Bye Bye

January 22, 2008

Dear Valued Readers,

Recently certain events have prompted me to re-evaluate the role of the my blog “Just Stuff.” These events I do not claim to comprehend completely, partly because things have moved so fast and the only reason Darkness ever seems to keep telling me is, “it has to be this way, there is no other way.” By the looks of it, the rest appear to be quiet adamant as well. There are times, when you just know it’s useless to try to persuade them. You just know they will hold the line right down to the very last man. I don’t know the real reason why; they don’t seem to want to share. It may have something to do with the NLB, AIMS or maybe something they have not told me about (we would have to wait for the sleeper ships to come back and narrate the full account of the story – it is stored in folder 1889/08 and they have even archived it with their channel partners – Google – we will have to wait till then – I really don’t know and I don’t wish to embellish the situation by speculating further. One thing surprises me, they don’t seem too bothered and there is even an air of expectancy about it all, just like before a thunderstorm.

It’s as if, they are all standing in one line preparing to greet the beginning and the end of it all.

This evening I met up with Darkness and the boys for a spot of cycling in East Coast Park – it was an opportunity for me to speak to him face to face. During the ride, there was one moment when I asked him why? To which he remained silent and looked out towards the eternity of the sea. His demeanor conveyed the belief, he had seen it all before and it was really not such a big deal. Or maybe, he was simply putting on a brave front – it’s hard to say with Baby Darkness. 

I believe he was trying to comfort me. It became clearer when he asked the rest to go ahead leaving both of us alone.

We spoke for hours under the shade of a tree. Forgive me, if I say, I don’t feel comfortable to reveal everything – I wish to keep some of it to myself.

As the evening unfolded, the boy shared with me many things – I told him that I have always been fascinated by his stories since I first read them when I was only 22. I even told him, that has the reason why I read Law and subsequently stayed on to complete my LLM in King’s College, just in case, I had to defend the Singaporean Gangster one day. He smiled wryly as he listened on and when it grew dark. I asked him whether he had any regrets? He told me; if he could do it all over again, he would do it very differently. When I asked why; he intoned, he might have been wrong all this while.

Living he said in the age of the $2.2 million man imposes certain realities on our understanding of what it means to be a human being – one of them is that we have to earn as much money as possible and very little else matters. If you only have $2.20 in your pocket in the world of the $2.2 million man, “it’s no good, it just doesn’t come around Dotty,” not even if you have all the bullet points and Gandhi and Mother Teresa standing beside you. That’s what it really means to live in the age of the $2.2 million man – life has to be brutal, ideas count for little and the sum of a man’s thoughts is worthless – the only thing that can possibly command any authority has to be the power of money. If one had $2.2 billion in the world of the $2.2 million man, there is a chance something good can happen. That he said was something his recent trip to China imposed on his understanding. He even said, it made a “good” economic case to throw out everything he has ever believed in and to start all over again.

This he said was how the game would have to be played from this moment onwards. The rest was just talk and sweet fantasy amounting to very little. (That could be why I saw Astro Boy punching numbers into a small calculator – I think, he too wants to be rich and influential).

Darkness went on to say this is where he and the rest will focus on from now onwards – the enterprise of making money. Listening to him, I wondered to myself, how his recent visit to China must have changed him – there, he said, he saw the power of money to move mountains, to change society on a scale and speed that could never be imagined before – he mentioned how whole stretches of “Hutongs” had given way to fly-overs and over head bridges – that he said, struck him like a “diamond bullet” – “here for the very first time in my life, I saw clearly there was no God, no reason, no logic even, only the omnipresent levelling power of money and how it was linked to power. Dotty, it struck me with a force of a thousand freight trains! Imagine what we could do with that sort of influence? We could build schools, hospitals and even bring about real and meaningful change for the betterment of the people. The rest was simply rhetoric amounting to nought.” He went on to say, there were thousands of innovators in the brotherhood network, especially their foreign legion, he described it as a “land within lands,” where most of them now were just soldering lousy components and writing dumb programs in rooms where clothes go to die or in garages and sheds, but if this ramble could be mobilized into a disciplined supra- entity, they could take the world by storm and he could lead them as he knew each cell personally, very much in the way he once led them to conquer the virtual realms, only this time even governments would shake and tremble, because it would be real this time – so real that it would not even require one molecule of imagination as the cost would be so apparent that it’s impossible to deny. That he said had to be “The New Order.”

