Singanews, the theory and reality – A study in internet stupidity

September 14, 2009

Did you miss out on this? Will Singapore and Malaysia go to war in the name of chili crab? – A study in gastronomical intrigues September 18, 2009

2005-BMW-K1200SaThe “war” between bloggers and mainstreamers is notable for the amount of civil disobedience on both sides. But even this pales in comparisons with wars between bloggers and bloggers.

Who is Singanews? What is their agenda? Do they have a right to project into blogosphere? You know what? To me those questions only really make sense if you believe in some claptrap about what constitutes acceptable blogging – that’s a bit like talking about spitting cobra’s in Scotland – the thing doesn’t exist!

That’s one reason why I am choosing to sit this one out. Whether out of a live-and-let-live philosophy, or a heartfelt indifference to the question is something that I shall leave for a future date – I am not even going to broach those issues; not yet, at least.

My reason for deferring judgment is very simple; no Da Vinci code to it. I haven’t seen what Singanews has to offer yet; as far as I am concerned that’s the long and short of it – let me share one thing with all of you; you don’t need 10 bullet points to bring down an elephant; you just need one decent shot right between the eyes and there you have it. kaboom! The rest is mere commentary.

If you’ve already made up your mind about Singanews; then you’re either a complete idiot or a reincarnation of Nostradamus. Because I cannot possibly see how you can even draw a definitive conclusion about a thing in the absence of information – that’s not how intelligent folk go about the business of appraising stuff – they go with the flow and if it rubs the wrong way; they step aside and watch it go over a cliff – but they never ever form judgments before they’ve chewed on the cake. Never!

The way I see it; any social initiative has a right to project online providing they aren’t in the business of spreading hate, disharmony and discord; matters little to me whether it’s political, technological, religious or even the lunatic fringe; providing they’re not playing with matches or fabricating nuclear weapons in some garden shed – they all have the right to decent starting blocks and the benefit of good light.

You chew on that! Because I am dishing out wisdom here; the stakes are higher than you think! – as the danger of narrowing our focus on what constitutes acceptable blogging is it’s bound to drive out the thinking quotient in the internet in the long run –  and that’s really the mother of wrong turns; as that’s the cue for someone to come around and tell you what is good and bad, right and wrong etc – next thing you know, you’re putting up your hands for urination breaks – so one day if you end up fat, lonely, poor and find yourself having to snuggle up to a Taiwanese silicone sex doll because no one wants to fuck you – you have no one to blame, but yourself – because you never ever once bothered to use your brain; you never ever once insisted on the right to work it through by saying, “shut the fuck up and let me work it through at my own time and space…I’ve get back to you in good time”; you just surrendered your most precious asset; your right to think to some gay galdaff (whose only claim to fame incidentally, is to blog for ten years and show us all how, it’s possible to still end up in square one and still prove there is such a thing called perpetual motion) or some supremo legend-in-my-own-mind site called theonlinecitizen who told you all to jump up and down like a jack rabbit and off you go like a buy one, get one free wind up mouse! – you deserve your miserable lot as you just bought lock, stock and barrel into the seven habits of highly ineffective folk – the way I see it, you deserve to run out of petrol, keel over and die! I ain’t even going to move one millimeter to save you as you may after all be doing the human race a favor!

Call it tough love, but that’s the low down – it doesn’t get better than that; if this isn’t a nice message; you roll with it as best you can.  I’ve make it up to you and be nice to you in my next post. But as it stands; this is as good as it gets; you better get with it! Wisdom that is.  

 Darkness 2009

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