I have the power……

February 11, 2009

I may not be responsible for what happens in this crummy world, but I can elect to change the shape and speed of how these thoughts affect me,


I may not be responsible for whether there is peace in this crummy world, but I can shift my perspective and see peace instead of war,


I may not be responsible for whether the future will promise deliverance in this crummy world, but I can decide and say the past will have no dominion over me from now onwards – it has no hold on me and I am a free woman,


I may not be responsible for whether man will continue to fight in this crummy world, but this instant where time and opportunity intersects I shall say I will not judge and shall instead be a peacemaker.


I may not be responsible for whether there will even be a sunrise tomorrow, but I am determined to it not as a crummy but happy place.


I have the power to do all these things. I am Dotty. At this moment, I am the most powerful person in this planet as I have faith. And you must believe me Darkness.


P.S: I know you are embarrassed by all this, but what do you expect me to do when you refuse to pick up? Not so easy now is it Mr Double life? Well your days of climbing down the drain pipe and skipping town on the first sign of trouble are over. And go and tell you friends that as well. I am a city gal and I am a lawyer who can pin your skinny ass on the bonnet of your sports car with just hair pins. Just remember, I am not just another dumb rich girl who buys into all your nonsense Darkness. I am Dotty, the most powerful woman on this planet! Its time, you lived up to all your responsibilities and promises you made to me. Remember this is my blog and I have a lot of influence with the rest of the BP readers. Do we understand each other Darkness of the brotherhood?



6 Responses to “I have the power……”

  1. JDAM said

    I knew this would happen. I even warned Darkness that we should keep things simple and maybe pick a blog like Xiaxue to invade, he told me not to worry, he would have her eating from her hands in a minute.

    Now look what has happened. Singaporedaddy, are you going to solve this? I am getting into my car and going back where I came from. She has threatened to sue us and I dont even know what is happening here or what caused it.

    Remember I warned you all. I told you all this would happen. Now we have to deal with a siaow charbor. This has nothing to do with me. I am not responsible for this.

    KOHO can we severe the com here?


  2. KOHO said

    We can severe. But how successful will that be JDAM? Ekunaba is porous so is PBK and SLF 1 to 7! What about the read clubs, they can replicate and post her message by e-mail. Even if we block, we cannot stop the read clubs from replicating by code to worm dotty’s post throughout the www. So for today we can limit circulation to maybe 1K but tomorrow it is anyone’s guess.

    I recommend a full scale invasion now JDAM, we await your advise.

    We dont know what has happened as well. As for darkness he cannot be contacted.


  3. Singaporedaddy said

    Dear Missy Dotty,

    Yes, I understand. I understand completely. Indeed, it is very frustrating to deal with an unknown quantity such as Darkness. Many appointments have been made. Many have broken off, leading to further misunderstandings and endless rounds of speculations.

    Indeed, he is certainly a shadowy figure even to many of us as well.

    I understand Dotty. At some point all of us need a sense of comfort and assurance that we may actually be transacting with a real human being. This is perfectly natural Dotty. I understand.

    I am always reminded, ONLY so much can be accomplished in the virtual context. Even in many of dealings as the liaison officer in our gaming network. We do often have to project into the real world to forge ties, alliances or simply to show our faces to persuade others to invest in a space station. It is a substantial investment and it always pays dividends to touch base with the client DIRECTLY. I for one have always harbored the belief higher understanding and trust can NEVER be forged without at least investing in real relationships. I understand.

    To exacerbate matters. I understand Darkness writes frequently to you. His entries appear to be long judging from their cachet size. I dont believe, I have right to pry as they are marked private. Besides they are triple encrypted, so even if I want to read them, that would be impossible.

    I understand. And I even understand how this may have compounded matters considerably Missy Dotty. I understand. Because when you read someone thoughts especially someone like Darkness. Your mind will begin to shift. Your world will begin to merge with his and at some point, it is only natural for you to insist on some of your expectations. However, Dotty, I dont know what has been promised. I know its definitely not a new playstation. So it must be something life changing and terribly important. We need to sit down and talk about it. Rest assured. If promises were ever made by Darkness. You have my copper clad assurance we will use every means at our disposal to makes good on those promises Dotty. I want you to always keep this in mind Dotty, I am on yourside so you need to work with me here.