Through it all, the boy kept staring out into the sea and repeating the words, “It’s no good Dotty, it just doesn’t come around. It’s no good…..I have finally realized I am going around in circles, big and small circles, that’s all.”

I believe, he may have finally reached the finality of the realization blogging after all is just talk and amounts to very little – it doesn’t have the capacity to ‘change’ anything – only money can do that.

After the conversation, he took me home. I invited him in to which he said he would wait for me.

You see I have always loved those stories and the man who wrote them ever sinced, I could ever remember.

You could say that is all I have ever had, I am an ordinary girl, not too tall, not too beautiful, abit plum but always dreaming and I am not abashed to admit it.

I had bought him something recently in Malaysia for the New Year, but when I went out to the gate. He was gone.

I of all people should have known better, the boy simply can’t bear farewells.  

I knew it would end this way. I don’t feel sad. I am happy that I had this one moment in time to share, experience and live.

Standing by the gate. I thought of the last page of Swann’s way; the wind that “wrinkled the surface of the Grand Lac in little wavelets.” The great passage of time that helped Marcel “to understand how paradoxical it is to seek in reality for the pictures that are stored in one’s memory, which must inevitably lose the charm that comes to them from memory itself and from their not being apprehended by the senses.” And his conclusion, like mine; “The reality that I had known no longer existed.”

Darkness, I finally realized is just an ordinary man. Cut him and he bleeds like any other man, slight him and he will take to anger…a very ordinary man.

This I believe was what he was always trying to tell to me.

This may not be such a bad thing; ordinariness; Darkness once wrote, “nothing last forever and all that life really teaches the wise is how to gracefully lay down the things, we once picked up… there is never any reason to be sad.” 

This was a lesson I’d gathered from my brief association with Darkness & The Brotherhood, so I shan’t feel sad.

Have a happy life Darkness, Harphoon, Astro Boy, Scholar Boy, Chronicler and the rest.

Darkness, I hope you find what you are looking for in life. You must believe me when I tell you, you of all people have the right to be happy.

See you again in my next life.

Love Always, Dotty Forever More.

Pls note that everything in this blog and every article that bears the Brotherhood Press tag has been copyrighted circa 2007 / December

In simple English, I will sue the shit out of you, if you archive it without my EXPRESS permission. Please DO NOT ASK either, unless you want to be publically embarrassed.

Trust me in Singapore, there are only less than 5 experts in this field. I happen to be one of them, not your BS variety that you pass off as “experts.”

I just made a big hole in your archive . I am happy, that was the very least, I could do for those boys.


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  1. dotseng said

    “Only those produced by individuals who are recognised experts in their respective fields of knowledge, famous personalities or award-winning blogs will be considered, Mr Raju said.”

    He is welcomed to sue me if he wants, but I doubt he will do it because he was reported as having said so – so there you go, the truth and nothing but the truth.

    Just remember this when the sleeper ships come back and dig this up. My name is Dotty, I saw it all.

    One day in History / Jan 2008

  2. Small Boy said

    And this was what Darkness said to Mr Raju & Co, scroll down for the reply it is under Sarah’s account.

    I hope when the sleeper ships come back they too will dig this up. You are right Dotty, you made a big hole in their historical accounting. That as Darkness would say, is a very good start. I like to see the one month per article wonders fill up the gap – it seems they cannot. Keep well brotherhood.

  3. dotseng said

    Small Boy,

    You know I am very encouraged by the Intelligent Singaporean. Darkness once told me, one of the best channel partners the brotherhood has ever worked with is the Intelligent Singaporean.

    So I am just going to keep this site open and avaliable forever. That I feel goes a very long way to say many things.

