Hello Brotherhood

September 7, 2007

Land here!

6 Responses to “Hello Brotherhood”

  1. dotseng said

    Hi Brotherhood,

    I have been waiting for you boys….what took you all so long to find me?


  2. dotseng said

    Are you boys listening?

  3. dotseng said

    can you hear me?

  4. dotseng said

    Uhuuuu can someone, anyone hear me?

  5. dotseng said

    Can hear?

  6. dotseng said

    I know you people can hear me. I register alot of activity on my counter ALL of them are from the genuie line / all I wish to say is there is nothing to fear.

    You don’t have to sneak around here / you can speak to me.

    I only have a few terms / pls don’t use any profane language / pls don’t crack MCP jokes.

    I only wish that Darkness Bambi Bad Boy will be good. There is no need to fight here, this is a garden of peace.

    I will never give you any ultimatums or do the things that others have done to you.

    I happen to be a kindred spirit, a real Christian who believes that it is important to reach out to save lost souls like Bambi Bad Boy Darkness.

    I have decided to take a step, so the rest is up to you.

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