To Hold Time in One Grain of Sand

March 11, 2009




Seven years ago / space time: 800 years,  some time during the age of steel – the brotherhood begun work on Mindscape® – a revolutionary new propriety technology that will one day transform how each and everyone of us will one day interact with the virtual realm.



In that time our engineers worked day in and day out in garages and in rooms where clothes go to die all over the world; most of the time work never stopped even so much as one minute, most of the time, these cottage run researchers had to pay straight out from their own pocket; most of the time, their work went unrecognized – the great army of the anon rubber brigade was born – spanning over 30 countries – mindscape may have started as just an idea, but as the years progress – it pioneered new ways of collaborating on an international scale – where for the first time we used time lapsed engineering and water based isotroply simulations – many believed this could not be done – but it was actually developed by a bunch of IT engineers in Santa Fe working in a refurbished ice cream van – this just goes to demonstrate that big ideas can come from the most unexpected places – but the greatest accomplishment of mindscape as an idea or school of thought is it managed to raptured the most intelligent gamers throughout the world to all come under the banner of the under ground confederation to challenge the big gaming firms like Sony and the evil empire of Bill Gates Microsoft-is-my-brain. As not only has Mindscape united hundreds of dreamers, but has given every single gamer the belief this is what it really means to be alive in this age and to share in a common dream – Yesterday for the very first time at 0345 GMT – a trial run was conducted in the virtual at Primus Aldentes Prime with our American and Russian channel partners – The Californian 16 and the Molotovians, it was a success – there is still much work to be done, but I am confident, we are finally beginning to see the first ears of the our harvest – one day, we will all be able to hold eternity in one grain of sand…one day my friends…we will be able to build paradise here on earth and make it a very beautiful place.


Now you must all excuse me, I must return to my work.


Long live the brotherhood!


Darkness 2009

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