    As for NLB, I don’t really believe anyone takes them seriously, not our channel partners, not our readers and definitely not the Brotherhood. So they are really as irrelevant as a cloud.

    They have their history and we have our own. It’s best, we learn to keep it that way. Otherwise, it will be very frustrating.



  4. small boy said

    Why did Darkness cancel the broadcast of the Olympics in the net?

    We were told to stop all our work / all the SLF lines were severed.

    Can you please ask him what is happening?


  5. Darkness said

    I have to be very careful here (so I have been told) as what I write can very well end up in someone’s book, so I need to first state very clearly that whatever I say here will be dated and eventually copyrighted by Dotty and her friends – Q: Is it true that the reaction to the NLB’s move were muted in Blogosphere? Yes, that cannot be denied, why? As one poster said here a while ago, ‘an oppositional writer also requires an oppositional reader.’ Now as far as observations go, this is probably one of the most astute highlights in this debate, as it manages to successfully compress meaning into one compact pill; this observation is truer than true as this whole NBL thing is missing one vital ingredient; a genuinely alarmed public. Why? Now we can forward many reasons to explain this, but if I had to draw out one reason; it’s because most Singaporeans think of history ONLY in the abstract; we cannot really see how an account of today will affect tomorrow or impact our averagely miserable existence – we can certainly speculate no end why this is the case; but one thing holds true, while technology may have empowered most netizens with a voice, it doesn’t add too much as it only the means-to-the-end and the utility it offers is roughly the same as a kid ridding on his tricycle and throwing out daily reads in his neighborhood. This doesn’t translate into any where near scholarship. As I said earlier, it’s just the means and should never be equated with métier, strength or the capacity to tease of nuances, distinguish, contrast, juxtapose, highlight etc.

    Do I doubt for one moment there are profound reads in the net? No! Only what must be recognized is while there may be a dearth of academically slanted material to even solicit deep spirited understanding. Truth remains sites like Xiaxue and Mr Brown will always score a higher number of reads only because they remain intellectually accessible when compared to social political blogs. This I feel is an observation that is never really discussed at any level of depth – now it would appear based on a cursory examination this is unusual or there is something wrong with our water supply. I don’t think so when one compares these paltry figures with lets say attendances to Museums of fine art – visitors to the Louvre and the Tate bear this paradox out only too clearly, while paintings like the ubiquitous Mona Lisa and the Sun flower regularly attract a steady throng, the same cannot be said of lets say more serious exhibits – it seems curious to me now the most viewed site in the Louvre is not actually a painting but rather an architectural carbuncle, the Cour Napoléon (the glass pyramid) made famous in part by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code – here on a good day, its quiet normal to even hear fat Americans whispering, this is where Mrs Jesus is buried! What does this tell us apart from the obvious; it’s a very accurate reflection of the world; history, fact or what we all call knowledge is very fragile, it’s even elastic enough to resemble chewing gum – but that’s not my main point. While Dan Brown’s book is all in the spirit of mass entertainment, what’s important here is the same process can more or less be directed towards a more serious enterprise, such as nation building, justifying the existence of oligarchy or even stamping out another competing narrative – here what we see is ‘fun’ giving way to ‘imperialism.’

    Question; how does history assume a form of imperialism? Firstly, let’s move away from the assumption that it ONLY requires armies, masters and etc. Yes, that’s all very important, but when you consider only 3,000 British civil servants ruled over 250 million Indians during balmy afternoons when E.M Forster was penning, ‘Passage To Indian.’ One thing cuts through – it had to be more than gunpowder, drill, discipline and the six shot repeating revolver, those things are only the hardware – what interest me for this article is the role of the software and more importantly how it’s interwoven with the whole idea of history which makes imperialism possible –one aspect of this theory, requires us to take a closer look at imperialism, what if I said to you in it’s most refined, unalloyed and pure form imperialism is simply a state of mind – a mantra even.

    And how does history come in? Specifically in what precise shape and form does it assume the instrument of imperialism?

