“Write” – A Poem

August 20, 2008


Write even when I am cast into the abyss. Only write with all your heart.


Write as you are filled with joy even as time watches by like an indolent cat.


Write even when others have stopped writing, forgetting their lines.


Write even when you hear not a word from the abyss and when no letters come to you.


Write even when others have grown worn and moved on to other things.


Write even when your friends think you are wasting your life away.


Write, for I, the reader will return one day from the abyss, death will have no dominion over me. And let those who do not write say we were either lucky or blessed to be reunited again, it matters little to me which it is.


They will never understand, how with your writing, you delivered me as a reader.


Only you and I my friend will ever know how time stood so still, it is because you wrote as no one else ever did.


Darkness 2004


[It is not the first time that the writer’s guild in the Brotherhood Press has gone on strike.

This is an emblemic poem once written by Darkness to the writers guild – it sounds like a personal plea.

In this poem Darkness seems to be reminding them, they hold out the promise of hope in the endless circle of reading and writing.

This is a heartfelt piece and in light of the recent writers guild protest stretching to the second month this coming weekend.

I have seen fit to resurrect this poem, once written in APICS and posted in the middle of the night, it was not even signed off by the hand of Darkness.

It seems to be posted like rubbish in a thread where people were talking about trains, aeroplanes and buses, but eventually, it was picked up by one of the writers and posted in the main bulletin board and read by almost everyone. I have entitled it simply “write” as I don’t feel, I have a right to add or subtract more from the words. Three weeks after this poem was released, the writers protest action ceased – This poem has been reconstituted by Y2K – The Free Internet Library Board – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

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