Why I Think Catherine Lim Should Just Shad dap!

December 18, 2007

You know I just want to tell you all that I have a lot of respect for Catherine Lim, but of late, she has been spouting a lot of crap, here. One of which is the so called ‘Climate of Fear’ that she keeps harping on and on about. Now as much, as I would like to agree with her – I cannot, only because the last time I bought into such a load of claptrap was during my averagely miserable university days. When I found myself wearing bedsheets and waiting on a side of a hill listening to some holy man who had convinced me to sell everything because the end of the world was coming. When the rivers of fire failed to appear, I just took a bus home and felt really cheated. Don’t get me wrong, I am not denying the whole proposition that they may even be this abstraction called the climate of fear – only I can’t help but feel this whole idea of promoting ‘fear’ is closer to Reiki power than to any notion that really allows me to get a handle on it. I am reminded, what really supplies the missing ingredient which completes ANY cycle of fear isn’t really based on reality, as much how I am prepared to fill-in-the-blanks to make that illusion a reality. This leads me to question Catherine Lim, what is she really trying to accomplish here? If her goal is to empower people to gather the marbles of life to make sense of it, then she is certainly not doing a very good job by propagating the abstraction a climate of fear. That says absolutely nothing! 

If you really think long and hard about it, all she’s doing is mythologising the whole idea of fear by elevating it to some mystical proportion that ferments ignorance and sharpens the very fear of fear itself – this whole business remains curious to me, because I would have imagined someone of her vintage and breadth of intelligence would at least have the cow sense to figure out the gold standard in dealing with anything that induces a state of fear should always be the: ‘hey if I don’t want people to fear, then I have to share with them how to de-construct the idea of fear’ attitude – but no such luck, instead what we seem to get from Catherine is the same trite, aiyoh we live in a climate of fear blah, blah, blah, blah. Look here do I deny we may live in a climate of fear? No but let’s just try to put a sense of scale to it all, do we live in an age where my privacy is being infringed? Well not really when I consider that 50 years ago folks had to live in a room with 10 other families separated by just a sarong partition. I mean under those conditions, a man couldn’t even indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Scratching his guli’s under those panoptical conditions runs the danger of provoking an international incident from the nosey parker brigade. Does the garmen regularly hassle me? Nope, only the fat dengue uncle and perhaps those pesky car coupon aunties seem to be doing that – so again, where’s that mother of the climate of fear that we talking about? Oh Mr Brown incident…Oh, OK I see. I tell you that if that’s the so called climate of fear, then you’re better off living in some cave in Nepal – the way I see it, someone wrote a letter to someone and all he did was jump up and down behaving like the exorcist – all he did was put up a vodoo doll in the internet so that all of you could stick pins into it. So how the hell do you expect the thinking crowd to buy into that dumb idea?

My point is this, I don’t like the idea of framing fear as an abstraction like some hole somewhere in the polar ice cap –  believe me you’re not going to get very far with the whole idea of managing any ‘fear,’ let alone the great climate of fear, if you cannot even pin it down and hold it up with a pair of forceps and say, “here it is!” In fact, I will argue, if you can’t even do that then you might as well spend the rest of your life chasing your own tail or something. Stands the test of reason; if fear exist, then it must have a form and shape, a name and face, a case along with all the issues. Otherwise where is it? Now I happen to know a few things about fear. I climb, bike and sail extremely, so fear is hardly a concept that is all together alien to me – you would think that the best way to deal with fear is to keep repeating the words, “I do not fear,” guess what? That doesn’t work, not even a bit. The only way to deal with fear is to give it a name and a face and to say, OK, this is how you actually look like and sized it up, there are no short cuts – for fear to really take hold, it needs to leverage on ONLY one element;  UNCERTAINTY  that’s usually enough to reduce even the best of us into shambolic mumblers, doesn’t matter whether it’s a guy trying to get laid on a date or if you happen to be caught in the upper reaches of 16,000 ft without a can opener – uncertainty exacts a real estate in your head, as it promotes the whole idea one should fear because fear is fear – its perfectly circular, perfectly energy efficient and perfectly portable, so you could just as well turn it in your head all day with hardly any loss in kinetic energy – the perfect mind game.

