June 14, 2008


I have been following very closely the developments concerning the meditations of a certain gay teacher by the name of Otto Fong who has decided to step out into the full glory of the arklight. Recently, I read the following from last Thursday’s edition of Today (13th Sept 2007): Where a spokesperson from the school the gay teacher was employed summed up the situation as follows;


The school was “mindful of the views of stakeholders, especially parents who would not be placing their children under the charge of a teacher who advocates homosexuality.” That’s OK, reading further leads one to the kicker when the same spokesperson goes on to add


“he (the gay teacher) has clarified that he had no intention of advocating homosexuality to students“.


Hold on a second, isn’t that a contradiction?


At the risk of disappointing, I must insert a caveat here – this is not going to be disquisition about what should and shouldn’t be. Or even whether it’s right or wrong – there are host of compelling reasons why I don’t feel the need to impose my thoughts on this area. One is because there’s already an excellent write up’s such as this:




Which seem to be doing quiet a good job or separating the chaff from the wheat – I am not saying, I agree with Yawning Bread. To be really honest with you, the entire issue is a side dish only because my primary field of interest centers on one question somewhere in this merry go round medley:


Why do people contradict themselves? Do they really believe we are stupid? And despite their fall in logic they still expect to come across as rational and persuasive? I don’t know about you, but you see it all over the place these days. From politicians who take credit when things go right to washing their hands clean when things don’t seem to go so well; from even decrepit academics who go around shoring up their cheesy theories by way to exclusion, selective hearing along with lashings of convenient spells of dyslexia. It seems this condition, lapse or momentarily spell of inadvertence seems to afflict the MSM most; for example have you ever leafed through our favorite rag only to wonder where’s that story? Where’s the beef?


Tell me, is this some black arts that I am not aware of? Is this even a ‘science’ like perhaps NLP? Or is it closer to ‘art?’ The Tao of contradicting oneself that is?


Let me begin by asking you a very simple question? Have you ever contradicted yourself? That’s to say, have you ever felt the urge to misrepresent or color the ‘truth’? If you’re white as spring snow then please stop here and move on to the next excellent article. This unfortunately, is reserved for those of us who have too regularly lie just to keep our insurance premiums in check.


I am reminded even the very best of us are all sinners in this regard – contradicting oneself you might even say is part and parcel of the human condition. I for one frequently surprise myself by regularly telling others self-enfacing lies all the time.


The right answer too “is my bum sticking out from this dress?” Or, “I am sure another cheese cake will hardly do my waistline any harm?” – isn’t “yes,” as much as a resolute straight in the eye “no.”


“Yes” just buys you an instant clobbering with the hand bag. “Yes” simply means you’re a spoiler. A social retard that has as much EQ as an micro wave oven. Seriously I wonder. I really do, can one these days even go through life and die and natural dead without having to learn the art of contradiction?


For example: when a climbing expedition finds itself stranded in the upper reaches at 16,000 ft with the prospects of a cold front moving in; would it benefit the rest of team members if the leader said, “Well I think, the dying time is closing in so get ready for the grim reaper?” Not least because such a response no matter how accurate an assessment of reality would simply translate into a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s to say instead of empowering the team, that leader has in effect disable every single man the moment he speaks the truth and in so doing condemned them all to the certainty of death.


You see the line isn’t so clear all the time – there are ‘practical necessities’ to consider when answering such questions, that’s why even great statesmen have always been a bit fuzzy about the whole business of the truth and nothing but the truth.


Not only do they frequently contradict themselves. They even do so in ways and means which baffles the imagination; remember Clinton’s, “I did not inhale” – “I did not have sex with that woman.”


Why? The reason why the art of contradiction remains compelling is because there’s a good return on investment for actively pursuing a strategy of contradictions.


For one most people usually suffer from short term memory loss; they tend to forget the past and only remember the present. The second reason it’s a very effective way to win an argument; how do you bulldoze through a plan? Simple, go around it or tunnel beneath it, but never lock horns with it head on; that’s just a very inefficient use of energy; never mind that the clash will yield valuable sparks and embers; that’s not the point; the third reason why the art of the contradiction remains the preferred tool of the lackey it’s virtually impossible to refute, not logically at least. Here in contradiction land everything can be made to appear larger than life; it fulfills the necessary human condition of belief; and all too often it takes it’s cue from religion; there must always be miracles; to exalt, edify and glorify; otherwise is one supposed to even believe in it?

Finally here comes the clincher. As I mentioned earlier there’s a cost associated with telling the truth and what if the price is simply too high? What if most people realized that all the levers of power are connected to nothing? What if  the truth may not even be allowed to see the day of light. I am aware this whole notion may sit very well with our idealistic and altruistic nature, but the realities suggest this is a very real fact of life.


Telling the ‘truth’ can be tricky, it isn’t always clear cut not only do statesmen, businesses leaders regularly elide the truth, but the dilemma even invades the domain of the lone professional – should a physician be so candid and honest about his patients condition that he even tells him the ‘truth’ knowing full well that it will serve no purpose other than to exacerbate his mental, spiritual and physical condition? Or does he smile wryly and put on a song and dance and intone cheerfully,


“Hold on there, I have seen worst and this is as bad as it gets. It can only get better from here on! Trust me, I am a professional.”


it’s hardly a simple calculation.


It’s only ‘simple’ if we believe in the homily sugary fairy tale. There is such as thing as a ‘general audience’ who is sufficiently well read and truly appreciates the ‘truth.’ Truth remains no such eclectic readership exist, not in significant numbers, at least to save planet and people.


In reality most people remain woefully apathetic about the whole business of ferreting out the ‘truth.’ Including moir – we choose to believe that which ONLY validates our condition rather than allowing the ‘truth’ to mould and shape us, as it should.


How does one account for why moisturizers promising the elixir of youth sell when the only active ingredient appears to be water? How does one account for the paradox, where gym memberships can continue to be sold without any apparent saturation point? Or why do automobile manufacturers pay more attention to the vanity mirrors and cup holders rather than the serious business of steering safely under wet driving conditions? Why do churches feel the need to venture into real estate business in the name of sweet Jesus?


Truth of the matter remains, the ‘truth’ is often unpalatable, stark and darn right painful – unspeakable even! Ultimately all of us need our little bag of lies like Reiki crystals, it’s comfort food that regularly enables us to massage away our limitations, mediocrity and self effacing short cake self that we seek to hide from the rest of the world, life would simply be unbearable without it.


 (This has been brought to you by Aurora by the kind patronage of the Lady of the Lake / written by Darkness & Harphoon / This article has been written with support from Dr Chandra and Imperial College Mafia Troupe  / Socio-political / History / Personal Development / Ethics / Morality / Religion / Civil Rights – The Brotherhood Press 2007/ 90883953 ES The Brotherhood Press 2007 – This article was first published in WOS, a site which has since closed down managed by the webmaster, “Sitis.” It has been reconstituted from the remnants of the cache file and the internet wave back machine archives by the newly created Free Internet Library Board with help from the Interspacing Guild – the Brotherhood Press 2008 ) – Retrieval Codex; 9989-0040-EP BP 2008 / This has been brought to you courtesy of the Free Internet Library Board


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