Why Blogosphere needs to run TOC, Wayangparty and the Brotherhood Press out of town!

March 29, 2009

fat_statueNope, I didn’t fall off my bike and hit my head –Nope, you didn’t hear wrong – it rang out sweet and clear – “blogosphere needs to do us in along with TOC and Wayangparty!” I realize this whole idea may sound a trifle loopy – but that’s only because you don’t know about the evil power of one versus the goodness of the many.


I am not a fan of juggernaut big anything – matters little whether its mega churches, hypermarkets, bloated charities, super duper blogs or even flabby big firms. Where big features all it really does is level off the field of possibilities – reducing choice to perhaps a card board chicken case of – take it or leave it!


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out: how big simply spells trouble and it applies just the same to blogosphere.


Consider this: what happens if we only have one or two big blogs? What happens to the thousands of small voices?


Yes, we need to kill off  the evil power of one – take a hammer even to the whole idea of investing everything in just a handful of players: it matters little whether it’s in the field of business, politics or products and services to perhaps girl friends or even whether we should just do with one chicken rice vendor in a food court – in short, the evil power of one is no good – it just doesn’t come around. The chances are if you’re going to rely on it; it will let you down big time! 


If you’re a consumer, you’ve got to settle for less – if you’re speed dating, you’re probably end up being squashed to death by a 2 metric ton blind date and need I say, if you’re blog reader, you probably have to put up with my lousy spelling, grammar and comatose inducing post – that’s what happens in the absence of choice, diversity and the elemental right to say –“no thank you.”


You either have to lump it, or do without…..


In the land of the evil power of one, be it one newspaper, one chicken rice vendor or one super duper blog – what’s served up has to be consumed, not because its good or the best, rather the alternative is having to do without!


That’s why I strongly believe we (netizens) should consider migrating away from the whole idea of creating a single super duper assembly line of information i.e uni-polar (power of one internet) net where there may be ONLY two or three dominant players to perhaps creating an idea of a multi-polar net (the power of many) – where power is fragmented further into yet smaller pieces – the goal has to be to break ourselves up further to free up the voices of the multitudes.


The idea is to move away from inadvertently creating a monopoly like the Strait Times or Temasek –  this should prompt us to consider: would it be such a good thing if ONLY one or two blogs monopolizes all the traffic in the net? In what way does this seed diversity and increase the range of possibilities? How does it nourish understanding and bring people closer together?


The short answer is it cannot.



If anything, all it does is narrows the aperture  of possibilities to ONLY a few blogs and that simply endorses unmitigated abuse of power – this state of rot is reflected in the outlook of the MSM, where instead of dedicating themselves to the task of giving us the news without fear or favor – all the seem to do is forward the contrived reality of the govt of the day – is it such a wonder the only people who seem to defend the relevance of newspapers happen to be the very people who benefit most from it.


That incidentally is the real danger that confronts us all in the internet age – when all traffic flows only to one or two confluence points – what’s likely to happen is – these self styled czars – including the brotherhood press (as I don’t even trust myself) will eventually have the power to censor, delete, color and even filter your thoughts! – the end result: a contrived reality is forwarded that has absolutely nothing to do with reality – anyone who has ever had his comments censored in TOC will testify to this mind bending reality –  if it’s done solely in the name of responsible blogging then that’s fine.


The problem most of the time it’s got nothing to do with responsibility blogging – and everything to do with  – well you are just making me look bad, so I don’t think other people should read this!


The prognosis of the pervasive power of the evil power of one or just a few is chilling to the idea of a free internet.


Where power is diffused in the hands of many – there will be checks and balances – along with the whole idea of balance of power – it becomes impossible for one point of view to gain the center stage; instead the story is continually winnowed and whatever finally emerges has to be very close to the truth.


This incidentally is how the whole idea of democracy works – its premised on the idea of separation of powers – by deliberately fragmenting the power in the legislature, executive and judiciary. This way no one single entity is able to usurp power and exert undue influence.



My point is simply this; it serves no purpose to built another Byzantine version of Temasek online; if the imperative is to drive out the bad and seed the good then we should look at extending the linkages and networks even further, instead of reducing them to only a few isolated digital islands – the converse of not doing so is we run the real risk of regressing and even convalescing under the sheer weight of putting all our trust in ONLY the big to deliver the goods – and in the wake of the biggest recession the world has ever seen – that simply has to be a very stupid idea.


No it’s clear, we will have to drive the brotherhood press into extinction and hopefully take TOC and Wayangparty along with us – trust me, no one is indispensable – that’s the only thing that I’ve gathered from this whole economic meltdown – absolutely no one!



And don’t be surprised if at the end of it – you may even end up with a better blogoland!


Got to go for my swim now…please do feel free to correct for spelling and grammar –see I told you all, that’s what happens when we only have the evil power of one and a few.


It just doesn’t come around.



Darkness 2009

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