To really get on top of fear, there are no short cuts. Trust me, none means none, to cut off it’s head, it requires nothing short of understanding. I am not referring to bullshit reader digest understanding, I am specifically drawing your attention to the deep spirited understanding that comes from knowing something for what it really is because you have invested the time, effort and brain juice to really know it inside out and through – that level of understanding is the difference that allows a climber to choose the right knot out of maybe 500 knots that he has committed in his memory within 5 seconds to do the task and win the day! Or for an ordinary person to cross swords with even the establishment, his lecturer or even someone that appears three or four times his size and still emerge scoring a few cut lasses and making the other side look like a complete idiot.

A corollary of that line of reasoning also means, if I allow others to subject me to the yoke of fear, then I really to ask myself the simple question; whether I am at least as culpable as those who choose to impose this sort of mentality on me, by allowing them to gain a beach head in my mind in the first place! You don’t have to be a Mensa member to figure out that in this melee between fear vs truth –  light vs darkness – blissful ignorance vs reassurance of knowing – a few truths bear out and the rest is just grist to the mill. Firstly, no man can run away from the accountancy of logic doesn’t matter who he is, could even be the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Dalai Lama or even LKY himself. I mean if he starts spouting rubbish one day and if it goes on for long enough, someone will just come around and pack him off to happy homes with a year supply of diapers. Same goes for corporate leaders who goes around passing the buck shareholders are simply going to vote him down the chute with their wallets. As for derelict ministers who rely on fear. They wouldn’t last for very long and if they don’t wise up they’re not going to get very far with just a hammer and one day another bigger hammer is just going to come along and give them a decent clobbering – besides no leader in history has ever managed to hold on to power by alienating a sizeable segment of the thinking crowd. Don’t believe me go and check it out, the historical odds are stacked firmly against them! Not even Stalin could do that because in any society thinkers form the movers and shakers.So there you go – you are now a thinker, knowing your calling empowers you, not knowing it simply means someone is just going to step right in and tell you to go left, right, sit, stand up and don’t be surprise, if you even have to raise your hand up to even ask for permission to urinate – you did it to yourself, you never fortified your mind. You allowed your mind to be invaded.In truth, the only thing to really fear is the fear of fear it’self. So one day if you end up really old, miserable and poor, don’t go blaming some author, political party, pastor (who regularly hear voices that Jesus asked him to build shopping malls) or even some man who you listened to on TV – you just didn’t bother to work it all out in your own head. You got no one to blame but your dumb ass self and I don’t have any sympathy for you. Not even a bit, you deserve to live in this place called the climate of fear and I hope you brought along a good book written by Cat Lim.

Time to go to work!

Darkness 2007 – This is a Brotherhood Press Article

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39 Responses to “Why I Think Catherine Lim Should Just Shad dap!”

  1. Darkness said

    I have received alot of mail why the brotherhood does not want to work with AIMS. Nothing can be further from the truth. My response is simply this, what I have to say is ALL here, in blogosphere, the very medium which they propose to effect change – if it comes that is. If they cannot even be bothered to dig it out, then ANY reasonable man will eventually ask: how thorough, diligent and all encompassing have they been in their consultation? In cruder language others will ask; what sort of fucked up consultation is this? That of course is a question: you have to ask yourself – is it the same half six shit that bl & co was doing when he did his for fun sake singapore blogo review? – we all know how fast that got flushed down the chute.

    What is important to me is this. There is a record, that’s to say one hundred years from now when historians asked who killed the net, here they will have the full account of the story – life is not so simple, you can certainly fool some ppl sometime, but you cannot fool them ALL the time – besides I am not Mr Brown, all he can do is jump up and down when ppl knock him on the head.

    Darkness 2007

  2. scb said

    Do the Men in Whites take note understand?

  3. Azmodeus said

    That is strange, it seems that for one moment that you can’t seem to accept that people would make their personal choices on proceed on projects for the sake of ‘fun’?

    Anyway, if that is the way you perceive things or how you choose to organise your crap into a load of bull. I suppose you will just have to note that there are just as many people judging on what you write as opposed to others.

    Have a nice day

  4. Gerald said

    There is a very simple test about this climate of fear: Will you walk up to any Minister, say at a meet-the-people session or walkabout, and tell him in the face he doesn’t deserve the salary hike? Fear has taken on a face in Singapore, and it’s dressed in white. Personally I have had the occasion to stand up to the fear, but it was at an early stage, when the minister was just a MP drawing $1,500 a month.

  5. fishmonger said

    This is very true, if you dont know what it is then one is likely to end up fearing fear itself.