    IMO it has to encapsulate at least two quite different but inter-related aspects which makes possible the whole idea of imperialism; firstly, the idea that is based on the means (hardware) to take over territory; and finally, the means to justify and sustain (software) imperialism by developing a justificatory regime of self aggrandizing, self originating authority interposed between the victim of imperialism and its perpetrators.

    I would even go so far as to say, without a narrative which justifies there can be no such thing as empire, the whole idea of control and command would simply be an attritional impossibility – now viewed from this set of new eyes even something as benign as English literature can be tooled for imperialism. This may appear preposterous to some only because they don’t regularly develop RPG games but I do and trust me when I tell you all that nothing beats a narrative when it comes to seizing the high ground. Now if you think I am joking, banish the thought from your mind and consider a yarn as benign as lets say Robinson Cruseo, the story of an unfortunate English gentlemen who suddenly found himself stranded in a ‘deserted’ island in the equatorial sea. No imperialism there, you say, only a man digging out eyes on coconuts to make imaginary friends in an attempt to survive against the odds, look again – remember Friday? What is the first thing, Robinson does with Friday? He shares with him the word. He teaches him phonics, to paraphrase; he’s civilizing him! What we have here is the quintessential image of the Imperialistic narrative, the God man bringing with him law, order and structure into the heathen domain; Does anyone even bother to ask Friday what’s that straw doll with needles hanging around his neck. No, that’s only a side dish, it’s given that Friday is more than willing to give up his pot in missionary for a second helping of shepherd’s pie. Friday even goes off with Robinson to God fearing olde wire brush England, what eventually happens to him – we are not told. You all get my drift. It would seem this is theme is confined to only a genre, but my point is it isn’t, one sees it being repeated again and again – beware the power of books!

    What am I trying so to say here? Should the CIA start dropping sappy copies of love paperbacks in Iraq instead of 500 kg bombs? Not exactly, only what cannot be dismissed in the imperial narrative needs to be continually nourished; perpetuated and even venerated. Now follow me here! This is where I am going to do a pirouette and splay out the point. Follow me. If I lose you here, it’s game over! – part of imposing narrative also means killing off competing stories; there can only be 11 blogs – it also means imposing normative social norms on what is acceptable; only experts – admire and if possible even emulate their traditions; but above all hate and despise whence they came from – to me at least it stands to reason only because if imperialism is to even stand a chance of establishing a beach head, then where else a better place to plant it than in the mind of the colonized? It has to be a battle of the minds and that is why history must be controlled, you can even say it is strategic as it’s a linchpin where all the spokes converge turning the wheel of life, without it, its no good, it will simply not turn – Darkness 2008

  6. agnes priorer said

    Hi Harpoon,

    I gather you are standing in for Darkness. That’s most unfortunate, as I am dressed and ready to take him to town. I have just finished reading his four part series on Imperialism on the social political. I must say, I am not impressed. This merely confirms my suspicion that we are dealing with a very clever dillatente who probably assumes he has earned the right to laud it over us mere peasants who come seeking nuggets of wisdom.

    Allow me to be very specific in my charge

    1.1 What I find incredulous is how he often treats the whole idea of imperialism as a mathematical formula. Do this, this will happen; do that and we will get this. Now it would appear there is nothing wrong with this type of logic if only all things can reliably take the shape and form of Stalinist tractor production logic. The logic fails in practice because his formulation fails to account for how the free market enterprise is able intervene and even change the planned outcome. Reading his four part series, one must certainly believe we live in a world where everything can be planned to such an extent whereby outcomes can only be products of central planning. If that were really the case, how does he account for the demise of the soviet union? My point goes something like this, govt’s can certainly plan their great imperialistic architecture to control everything from what people should read to how they might even come to view the whole idea of retirement. However, at the end of the day what cannot be marginalized away from the stage of conceptualization to implementation right through to the final result, is the role of market forces and how it will shape the final outcome. Allow me to give you an illustration, the govt can certainly market the tagline the Singapore brand is synonymous with the efficiency, reliability and infallibility, but all it takes to undo all this is for some gamey terrorist to climb through a window and thereafter everything unravels. Where then is stands Darkness totem of imperialism rule all? Please do not tell me that I do not have a sense of scale and perspective over this matter! As what I have just described is my humble opinion on why no one including the MM to the PM wants to go near this JI escapee issue or even touch it even with a barge pole. Before the point is lost completely or gazzumped by you chaps, this demonstrates clearly my plank; imperialism as a means of sustaining anything is incredibly fragile. Bear in mind, I could just as well use this analogy to tell why the British Empire waxed and waned as it did, when the Repulse and Prince of Wales were both sunk by slit eyed, myopic Japanese pilots! So again there you go.