    Moving forward. I think we should take this discussion off-line so as not to fuel speculation. As you know the ekunaba line has been closed and we would also have to do the same for SLF 1 to 7 to stop further gossips from proliferating and spreading. Our readership will go to zero very soon. This however will not stop readers from talking somewhere else, but I believe these unusual measures are very necessary Dotty to protect you. This remains my primary duty: it is vital to us that your reputation remains intact; we have always valued your friendship and support to consider this a matter of priority that even exceeds the interest of Darkness – I just felt you should know where I stand.

    I have made arrangements for you to met up with Harphoon, Astroboy and myself tmr sometime in the evening for dinner – if you dont feel comfortable meeting us alone; you may wish to bring some of your friends from your own read clubs. But we must INSIST under the strongest possible terms no reporters.

    I believe this face to face meeting will go a
    long way to iron out many of your concerns
    and doubts Missy Dotty.

    As I said, I understand completely and I will do my utmost to strive towards every effort to ensure our relationship remains strong, fruitful and productive. However, this requires forth rightness and you cannot expect me to be a mind reader; you must also consider sharing with us what is it that has been bothering you lately.

    We seek to understand Missy Dotty. And we can be of assistance.

    Meanwhile, I remain yours


    VR 238462-13

  4. dotseng said

    Darkness wrote to me practically every single day. No matter where he was in the world. He would always either write or sms.

    I don’t believe a man who wrote such lovely things and shared his deepest secrets with me wants nothing to do with me. It makes absolutely no sense.

    I will never tell anyone what he share with me. It shall always remain between two souls.

    Just make sure he is there tonite singaporedaddy.

    I just want a moment with him. I don’t want to see any space diplomats any more. I am tired. I am not interested.

    I just want to have a moment with the man who once wrote all those lovely things to me.

    I owe it to myself. I only have one life. And I will not be able to live myself, if I simply did not see this through. I want Darkness to be there within the hour. I am leaving my office now, pls don’t disappoint me.

    Or I may do something that we shall all regret. Do you understand Singaporedaddy?



  5. dotseng said


    Thank you very much for coming in to save the day. I feel much better now. All my doubts have been laid truly to rest.

    While the rest of you certainly came across as charming and witty during dinner, I can’t say the same for darkness.:( In fact, we all found him positively morose and a real bore. I hasten to add I for one remained thoroughly unimpressed by his stony silence. Is he cross by any chance?

    However do thank him very much for his landscape photograph. Do tell him I shall get it framed and shall probably decide to hang it somewhere in my spider infested attic to remind me from time to time of remembrance of things truly past. If I didn’t know better, I would probably have to conclude he was somehow forced into all this.

    But I digress really I do SD. My purpose is not to talk about Darkness. He is truly of no significance to me any longer.

    But rather to thank you personally for volunteering your services. Many thanks again.

    SD, I am cooking laksa this weekend with some of my frens from the siglap read club. We would really like you to come along and do please bring some of the fab boys from the brotherhood. We would all like to met them. I would invite Darkness as well, but he seems so preoccupied with himself and his sense of self importance. I really dont wish to be rude, but I prefer it, if he declines really, tell him dashing good looks alone doesnt cut it, I am afraid. Not by half. I am not impressed by his affectations, not in the least. Though should he decide to reform himself, I may reconsider most earnestly.


  6. dotseng said


    On second thoughts please ask darkness to come – in fact, please ask him to come earlier before half past one. nine would do very nicely. We all need someone to drive us all to the pasar and besides we need someone strong to carry all the stuff.

    I feel it is good that we should have more interaction with the brotherhood instead of them hiding in perpetual anonymity. I really don’t think that is healthy do you? Dotty.

    Pls make sure he is there at 9.00. Many thanks.


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