    But please correct me if I am wrong. I heard from my bf Bambi Bad Boy also has this habit of slamming tables when he doesn’t get his way and shouting at the top of his voice, “how many patents do you have?” Whenever he is cornered or cannot win an argument.

    How true is that?

  6. passerby said

    This is a very bad habit that the brotherhood have, many of them are like those showy German ace pilots during the WW2 – in the final analysis, it is always results, the rest counts for nothing, that is why, if you notice, their output is so high, abt 10 to 15 times the average blog, no one is awarded points for chit chatting, at the end of the day, the question is how many articles did you manage to churn out? Same logic with defining organizational and personal success, again don’t give a shit abt indirect benefits or flowery talk, just want to know how many patents did you come out with! How much money did you make? If you cannot make it, pls go and jump off the building etc. Same with fear, it is never allowed to take hold. If they see it, they will just tear it down like a pack of wolfs.

    This is good and bad – Yes?

  7. shoestring said

    Before anyone starts banging tables and going to the mattresses, I think the subject matter is focused only on politics in Singapore, in which case, I agree that the fear is largely an illusion. It’s a matter of walking the talk, much like what Gerald has done.

    But some of the other fears that we have, such as losing our jobs, are real, at least in part, especially for those with family responsibilities. We can’t do much about them because they are beyond our control. For instance, we can’t give away out kids when we lose our jobs. In such circumstances, the fear is valid. But still, we should not allow fear to dominate our decision making process. Instead, we should explore other alternatives.

    Once we have alternatives as contingencies, we will fear less, even no more.

  8. Kung Poh said

    I very much agree with the author. There is a need to pin it down and understand it. I personally believe most Singaporean especially get it the other way round and it accounts for the cult of reverence we accord to ministers. However, if you really think long and hard abt it, there should never be this tradition of reverence which is in part fueled by the press and its willingness to play second fiddle to the party political agenda. I don’t wish to misrepresent darkness, but I believe ppl like him have previously mentioned on several occasions his general opinion of ministers and senior bureaucrats is roughly one notch higher than a circus acrobat / food court manager / water treatment plant supervisor. He even gave a brief account explaining why he believed this was so, stating on several occasions one of the most successful PM’s was John Major and much of his political know how was derived from the Circus as his parents were fire eaters. Same goes for Ronald Regan, he was one of the best Presidents in the US and single handedly brought down the USSR and half the time he was just rehashing old lines from his B grade cow boy movies. I think if you really search for it, there is actually a full essay abt what Darkness thinks abt politicians, ministers and senior civil servants. I wouldn’t say he is disrespectful to them, but I believe he said it is very important to put a sense of scale into it, otherwise the next thing you know some crazy like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or great leader will just come in and lead us all to the great shit pot. So I really don’t think he will have any problem asking a minister or anyone his why he is getting that sort of salary. However, I do not believe he will ask that sort of question as it is not very productive. I believe he will ask a question like what am I as a tax payer going to get for $2.2 and if you screw up who is going to be your guarantor – can I foreclose on your hse etc. I personally believe he will take a more practical approach, expecting anything else form him would just be an admirable sentiment.

    Sorry to be so losoh

  9. Bene Gesserit said

    I don’t believe it is personal against Mdm Lim, but I believe it fulfills their strategic interest to go after her that is all. If you think real hard abt it, they cannot fear and fear is the greatest enemy, the mind killer, so they will take down anyone who spreads fear: I believe they call it “The Litany” and every single one of them knows it my heart, the prayer goes like so,

    I must not fear
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass
    Over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past
    I will turn the inner eye
    To see its path.
    Where the fear has gone
    There will be nothing.
    Only I will remain….

  10. Bene Gesserit said

    For me, it’s very simple fear for what? If you have good today, then plan for bad tmr. You must be crazy to rely on govt, don’t tax you to hoe liaow. For me and my little family, it is very simple, keep planning as Bambi said and when the shit hits the fan all the emergency training will just be like a commando operation. I want to tell you all this is not the first article against fear, once in icered.com he lamblasted another person and that time was the recession. I remember we took his advise and my husband planned, now he runs his own business. We are financially independent, not rich, but not poor either, but much happier bc we did not fear.

  11. dotseng said

    Hi All & Ben Gesserit,

    Agreed, I really don’t believe Baby Darkness meant anything remotely malicious. I am sure it was all in good banter.