    1.2 My second criticism concerning Darkness formulation of Imperialism as a means of explaining all relates to the practical necessities of having to sustain the idea of what he describes as a colonial attitude. I wonder did Darkness forget that the colonial masters maintain command and control by a series of draconian laws. Where I wonder did our much vaunted ISA come from? Is Darkness aware of the Salt and cotton act which prevented even the colonized to produce bare necessities which are widely available in their own lands so as to subsidize factory and mill workers in Manchester? So pleeeeeeeeze, let’s not embark on a litany of woes by simplifying the matter further when he goes on to comment quite mysteriously, “I believe empire had to be based on veneration and adulation….” What tripe! Imperialism may have been sustained in part by these sentiments he described so vividly, but the main phalanx suggest it was by the imprint on of the jack boot on the face of the colonized.

    1.3 My final comment I consider to be the coup de grace and I want to know where he is hiding? Please don’t tell me he is busy, we all know he can be contacted any where on his little toy communicator, he carries with him. Can someone please powder our feted prince and do roll him out for the tomato shower. That will do very nicely.

    1.4 Finally, over 10 million request have been made by me and many others concerning the US presidency and what the BP has managed to learn from it. Yet on every single occasion, there appears to be only the deafening sound of silence. When are we going to feast our eyes and feed our minds?

  7. dotseng said


    It’s often been said, the Beijing Olympics this summer is supposed to be China’s coming of age bash, celebrating the end of nearly two centuries of weakness, poverty and humiliation.

    Really? How true is it?

    Truth is stranger than fiction – no one can deny there is much of China’s painful history that requires righting – the humiliating defeat of the Manchu’s by the world powers in the 18th century – the tumult of the Japanese occupation of China. These are narratives which are sheered in the mind of every Chinese.

    China has come a long way – these days, she’s the world’s fastest growing economy – outstripping even the EU and US put together – the leading manufacturer of laptop computers to Teflon coated woks – she has even managed to sent a man into space and by all accounts, as far as appearances goes, the Beijing Olympics is simply an extension of this new found nationalistic pride to celebrate it’s arrival in the world stage.

    But look again! Carefully this time with the brotherhood magnifying glass, what’s really behind the chimera of all the ongoing preoccupation with success icons that simply say, “we have arrived?” Why is China exhibiting all the maturity of a testosterone pumped teenager just before the graduation prom?


    One clue according to our resident China expert Cerebus lies in the psyche of the ruling communist party (CCP). China’s leaders face a troubling paradox: the more developed, educated and prosperous the country, the more the party elite run the risk of being marginalized and sidelined by the masses. They are justifiably insecure and even threatened by this turn of events. Men like President Hu Jintao and former President Jiang Zemin have always struggled with two diametrically opposed realities every since China opened her doors in the early 80’s; how to sustain economic growth and yet preserve the fragile communist regime. Indeed at times, it seems keeping to one’s balance on the razor’s edge has been touch and go, in 1989, the Tiananmen Square incident was a stark reminder things can go very wrong in a blink of an eye. And the disintegration of the Soviet Union serves only to sharpen the paranoia, the Chinese leaders harbor; the days of the communist party are numbered.

