Where Has Bambi Bad Boy Been Going on Sundays?

July 6, 2008

Dear Readers,


I must admit, we have been spying on baby darkness for the last month, me, Montburan and perhaps 6 other ladies from the read club.


You see it’s really very simple, we simply have to know what he has been doing during his Sunday jaunts.


It simply wouldn’t do for us to hear it from the others – I want to share with all of you good tidings, Bambi Darkness has finally made his peace with our heavenly father and returned to the body of Christ.


He has joined a small church some where in Eden Grove. From the looks of it, they could even be mistaken as Amish as the average age of the congregation seems to be around 60.


They all seem to be quite woody and all the girls, I must say look terribly plain with their traditional hair do’s and Auntified OG frocks.

There he was all dressed up like the others. Handsome as ever even in his Uncle attire. We noticed all the young ladies looking on – the pastor told us, the boy simply volunteered his services to the church one day and came with a big group of cyclist to wire the church.

By the looks of it he is even attending to their plumbing and he plans to retile the roof.


I am so happy that Bambi boy has finally returned to the body of Christ – I started all this only for one purpose to remind him that our Dearest father in heaven loves him to bits and his love is forever.


It seems my role here has come to an end. I am so happy to share all this with all of you! 


Let us all wish Bambi many happy returns. 





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