    To our muslim readers, we would just like to wish you all Happy Raya,

    Happy Reading Yah!


  12. long winded said

    kung poh,

    you realized the pap not so losoh?

    the day they become so losoh is the day they lose power.

    a divided people is full of fear!


  13. tinker said

    You need inspired leaders. Not regurgitator. You keep playing into their IDEALS, you lose.

  14. Megadope said

    The only kind of body that is allowed to unite thousands are all in a ‘trance’. Buidling castle in the air.

  15. telimud said

    But they have thousands, go to any gaming forum and ask abt the brotherhood – they’re all there in the shadow – they are there!

  16. telimud said

    That I believe is what shocks most ordinary ppl.

  17. Your English Teacher said

    Hi I came across this site. And really, you Russians should hire me!

  18. soothy said

    “It was during the reign of Pandishah III when the great devil and his horde first appeared in the virtual known as the strangelands. They came from the East. At first their numbers were few. They kept to themselves at the outskirts of the city gates trading in pelts and precious metals. Our elders did not perceive them as a threat. Then one day, they asked for land, a small plot they said, to turn the great wheel to which our elders agreed. Then more came and settled, this time demanding for credentials, titles and all manner of rights.

    At first no one paid them much heed, all wondered what manner of madness was this! Their leader had even asked for tribute from the 5 great houses of the Laanstrad and when none was given, on the eve of the sixth lunar eclipse when the red sun closed on the two moons of Nimrod, our great armies gathered to evict them from our lands.

    There on top of a hill overlooking the narrow lip, we called the eye of the needle, the great devil stood all alone, in his characteristic pose with his arms behind his back, he looked not like a man who was about to die. We had seen him before in this pose during many of his raids, but on this occasion, he neither moved or appeared distempered. Instead he looked as if the world laid before his feet.

    At first the great armies shuffled furtively, but soon a nervous disposition overcame even the bravest of them and in no time, the great armies broke their ranks fleeing.

    The great devil had placed a perfect cinder of fear in our hearts”

    The Annals of the 5 Houses, Pg 852

    Beware the great devil is in the internet.

  19. mr green said

    If this guy was anyone else. This kinda of write up would probably provoke the same reaction as WSM or the Mr Brown case, but you all notice, not even so much as a single pin drop, not even a mouse beep even, I wonder why?

    Time and again, we see the stormtrooper tactic being deployed, like when he just came into the RPG circuit in the gaming network and started imposing all sort of crazy taxation and if u did not pay up…..

    So I want to ask who really is the one who is responsible for spreading fear?

    Perhaps the man darkness should consider giving public lectures as to how he managed to acquired the moniker the great devil aka vanquisher of the planets, wind of death etc in four continents.

    Or are we all just supposed to believe we are just imagining it?


  20. peacemaker said

    Actually lets get a few things straight, bfr the Age of Darkness aka The Great Devil, the Underground Gaming scene was very much like the wild wild West. You had all sorts of funny characters, racist movement, hate grps, mobs, skin heads e.g white supremacist etc.

    Let’s get a few things straight, after the Ascension Wars, all of these rif-rafs got snuffed out and they confiscated all their credits along with their avatars.

    With the end of these great cyber battles, there was only one law – the order of iron and fire -these were frontier laws, no one denies they were harsh, but it worked bc everyone knew anyone who broke them will be punished. I mean if you broke them, they will come, doesn’t matter how many times you changed your avatar, they will just hunt you down.

    For once ordinary gamers could play the game in peace, but I agree at times, the laws they imposed caused alot of resentment and generated alot of grief. I remember one incident when they wasted an entire village in the Killarmargon system. It was only a minor rebellion, but when the gamers there killed the entire garrison, the whole village was wiped off the map to warn the others – this is what will happen if you break our laws.

    However, if you square it off, I still prefer the post – darkness period far more than the pre-period of chaos. However, the Age of Darkness is coming to an end. I am certain even he knows it is time for him to exit gracefully – this is a very savy fox, he knows, it is time.

  21. dotseng said

    Baby Darkness,

    I am cooking curry mee this Sunday, I would really appreciate it, if you could drop by for a spot of lunch and stay for a while.

    Something is wrong with my new car, I believe it’s the timing belt. She’s out of synch – do be nice and do her for me with your tool (wink!).



  22. Chronicler said

    Pls don’t go around calling him the great devil etc. We have deliberately kept comments free from censorship, but if some of you wish to abuse it, then what can we do?

