Rain, Rain, Rain

February 10, 2009

All night the stars watch from long away,

You said you’re going now, but you changed your mind,

When you are not with your friends you are true to yourself,

whether or not you know it, it tells in the way you look on when it rains,

The dawn rain that is. The type that no one ever stops to see except cats and dreamers and perhaps those who wonder why there are those who look on with eyes of rapture. Everything is soaked. Water in my hair, face and flesh, its everywhere. But like you say, it’s a nice mess.

And then the sun breaks through a white clouds and touches the patchwork that was once an afterlife of where we spend a moment. Awake without a question and ready to go even though the whole world is soaked in rain and somewhere our dreams float amid it all like paper boats.



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