it’s time to turn in.

Man asked. What would you do to solve the train problem in Singapore. I told him I would put all the blame on Kwan Boon Wan. Man exclaimed, but he is fixing the problems.

I said the more reason to put all the blame on him.

He did not understand. I did not care to elaborate further.


‘Is fireman Kwan doing a good job? Yes, I think so to the best he can under the given the circumstances. It’s after all so very complicated where little things can be blown out of proportion to erase the rest of the picture. But that is the nature of the beast when it comes to running trains – when it runs like it’s supposed too, no one gives thanks…but the moment something goes awry…everyone goes oh dear .

So why sack him, you ask. Because there is much more at stake than the reputation of one man. Trains in Singapore are like rockets to Americans and Russians – they are a source of national pride.

Besides it’s very unfortunate that the military are so heavily invested in trains that should they fail to make them run properly. I for one cannot imagine what long term damage it would do the morale of the rank and file. Just imagine the poor grunt in his boots looking at all this from the inside out. He goes to internet and all he seems to be able to make out is that the general public doesn’t think very much about what his kind has to offer to the world. I don’t think that would give him much confidence to wing it in the world should he decide to step out of his uniform and into the scary world one day.

Truth is Desmond Quek & Co was thrown into the deep end as the politicians gave him an impossible mission that even makes the charge of the light brigade look like a sensible enterprise. Neither he or his team can be blamed for this. The Politicians are to blame as they scaled it all wrong with their oversimplistic assumptions as to what they were getting into…professionals should have been put at the front to build operate and when it’s stable only then should it be transitioned into management.

So between the institution of the military being terminally labelled as useless or the needs of one man…I say the needs of the many outweighs the needs of one man….it is a very simple calculation to me.

How might this all square off with the truth? Will it solve the problem? Well for one it’s got nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with the intelligent management of perception of the truth, specifically how to engineer consent on the mass scale to convince the public things will get better even if they don’t.

No! I don’t imagine anyone up there would take my suggested solution seriously. But that is only because it takes a certain métier to grasp my version of reality along with many of its implications.

At the current rate things are going it’s only a matter of time before public anger will spill over. Now it is still possible to manage perception at a relatively low cost. Later on it’s anyone’s guess.

It is very sad to see all this from where I am….very sad, it’s like watching a cow bleed slowly to death.’

The reason why there’s so much anxiety concerning the trains in Singapore is not so much that they don’t run well. Rather it is simply this, no one knows when the trains will ever run well.


‘In North Korea yoh could be lathering yourself head to toe in the shower and suddenly poof! The lights go out and soon after that the taps run dry. Shortly after that someone in the block sticks his head out of the window and shouts out – fucking Americans! And life just goes right on.

In the Soviet Union during the mid eighties you could go to a state run co-op supermarket and all the shelves would be empty and there’s only a mountain of potatoes and every grabs as much as they can. After that they wheel it to a park where they meet up with similar shoppers pushing cartloads of turnips or razors and that’s when the real shopping begins….but no complains. Because there’s always someone who can be trusted to shout out, we are moving forward towards the great revolution!

But in Singapore when trains go on the blink….do you notice it’s always attributable to a reason that you can’t seem to sink your teeth into with a satisfying finger licking good feeling…it’s always either a signal, software or some other gobble d guck reason that you don’t care or want to know. What does all actually mean. Coming to think of it who even issued out that sort of mind boggling press release – is it like the case of a red light suddenly turning on when it’s not supposed to and the trains have to stop and loads of people with torchlights rush into the tunnel to fix the fault….what actually is a signal problem. What sort of information is it supposed to convey to someone who is standing on a train platform?

It must be quite confusing for this fellow and everyone as well. What SMRT needs to do is wordsmith a very simple story. Having a story to explain things some say is disengenous, crafty and even downright dishonest. But I don’t see it that way. As Kissinger said, perception needs to be managed. Otherwise left to its own, it will just spin right out of control.

Having a simple story where all these hiccups that cause trains to either slow or stop can go a long way to palliate fears, soothe frayed nerves and quieten down tempers.’

Two women can suddenly burst out into spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter when they are interaction with a man. What transpires between these two women whenever they do this is unknown to either of them or even the man who looks on with curiosity.

I can draw a big zero on a sheet of paper and ask someone what this means. Most will say it is a circle. Others will say it is a ball….but no one sees it as a hole looking out into the world. That is to say they don’t realise it’s a doorway into my inner world.

I tell myself I shouldn’t think so much these days. So I keep to a routine where I try to get out of the house when I wake up. But as soon as I am in the world I can’t wait to go back to the plantation.

Bitter Lake

November 15, 2017

It’s a narration redolent with violence and comical ironies, mainly it’s a story about how the West once dabbled with things they did not completely understand and through a series of recklessness and failures to appreciate complexity…they ended up opening Pandora’s box and created much of the grief for themselves and others in the present day.

Above all it’s a story about why things are so awfully confusing these days.

Bitter lake is one of several lakes located along the Suez Canal, which connects the eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea, its where Rosevelt and King Aziz once had a secret meeting on board a US battleship.

In that historical meeting, America agreed to protect Wahhabism in exchange for petrol dollars, and in doing so became a co-conspirator in sowing the seeds of radical Islam as we know it today…this is the tap root and my hope is after this you will know where it all started along with the how, why and who.

At the beginning of this blog entry I deliberately described this excellent work as a narration…only because the way the facts are presented is thru a collage of images that depicts the pathos of the irony…it is beautiful, yet tragic.

Painful things

November 15, 2017

One of the most painful things to bear is when you love someone and you realise it’s quite impossible to give them what they desire most.

Warning: You should not think about these things when you operate heavy machinery, drive or mix herbicide. As you are very likely to end up in hospital.

The inevitability of war

November 13, 2017

The price of oil palm is very high. As a result many landowners are experiencing record levels of thefts. To counter this problem I got hold of a bunch of insomiacs paid them some money, dressed them all in khaki uniforms resembling the imperial Japanese army from a factory that closed down recently and marched them during the early hours thru out the lenght of my plantation.

Soon all the rubber tappers began reporting sightings of a ghost army wandering my lands – when the local constabulary asked me whether I happen to know of these ghost sightings…I rebuked them in an authoritative tone of a landowner….surely you cannot be serious to ask such a question?

They looked at the ground in embarrassment, kicked the dirt like children and promptly left my lands.

As for the thieves they too have disappeared quite mysteriously never to be seen or heard of again like the ghost army.


November 12, 2017

When you truly love someone. Then that feeling will never die….it will all just come back to you again one day in another shape and form.

Do not be sad.


‘The feeling is what really endures in love. And you must hold on to it and never be resentful and bitter. Because if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by these dark thoughts…then the magic spell would be broken forever and you will lose the capacity to love and be loved in return again.

And although many years and even countless lifetimes may come and go without you ever being reunited with this one feeling that you cling on with all your powers of being….providing you hold on to it tightly in your heart.

When it comes before you again and it will . You will see it for what it is and smile and say, ‘you have finally returned…I have crossed the ocean of time to be with you again…come sit beside me.’

This is how the man of all Seasons will see it – as if you truly love, then you will see it as a very beautiful experience that should never be desecrated…without respect for love there can be no real love…only selfishness, posessiveness, immaturity, ego, lust and passion.’