Why Is Everyone Scrambling To The Moon?

December 29, 2007

Yes, it seems these days moon fever has griped every country. British scientists recently confirmed at a meeting in the Open University Nasa would be considering another version of Beagle-2, the ill-fated British lander that should have reported from Mars on Christmas Day 2003, but transmitted a groan and promptly died.

In 2006, the European Space Agency (ESA) ended a three-year mission called Smart-1 with sent a probe on the moon. Japan has followed suit by launching a spacecraft called Selene. Not to be out done China is frantically preparing for the launch of it’s own reconnaissance probe Chang Ee. Even India plans a lunar probe called Chandrayaan if their astrologers can all agree on an auspicious date to blast off.

Everybody seems to be getting into the moonie act. Why is everyone suddenly going ga-ga over the moon? I mean this is hardly new news, if you consider since the advent of moon fever in the late 50’s there has been over 60 attempts to lob something at the our pockmarked satellite, some ranging from probes as small as a coke can others weighing as much as a Volkswagen.

One reason why the moon has come into sharp focus is because many space pundits see it as a stepping stone to a bigger space chapter;  Mars. The logic goes like this: if humans are to stand any chance of succeeding in the 6 or so months journey to Mars, the moon is the best locale to test out space gizmos and more importantly conduct practice runs.

Having said that there is a theory floating around the internet that the real reason why everyone is really suffering from lunacy these days is because the Americans faked their last foray there – yes believe or not! It seems the Americans one to get there first this time, to stomp on the moon and leave tire tracks along with loads of antique space junk, so as to make sure no one discovered, they actually didn’t go to the moon!

Believe it or not there are actually some people questioning whether the whole lunar project even actually took place. Much of their basis for disputing the official claim is what they perceive as some discrepancies in some of the photographs, like why no stars featured and how could the stars and stripes be fluttering in an environment with no breeze. Generally, for various and other assorted reasons – they believe that the Moon landings were mocked up in a some secret studio in Area 51 and that the Apollo crews never left low earth orbit. The whole idea was, the US never had the technology to go to the moon and to convince the Soviets not to go there, they decided to fake it!

Whatever the real reason for going to the moon this time – because it holds the answer to the origins of whence we came from as a planet and people – or that deep beneath it’s cold pockmarked surface there could actually be stores of hydrogen reserves and precious metal – or whether it just a convenient place to train astronauts to go to Mars.

One thing will remain certain, some of us here will only be interested to find out where Neil Amstrong’s golf ball ended up in the Sea of Tranquility.

Astro Boy – Space Exploration Expert – Brotherhood Press 2007

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