    His moniker is darkness, how many times do I keep having to say this?

    Not Bambi, not Baby this or that, not even Bad Boy – darkness will do very nicely.


  23. Iwasthere said

    Long before he was known as darkness, he was a good and decent man, a man of wit, a great humanitarian, a scholar, one of our best. He was the first to establish a library in the virtual, a beacon who attracted the brightest bc of his charisma, his purity of will even.

    One day, some people, the white supremacist I believe just came along and destroyed everything he built. He could not understand. I saw the fall, the poor boy read Conrad’s the heart of darkness again and again to seek out the meaning from whence evil came form- but to no avail. He simply couldn’t understand.

    Then just around the same period the terrible thing with his church happened. For the first time, he saw the evil of men, he realized, there was no good in this world, no God even. Only the politics of convenience and the lengths to which men were prepared to manipulate the truth to serve their own designs. It must have been a great shock to the boy. It broke his heart into a million pieces. He had after believed so much in goodness and placed so much faith in it and now to see it completely broken. I can only imagine the horror.

    He just snapped, went mad even. I have never in my life seen such a brilliant man snap like this bfr, never ever bfr. The horror of it, the horror of it.

    I was there.

    We have to kill him in the virtual, you could say he even wishes for it. He is waiting for us.

  24. Darkness said

    Good, this is very good. If you ppl are not unduly bothered, you will not go so far as to write all this nonsense. It must really disturb you, this is an improvement, for many years, you have all ignored me, hoping that it will all go away. Now you know it is not so simple. Good, this is very good.

    Darkness 2007

  25. Darkness said

    I know what is in your minds. I see plans within plans. You’re not sure, even those who used to have an influence on me have all told you, he no longer fellowships with us. What do you do? How do you get a loose canon to one corner and tie it down? What do you do? How do you deal with someone who you believe has crossed the line? He is gone black and he will never go back? What do you do? Now is not so simple, you cannot even go around it, you are in unfamiliar territory, you don’t know how many of us there are? You think you do, but deep down you are never sure, you register all these movements electronically, there is only one set of foot prints but you are never sure how many have walked the same line. You hope it will just fizzle out and go away and leave you alone, it doesnt of course, everyday it grows just a little bit larger, fingering into your world, bothering you just a little bit more, you dont feel so sure now do you?

    Good, this is very good.

    Darkness 2007

  26. Darkness said

    Let me share with you where you went so very wrong – you did not love them in the way I loved them – I spoke to them daily, sharing with many of them my deepest thoughts – I was sincere, true and asked for nothing in return except the fellowship of a few good men – this is a very old tradition, one that goes back all the way into the depths of time – so more came and they stayed. As time went by our waters mixed.

    Never ever piss off the thinkers, there are not many of them, all of them can probably fit into one bus and there is still enough seats to spare. And if this bus goes off a cliff, you might as well pack your bags and call it a day. If you never bothered cultivating the trust, respect and good will of these ppl, how do you expect them to listen to you? You really believe it is that simple? When you call out, can you blame them, when they all say, “Who is this idiot who speaks?”

    The thinkers are all around, you don’t see them, they’re in the shadows, but look, look closer, I say, Aha do you see them?……there, there and there they are everywhere, they are the ones who put that 200 page report together with those fancy charts. They stand in the corridors along side their bosses always ready to advise to ease the way. It doesn’t take alot to put you in a pine box – a whisper, a nod, a curl of lip, a raised eyebrow and to take wing, “that sounds like a good idea.” And off it goes….

    You see that is why it is so dangerous to alienate thinkers. Even I dont dare to do that. I dont mind crossing swords with knaves and fools…but thinkers….I have to think twice and three times even, as they sticky…they will just bog you down… but you were too foolish not to know this – so now you know and now it is probably the eleventh hour, too late to even do anything. You think you can cut off my head and the problem ends there, but think, who will step forth? And when he falls, another and another and yet another will follow. Do you see? Good, very good. We now understand each other. So put aside this nonsense of trying to bag me in the virtual, many have tried and they have failed. There is a time to make things happen and a time to let things happen – this is the latter. Rest my friend, rest. The end is very near.

    Darkness 2007

  27. The Council of The Wise said


    We understand completely darkness. Come to the table, it doesn’t have to be like this. Be reasonable. Let us try to explore the path of peace before you take us all further into this madness that will control us all.

