The Joy of Stupid People

March 8, 2009


This is how the movie – the mood for love – was originally supposed to end; why didn’t end this way? Well one reason was because Wong Kar-Wai believed it was too oblique for Western audiences – in his own words: “the problem is; I don’t remember, doesn’t mean, I don’t remember in cantonese.” 


So what we have instead is a watered down western ending that is not only full frontal but it also leaves very little room for mystery or beauty – I much prefer this version – where the viewer steps in; and pens off the last chapter.



As here although one can say many things about this beautifully crafted film; only one thing really stands out: what was never said, but was said; to understand the nuances of how so much can come from so little as to even create a story within a story, one must first understand the beauty of Cantonese, not as a language, but as a way of life, a tao – very much in the way old couples don’t really need words to communicate – all they seem to do is grunt, frown and shift and that’s really enough to carry the weight of a whole sentence – language I am reminded has not only form, structure and symmetry; but it also carries with it the weight of a people’s history. It’s a sort of cellestial roadmap that tells us all; where we came from and where they are going too.


While translations may do a great job of explaining how washing machines and battery operated vibrating toys that bring joy to spinsters might work, they rarely if ever do a decent job of conveying the deeper meaning of something as abstract as love – nor can they adequately reflect the differing nature of man and woman as they both struggle to find part of themselves in others who they love; yes, you might say all this serves no ryhme or reason; its really after all the stuff of primroses and parks; hardly something that will quicken the heart of the tax man; but nonetheless to understand it in the way it was meant to be told; it seems one first has to be stupid; to me that’s a very small price to pay for a slice of heaven. 


Hold on to your dialect.



Darkness 2009



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