February 17, 2009


This is part of a new novel I am currently working on scheduled to be released this quarter; its loosely based on Yeonriji; another Korean mini series tear jerker – I’ve adapted the story somewhat as a continuation to “the tree that binds.” It seems to work.


Though I have gutted out most of the plot; the basic set pieces remain as part of a continuation.


In the tree that binds; Han Hye-won, who wants to happily live despite the imminent prospects of death falls in love with Lee Min-soo (I am not going to be a spoiler, so you all need to go and buy and read the tree that binds if you want to know what happens there).


Anyway, this story takes place some 5 years after Hye-won has passed on; Min Soo, heart broken has since moved to California.


One day, out of the blue; he meets Jie-woon; a freelance impressionist; she also happens to be the long lost twin sister Hye-won (apparently, they were separated during birth, I still need to work out the plot, its very complicated) – but somewhere in this great coincidence; our hero is involved in a train accident – he suffers a concussion and forgets huge chunks of his life – this segment is an excerpt when he returns back to work whilst trying to piece up the missing jig-saws of his life – Chapter 12 ‘That feeling.’


“There are times when I sense something else is going by, just beneath the surface; like still waters running against the current. Something I had known a long time ago; it’s as if there was a time when I saw it all so clearly; like a farmer watching the passing of a season only to call another in – but in these few years; life has taken my clarity away, muddied it even with layer upon layer of thoughts; that feeling of familiarity; that feeling that now seems like something I once knew, stands as a stranger.


But, it’s coming all back.


Sometimes when I awake from a dream, it seems I have it just within my grasp, but it slips away; it occurred only last night somewhere between the time when the moon slipped over the mountain just before dawn; I saw it all.


It’s all coming back now; yes – that feeling of familiarity; I am almost there; it shan’t take very long before it all comes around. Remembering that is.


What am I talking about? Let me tell you; remembering…to hear it all; the elves when the wave curls ever so gently; to see it in the stars when they’re so heavy that you might believe, they may even drop from the heavens like ripe fruit.


Yes like fruit; that feeling of familiarity that is; sweet, succulent like wet fruit; cool to the touch dew dripping freshness; I remember that feeling following me when the doors slid shut in the train this morning – I said to myself, I shouldn’t fight it – it will past, it always does and I shall stand in its wake; in the elevator when a familiar scent brought in all back again, it came once more and during work even when I poured the intensity of a full day into a hour; it never once left me.


yes, that familiar feeling – is you – I realized, you were always in my heart and you never left. From that moment onwards I knew it was pointless to fight it; this small life of mine can never compare to that greater other that lies like another country – how silly of me not to have realized it.

Why did I even bother to fight it ? I belonged to that beauty; the same one that we once shared and everything is as it should be – with these thoughts the rain stopped.”


Darkness 2009


Musical Score: 나보다 조금 높은 곳에 니가 있을뿐  You’re now in a slightly higher place than me – sung by Shin Seung Hun

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