Monkey Business

September 30, 2019

The bread of shame

September 26, 2019


September 22, 2019

Today a man came to me and asked. What gives you the courage to negotiate in the way you do?

I told this man.

I have already accepted death and destruction….before I walked into the conference room….I had trained hard and so I died many times. So many times that I cannot even distinguish this world from that other world…..when I said this. I could tell the man was a practioner in the art of war…as he was visibly moved and even muttered as if thinking aloud – the otherside however, fears death. They cling to life and so they do NOT know how to relinquish that which is most precious…life. I can understand why they believe, they have no choice but to give in to your demands.

On loneliness

September 22, 2019

For me. It is never coincidental whenever I reflect back of on great deeds… was always an undertaking that I saw from beginning to end all alone. This is because loneliness and greatness happen to be one of the same reality. Men who are really so strong that they might as well be indestructible….all draw nourishment from the darkness of loneliness. You rarely ever see them clinging to otherw. This is because men who are serious about cultivating inner strenght all realize true strenght of character can only be discovered when one journeys deep into the very core of one’s existence.

Of course I am sad….but maybe that’s not the right word. As sadness is a lover’s word, maybe it would be more appropriate to say – i find it hard to come to terms with the advent of Trump, Brexit and most recently the nascent of Boris. All these I find very hard to come to terms with….as if you read my past post. I have constantly warned about the predatory effects of globalization and free trade and how it can only amplify social stratification…today we have a very disunited America…disunited kingdom et sl and it is conceivable the world is balkanising along the lines of protectionism and xenophobia and parochialism… of course. I am fucking sad.

Of course we are sad. As when you ask only one question – why did we blog? Why did we put in so much effort? It was because we all believed we could stop it.

But that proved a forlorn hope.

I saw it all clearer than anyone else…the before, during and after that is.

My name is Darkness.

1st Class Officer of the IMG and Confederation and loyal servant to the fifth Republic.


September 18, 2019

Palm Grove

August 24, 2019

Hey there!

August 22, 2019

I feel very hurt by what has happened…..thats all prepared to share for the moment…thats all folks.

Road less travelled

August 20, 2019

The Crack

August 19, 2019


August 17, 2019

The Eye

August 16, 2019

Slow Mo…

August 11, 2019

99.9% of motorist go thru their entire driving history and they never ever experience a drive shaft failure. That’s because its a component that never ever fails. For a drive shaft coupling to degrade like so…

Something drastic must have happened. In my case. I cannot for the life of me recall. That’s not unusual. As my 4X4 has to regularly transverse very challeging terrain…so its not surprisingly that maybe I banged a rock or came down really hard on the joint.

Besides there were plenty of abnormal signs before this failure. The car jerked on a gear shift and at the latter stage when the problem crept to chronic, there was even a noticeable vibration when cruising… there were plenty of warnings.

But i didnt heed it as I thought it was something else.

I should have conducted a visual check. I will do that next time. In this case i was very lucky. As the shaft dropped off when I was tailing the worlds slowest lorry. Had it dropped off at high speed….it would have been a different story.


July 18, 2019

The man who dined opposite me wore an immaculate tuxedo. He was a wryly sort of fellow. The variety who probably ran lung bursting marathons on a regulary basis. Our eyes caught several times. I managed a weak smile of congeniality….it was after all supposed to be one of those evenings where everyone reminded themselves at least ten times not to make an ass of themselves.

The man wore a curious lapel pin. From where I was…I could swear it was the insignia of the interspacing guild.


July 12, 2019


July 9, 2019


July 8, 2019