This is the only valuable thing that YP will ever learn from China

March 25, 2009



I am not a Buddhist; but I am a humanitarian (not a very good one either); that’s to say; I believe people deserve to be accorded certain basic rights –they shouldn’t have to deal with tyrants who will just kick the shit out of them just because they cant get it up on a weekend with the missus – do you understand?


Now you understand why I don’t believe China is a good role model. Now you understand why when really dumb politicians say stupid things like:


We’re not worried because it’s the governing party and Singapore-China relations are so close. We don’t talk about political philosophy.’


I get very concerned. it worries me as I am sure, it causes many thinking folk pain.


But what is the greatest sin that can befall a man? If the truth be known the greatest sin is when something happens before our very eyes; we choose not to see it; because it’s expedient for us to ignore it –  the reasons are not important; it could be to get ahead in life or maybe to make that promotional cut; but whatever it is; one thing is very clear, the decisions we all make come with a definitive price – some of them in my opinion are simply too high to bear – it’s not worth it – and it demonstrates only too clearly integrity is never ever something we just speak about – yes, there are other considerations; there always is; you can even say there will never be an end to those considerations.


But that’s really what it takes to be a person with integrity – honest folk do not always find themselves in agreement with every enumerated beliefs held by the group which they belong too – if I dont take what I read or what I am told or what I see and weigh it against my own conscience – then of what value am I to the whole idea that makes up the concept of integrity – I suspect its something you need to serious think about Ah Teo.


As I said, China is a lousy role model – and as far as we are concerned, we are not going to go down that road – no, we are not doing that anymore.


Perhaps if you really bothered to discuss the philosophy of communism; then even you would have realize the error of your ways – one day, I hope you will see the wisdom – let us hope when that day comes, we don’t need to stand on the cusps of an age called, darkness like the poor Tibetans.


Do enjoy the video – it’s only a few day old – it’s straight out from the oven; the hottest place called hell.


Darkness 2009


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