    As Cerebus, our China expert noted:

    “Now if you ask me why China is so obsessed with the Olympics? It’s the same reason why people who suffer from osteoporosis frequently consume large doses of calcium – the need is driven by the deficiency psychology, but lets be crystal clear; it’s powered by one underlying impulse; fear – To understand the divide better one needs to appreciate certain realities. Firstly, while the rest of China has changed by leaps and bounds – the Communist party has remained virtually unchanged and this naturally accounts for a lag between the China that is and the China that simply must be. In this changing landscape the communist party is very brittle, as she is the one with the least capacity to effect change– this calcified state is very much reflected not only in China’s blend of foreign policy but also how the communist party carries itself. Let me just give you a few visual motifs to illustrate my point; every year there is one event in the calendar which marks the starting line, the China Congress; what do we see? Old men in dark suits laying out in Soviet style centrally planned policies in a huge cavernous hall to a sea of clapping bureaucrats; Question: how plausible does that image measure up to reality when you consider the sheer size and diversity of China? Not very, not even by a long shot. I’ve mentioned this only because it’s a fitting metaphor that effectively conveys how little has actually changed in the political psyche of communist party.

    When I use the term communist party – it’s nothing short of the personification of the state. That’s the vital difference between political parties in the West and the party political reality in China. In effect, the state is considered the “People’s Party” (although the CCP is an oligarchy of only 5% of the population). To paraphrase it’s often marketed as the proxy of the people and so there is a certain degree of reciprocity here; most Chinese cannot divorce the state from life and culture, it’s very different from the Western psyche of how most of us typically view our own political oligarchies; you stay here and I stay there, see the line! In China this mental border doesn’t exist –State and citizenry are one of the same reality – if the state says, you should have only one child, then you will have only one child – all further dialogues starts and ends there. This in essence is the very bedrock on which the Communist party seeks a justificatory beach head in the minds of most Chinese. The assumption here; that a non-elected minority knows what’s best for the masses.

    The problem with that assumption is it’s giving way progressively to a new compact between people and state; this is not a new development, it’s an ongoing story and we see this very clearly at every way point in Chinese social and political history, let me just run through these stages briefly; in 1950’s, the politics of wrath featured as the cohesive force i.e if you are not with us, you are against us; in the 1970’s this gave way to the mantra; the party knows best; leave it all to the great helmsman; in the 80’s, the an economic component featured for the very first time in the relationship and it was defined as, we will run the country, you just focus on getting rich; Today, the belief isn’t so clear, it’s very fuzzy – and that I believe it the nucleus of the problem.


    No doubt break neck economic growth was partly responsible for this re-definition, but what’s important here is increasingly the divide with the traditional communist party ethos and justificatory rationale is reaching a point when it is so stressed that it’s no longer a cohesive force; what the communist party is being increasingly confronted with these days is a new creed of intellectuals who openly challenge not only their authority but also the rationale which makes possible the current politics – I need to qualify myself here; we are not talking about democracy vs communism here! Most people in the West, I feel don’t realize how united the Chinese are as a people; believe it or not they actually trust the communist party more than the Western media gives them credit for. If you trawl the internet, you will soon pick out how many Chinese netizens see the coverage of CNN and the BBC in the recent Tibetan uprising as a double standard reportage – So let me emphasize this again, this not an ideological divide, it’s not even a difference of opinion as it is remains a methodological divide; where people may hold a different view from the State. In other words “I believe the pollution would be better solved this way, but I also believe it would be good, and not wrong, to do it the States way.” Here what we see is an accommodative stance, that one hand challenges the assumptions, yet preserves the status quo of “’Six’ of one, ‘half a dozen’ of the other.” This is very much Deng Xio Peng’s “black cat, white cat what does it matter as long as it catches the mouse” ghost being revived again – only this time, it’s directed squarely at the communist party! My point is this; this has never been done before. This is why the communist party feels the heat and even the need to reinforce the trite belief, they remain the gold standard of governance – staging the Olympics may be political pyrotechnics, but like blasting Chinese into orbit feasting on desiccated bird nest soup, it fulfills the necessary function of feeding the justificatory narrative – you can even say, it’s a strategic precondition, if the imperative is to remain in power! This is one of the main motivations why the coming games is so important – it’s nothing short of a mental bridge to close the great Chinese divide”

    Against this back drop of shifting sands what’s increasingly happening is one by one the levers which were once effective in controlling thought are fast frittering way. Zoo keeping the intellectual class through programs such as the “Patriotic Education Campaign’ (for all college students), which relies implicitly on nurturing ‘popular resentments against Japan and America and the Mickey Mouse club and fueling the expectation that Taiwan would soon be reunified is beginning to reach the point of diminishing returns – the communist party realizes this only too well.” Cerebus writes.

