If you can’t handle the truth; then don’t read this! – The Mufflement of the Truth!

January 12, 2009

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Tell me, are we talking up the recession? That’s what Lee Siew Hua seems to be forwarding in her article published recently in the ST on 10th January 2009. To paraphrase; we would do well to forget that we all in the doldrums and sing along with the ra ra brigade. Hopefully if we howl hard and long enough. Our recession blues will melt happily away.


Welcome to fantasia.


And if that’s not surreal enough, feast your beggared imagination of this; “The Government has accepted 17 of the 26 recommendations made by AIMS,” proclaimed MICA proudly. Question: would it be more accurate to paraphrase it in the following terms, “Government has shot down the most substantive points forwarded by AIMS and accepted the same to guarantee its hold on power.” You can see the details here – you decide for yourself.

I have no comment.



What’s happening here folks? What’s the low down?


Apart from the obvious that all of us who usually harbor a morbid distrust of the MSM have absolutely no trouble in teasing out – are we witnessing the advent of the cult of hear-only-the-good-news?

Are we entering a new era of the mufflement of the truth? Since when did telling the truth become subversive and why should it be equated to abject defeatism? Tell me is it even unpatriotic, if we keep harping on about how bad the recession is?


Lets say I shot you with a tranquilizer gun and I bunged you into a time machine and transported you to the period some 2 minutes after the Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden crossing; and let’s say; you happened to pop your head out of your cabin and asked me; “what’s that loud ripping sound I just heard? Why is the Atlantic coming through my porthole?” Would you prefer me to


(A) smile supremely;  give you a bed time mint and just tell you not to worry about it while I fixed you a knock me out cup of cocoa?


(B) Bundle your boney ass on the first lifeboat I find?


Yes, I rest my case. (now you know why there was a string quartert playing on the deck -someone lied to them, it was only a curtain call dress rehearsal) You get my drift.



Do you all want to know why I find this whole idea of contorting the truth and nothing but the truth so disconcerting?


Firslty it has all the appearances of being innocuous and benign – that’s why I find the mufflement of the truth so dangerous and even insidious.


Believe it or not. I don’t subscribe to the belief anyone has a right to muffle the truth; no condition; no situation warrants it!


Not only does this kind of manipulation regularly cause pain to thinking folk, its an open insult to one’s intelligence – why can’t I be trusted to break down the truth by myself? Why do I need to be shielded from the truth like a kid? Coming to think of it, since when did bending the truth ever become respectable?


I know we are in the grips of the worst recession in our history; but does this mean we should decamp from hard nosed objectivity and allow the truth to give way to endless hype and spin? Where did the MSM even assume the temerity to assume that we can’t for one moment be trusted to make the best out of the truth? Should we trade in genuine accounts for contrived make belief reality instead?


Tell me because I really want to get right down to the bottom of this!


Don’t get me wrong. I realize only too well while there’s certainly something to be said about keeping our spirits up along with having a positive attitude in such tiring times – I am equally reminded; no amount of wishing our problems away will melt away our problems like lemon drops; blind faith alone cannot alter reality.

Truth remains everyone of us has a right to the unalloyed truth; doesn’t matter how bad it is; it remains our prerogative; our elemental right even and when it’s surreptitiously taken away from us and replaced by doggy soundbites instead.

What actually happens? How is understanding even enhanced? How does confusion give way to deep spirited understanding?

I don’t understand.


I mean, if I had carrot fingers and was tone deaf; no amount of wishing is going to increase my chances of playing Rachmaninoff to a packed house in Carnegie hall one day, its just not going to happen, no matter how positive minded, I am – if I was bald, ugly, fat and suffered from BO and only have $2 in my pocket, no amount of wishing is going to get me anywhere near the likes of Si wen Missy Dotty and her erudite toffee nosed friends – I am sorry, its just not going to happen, not even if I had ten lifetimes; that could explain why none of those bitches ever return my phonecalls.


And this brings me to my main point in this essay – why is it so fucking hard these days to call a spade a spade?

When did the truth ever assume the elusive nature of the Cheshire cat? While it has a winning smile; it’s pastry light on the substantive?Why is the truth regularly supplanted for something less these than what it’s actually supposed to be?

I mean recently, I asked an elder in my church why does the man upstairs always need a bit of money all the time? Seems like a perfectly normal and valid question.

As I really couldn’t understand. I mean, who did he hire as the financial controller upstairs? Did Ken Lay who kicked the bucket recently make it to the accounts department somewhere upstairs? Is he the problem? Is that why the big man upstairs always needs a bit of money all the time?


You know what after rattling off my list of 20 questions – this elder in my church got so impatient with me he promptly ex communicated me – no shit, he just told me one fine day, darkness, you’re faithless! You’re a threat to the body of Christ. You’re full of negativity yada yada yada yada.

Yes, they put me in cold storage. They packed me off to Coventry. These days no is allowed to talk to me, if they had their way, those Pharisees would put a ball gag over me; all they seem to do these days whenever they see me is make teeth sucking sounds and move on as quickly as they can – never mind that Christians are supposed to be compassionate and understanding people – never mind that Christians are even encouraged to speak to out.


It seems when it comes down to the brass tacks of money; reality and even the broader question of why God needs to go into the real estate business of building another shopping mall – one is allowed to think; no one is even allowed to question it; and one certainly isn’t allowed to winnow the truth from the lies.




The only thing that I’ve gathered from this whole episode is; providing you use your brain; then you’re not welcomed in the body of Christ; no, you’re not! I never knew the body of Christ resembled a unicellular amoeba – I never knew the truth could scissor across something as firm and solid as the word like a hot knife through butter.


I can’t understand why these days; it’s so hard to get a simple answer to a straight forward question – I mean, I am not just talking about news headlines that regularly beggars the imagination.



You could just as well go on to ask yourself this question on a whole lot of other issues; from surreal mind bending headlines we regularly see in the headlines; to theme parks to contrived reality TV to chemically enhanced food right up to a la carte speed dating; are we perhaps barreling towards an age when we have become so shambolic and jellied that we may not even be able to deal with the truth and nothing but the truth?


I wonder. I do.


Darkness 2009


[The Brotherhood Press 2009 – Social Political EP 2983759 /w345r987329/ EKUNABA – The brother Press 2009]

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