    You have my word, we will explore every possibility to accomodate you, but you must meet us half way. Come to Primus Aldentes Prime, let us sit and talk, first amongst ourselves, then with the delegation from the Interspacing Legation, there is great disharmony in our game. Millions of credits are involved here. Even you would know, when money is involved, it gets terribly complicated.

    If we cannot resolve our differences, you will have to go Darkness. Obey us consider this our final warning to you and the others.

  28. The Council of The Wise said

    Let me just level with you, your blockade on planet D’ni is making alot of people nervous. Especially the CHOGAAM – the metal exchange has informed us you are deliberately shorting the price of minerals / we cannot balance the accounts / there is a real danger the entire virtual market will collapse, already it is causing a short fall resulting in many of the EU gamers to out load in Ebay.

    Do you understand, the situation is untenable.

  29. Navigation Guild said


    Without Sardonyx, all our Tribillium Class Cruisers CANNOT fold space. We will just be little dots strewn in the infinity of space.

    We need you to share with us your plans. Why are you restricting the flow of Sardonyx by deliberately blocking our mineral vessels? We are sending a third stage Guild Navigator to seek a diplomatic solution to the current impasse in D’ni.

    The Council is right, many ppl are nervous.

  30. Council of The Wise said


    The Guild is right, we cannot break out existing treatise with either the CHOGAAM or the Mercantile Guilds.

  31. Council of The Wise said

    This whole matter is bigger than the brotherhood put together by maybe 10 million times – even the game masters is concerned and all parties are monitoring this developments very carefully as it has a financial dimension. Do you understand darkness?

    You need to send a delegation to the negotiating table in Primus.

  32. Council of The Wise said

    We want you to end blockade now. We want you to restore landing rights in D’ni in accordance with with our agreement with the Altians.

    Do this and that will defuse alot of the current anxiety. At least the Guilds will be assured, their supply of Sardonyx will not be restricted.

  33. Navigation Guild said

    We also want you to establish all com-sat facilities in D’ni. We can’t even talk to you!

  34. Navigation Guild said

    @994.58 a deep space cruiser, “The General Santos” will be breaching the exclusion zone, pls prepare your envoys to receive the third stage navigator.

    May I remind you darkness, the Santos bears the Imperial Seal of Neutrality any provocation will be considered a serious infringement of the Interspacing Protocal.

  35. Darkness said


    Allow me to put my case very clearly bfr all of you, in such terms that there is no scope for ambiguity – firstly, we will do what we need to do in D’ni – after we have accomplished ALL our objectives – then and only then will I go to the UN in Primus and talk shop.

    If the Santos or any vessel enters the declared exclusion zone, it will be shot down!

    That is all, Gentlemen you must excuse me, I have work to do.

    Darkness 2007

  36. KOHO said

    @9.467 / Darkness – incoming @ locale 0420 / Pls be advised your space station bay is at 7 (seven) – ZULU / TANGO KOHO handing over shift.

  37. Astro Boy said

    Why don’t we just go and lookey see? What do we have to lose?

  38. Mrs J. Hurbert said

    Let’s face it, before the brotherhood, there was the age of dummies. The benchmark was Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi. If one said anything remotely clever, one would be likely to be labeled as a chiat kantang and ridiculed no end. In the brotherhood, one never needs to apologize before opening their mouth or saying anything intelligent. Instead they promoted a culture which made it amenable for smart people to be find their own corner and just let their hair down. Is it such a wonder when many of these intellectuals saw for the very first time there were actually people such as themselves, they all said, “Oh my God, there are actually people like me, I am not so weird after all.” To which the man Darkness replied, “welcome, welcome, you have arrived!” What society saw as valueless wind bags, they valued, cherished and loved. Its important to always bear this detail in mind.

    There are many rumors accounting for how the man called Darkness came to form this attitude regarding talent. Many said, he honed his ideas when their game mashed with the French gamers. He was very impressed by the French their candor, openness and confidence to challenging anything and everything – their creativity, elan and panache astounded him no end. Their complete ease with their sense of estrangement and how they often transformed this into an advantage. This greatly impressed Darkness and if one reads numerous articles in the brotherhood press, alot of his philosophy was actually forged by these French luminaries, Theoureu, Foucault, Zola, Montesquie just to name a few this I can only imagine must have had a tremendous influence on the mind of a very young and impressionable darkness.

  39. music said

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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