    Cerebus continues, “if one looks carefully at how the Chinese communist party replies to the Tibetan crisis or even something as mundane as shoddy products complaints from US consumer groups: Instead of acknowledging the cogent issues concerning the “autonomy” vs “independence” or quality control in Chinese manufacturing practices – the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda organs have goes into full scale defensive mode. They are in certain respects very similar to the brotherhood – where we will roll out darkness and off he goes ranting no end about, discrimination branding these moves as a campaign to isolate and weaken China.” The problem, as Cerebus observes, “that doesn’t work any longer – most Chinese intellectuals these days have not only the benefit of a first class Western education, but many have been integrated into the MNC culture of how to define personal and organizational success – so they know things are not so simple. They can connect the dots and make informed decisions. This naturally limits the effectiveness of relying on the traditional lever of nationalism that it has fomented to deliver the goods.”


    Another lever of power that’s rotting way is state censorship. As Cerebus observes: “Most Chinese have very little idea of what is actually happening in their own country, if you don’t believe me; go and ask any Chinese whether he agrees with China’s invasion of Vietnam in 1979; but don’t be surprised if the reaction is ‘was there a war?’ This merely showcases the pervasive extent of censorship. The communist party nurtures this state of selective amnesia very carefully, till most Chinese are left with the understanding that everything China does is always for the greater good. In a sense this accounts for why skepticism, denial, and infuriation usually accompany Western revelations about the truth.

    To overcome this state of infuriation, its expedient for them to make the source of their frustration disappear, than to subject it to critical analysis for fear that it may expose the ineptitude of the Communist party. Once again what we see here is censorship is not just a way of controlling people in the Western sense. In the Chinese context, you can even say it’s a necessary lie and without it life will simply cease to have any meaning. What we see here is not only the whole sale assassination of the truth in censorship, but also how it remains a very effective way to maintain the façade that the party is always right. Here what we see is a strain of Joseph Heller’s catch 22 crisis management 101 at work, ‘don’t recognize the symptoms and the disease automatically disappears.’

    In this regard the Beijing Olympics is simply extending the justificatory causes to further validate the communist party in the eyes of most Chinese – trust me, they care very little about us foreigners, things haven’t really changed that much from the vermillion days of the Manchu court, that’s usually the psychology of people who know that the art of how to stage circuses to keep the mob happy. Now you know why the Romans were big on coliseums – let the games begin!”


    [Harphoon & Scholarboy / Cerebus / ASDF – The Brotherhood Press 2008)

  8. re said

    To: Darkness and the brotherhood of bicycle cognoscenti’s

    There is no “hidden hand” or “shadow planning unit” and even less of any conspiracy theory which you seem content to proliferate and even believe. To our understanding this whole idea of a tri-partite committee was entirely conceived and proposed by the 15 bloggers. If you do not believe me. Why do you drop Alex Au of Yawning Bread a line to simply clarify this matter.

    Darkness I know you are a great commander in the cyber world. Who has not heard of Darkness, the man who once dared to wage war against an army of 400 times own his size in Pillium and the Ascension wars only to vanquish them all is one stroke of genius. Really, I have gone through every stage of those great encounters and I must say, the planning there was really magnificent and the stuff of legends, but that is the virtual world and this is very real. Do you understand me Darkness?

    You must stop here Darkness. As what you are claiming to be is simply not true and is closer to fantasy than reality. We don’t want to fight you Darkness. Do you understand me. We do not want to fight you at all Darkness. So please don’t go and work yourself up along with the rest. Because when you people whip yourself up into a frenzy, you will just get a whole lot of innocent people into trouble. Keep the peace Darkness.

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