I Dream of You

March 14, 2009

I am going to Beijing for business again;  I’ve be flying in as usual in the afternoon – 3 hours before it gets dark. You know what? There must be a better way to go through life besides you slamming down the phone on me everytime I call you; I really cant think of a more painful way to go through life, kicking and screaming through it all – really there has to be a better way – I figure.

I guess learning to accept myself is the beginning of change. Learning to accept you and me is the beginning of wholeness – somewhere amid it all, love is supposed to win the day – I have been told – it seems, it not only sees more and enfolds even boundlessly, its the reason why I hope you will see me again – instead of slamming down the phone on me again as you always do.

I will wait as I always do where you know I always sit by during the afternoon when the sun wanes – I will wait for only an hour; I would wait for an eternity, but this is the length of time, I can only allow myself, as  eventually all playing has to come to an end – I hope you will behave like a woman – and I really have no choice, except perhaps to behave like – a person who simply loves you very much and will never ever let you go again.

This is my last business trip to Beijing – I’ve been making too many and my bosses are getting suspicious it seems.

P.S: I know you’re reading this; I know you’re smiling now and this is perhaps the happiest day in your life – I can feel it.

Darkness 2009

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