I know they will win because they have the truth on their side and it will cut a path. My dear readers allow me to share with you all something that is very private, something that has bothered me for so long a time. 

Some months back ago, when the brotherhood press started stationing themselves in Temasek Review and writing there (previously known as “wayang party.” )

This came as a surprise to me so I asked Baby Darkness, “why had he decided to ally with them?” At first he smiled and said casually, “it will be fun”, I knew he was holding back, a woman can tell, so I pushed the question and eventually he calmly put down his knife and fork and looked at me in a way that I can only describe as a look that I have never seen in any man before. It was a unwavering look, hard as a diamond as if some dark force was powering that gaze which seemed to come from a single indestructible idea and he went on to say, “you ONLY think wayang is like that, but what if they ONLY want us all to believe they are like that? What if they are NOT like that at all? What if they are really something else? ” I asked him to elaborate further, he answered  this time by picking up his knife and fork again but before doing so, he gave me a very strange reply, “Dotty, all warfare is based on deception,” when I pushed further, he said, that I shouldnt bother myself with such things; at that point he turned inwards muttering to himself absent mindedly as if lost in his own thoughts, “you must keep your friends close to you, but you must keep your enemies even closer….” I left the issue there. I did not understand those things then. I still dont understand many things now, but one thing is very certain to me, I realised now, he wasn’t just playing a game – Missy Dotty / this essay was written by Baby Darkness I realize by now many of you who have been following this thread here and elsewhere may be so disorientated that you don’t even know what to think any longer – how did things become so complicated? Just a week or so ago; your world it seems stretches across the plains of consciousness very much in a way a farmer looks out and beyond the horizon; with the thoughts that all that life offers is a continuum; where each day offers nothing more than a repetition of yesterday; things do change, of course; you find a stray white hair; your nails are starting to gnaw at you; its time to trim them and you need a new tube of toothpaste; apart from that life it seems just goes right on.

So I understand if all this comes as a rude awakening – a shock that you may even feel the need to cushion with the suitability of skepticism.

But what did you really expect? Consider the cold facts; the internet is strategic; the custodians of power know this only too well; they have seen how it can be so easily weaponized in the last general elections in Malaysia into a wonder weapon; they remain wary it’s a weapons system that needs to be acquired – but how do they do it; well lets see – they’ve tried a spot of break dancing along with rapping; but it seems despite their best efforts all it seems to do is reinforce the contrived reality that they may only just be going through the motions – in other words, they cannot find a way to successfully project online; neither can the MSM seem to find the enterprenuerial spirit to prosper online either – something drastic is needed!

What you need to understand is; its against this backdrop that Temasek Review was born; this should not come as any surprise to either you or me; you can even say it’s a natural progression very much in the way; the crossbow HAD to be conceived to blunt mounted cavalry charges; machine guns HAD to be developed to effectively repel wave upon wave of infantry charges to perhaps how insurgency HAD to be neutralized with counter insurgency techniques – it’s a respond, nothing more or less – if you want to really be “atas” about it, you could probably term it a classical case of Richardson arms race.

And the rebellious, oppositional and subversive tenor of Temasek Review should not be a surprising either; if politicians can don camouflage fatigues and even sport wrist bands to break dance in the name of “lend me your ears!” – the new mantra can only be this: authenticity is rebellion; because in the modern world of marketing, with its desperate focus on youth couple with the holy grail of how to counter mass skepticism – the only way to punch a whole through the iron curtain of noise is by projecting an impression of authenticity through rebellion – there is no other choice – my point this afternoon isn’t a message in the strict sense; rather it’s the art of understanding the mystery of things.

A good place to start is to begin with the assumption; a thing NEVER assumes a FORM without regard to FUNCTION; Darwinian logic informs us chameleons regularly change their color to blend in with their surroundings not because they’re into earthy shade of haute couture, but rather it offers them a competitive advantage of stealth which would otherwise be impossible if the imperative is to successfully perpetuate their species. Neither do things assume a FORM in the absence of FUNCTION: the two ideas are intimately linked; women of the Matabili Tribe still carry water on their heads; not because its quaint to do so; but because the swing of their gait that arches ever so slightly coupled with their well endowed hips makes this the most efficient way to carry heavy objects on their heads with hardly any loss in kinetic energy; they are even more efficient than military backpacks and industrial forklifts – so once again; the FORM and FUNCTION that makes up Temasek Review is nothing more than an accretion of circumstances, challenges and resource allocation – to succeed in high pressure marketing to young people these days – one needs to first begin with the attribution of the market; these are the most critical audience – the ones who are the least to accept anything at face value.

This hardly requires any elaboration; when one considers the best selling album of Michael Jackson isn’t packaged as “good” as much as “bad.” Against this new landscape of the war of consciousness; that means figures who depart from the social norms that we associate with traditional forms of cultural authority are actually in demand – they command a premium – they deserve to be heard (in the internet at least). It also means that discomfiture and a hint of brutishness that many of us regularly associated with loutish behavior has also become the most effective way of getting your message across in a cacophony of noise.

As I said this transformation of TR (for lack of a better word) should not be seen as surprising anymore than we should rue the demise of the cotton loom or typewriter; its merely an attempt to adapt to the emerging challenges presented by this new age; where to get the message across; its not nearly enough to be credible alone; what is required here is alchemy – where to create such a thing as a the “truth,” that the younger generation are searching for, that means being a little bit “bad” – only because ‘bad’ means in your face, full frontal and is the stripe that is in vogue.

I want to be clear; I for one do not ascribe any blame to Temasek Review anymore than I would consider taking issue with firms who try to peddle their wares by leveraging on subversive marketing from impersonating real life blogger product reviews to endorsing hair loss products that I simply know only contains water as the only active ingredient.

Temasek Review is simply a child of its age; and like all children it simply yearns to be heard, as Emerson said, “even a brick aspires to be something great.” – thus its FORM is merely a respond to circumstances and the emerging challenges brought forth by the mind boggling landscape of how to get a handle on the internet – if anyone is to blame; it is the online community; as it conceivable the internet may actually be closer to perdition than salvation as what’s rapidly emerging for me, at least is the realization; it doesn’t seem to hold out the promise of redemption as it does a dystopian future even more – when one considers how so much of real reading has given way to soundbites; wordsmithing to twittering and real thinking to one liners and barbed repartees – its conceivable this is bound to have a chelating, scouring and leaching effect on most of us; it could well be true most netizens these days do not even have the patience to bear out the beauty of the text; let alone care to seek out the nuances of the deeper things in life; in an age steeped in surreal and contrived reality; illusion has somehow become reality; and is it such a wonder Temasek Review has to assume the FORM to fulfill that FUNCTION if it stands any chance of success in reclaiming what it has lost in the battlefield of collective consciousness – it a child of the internet age.

I understand, I understand completely, you are just a child of our age…

Darkness 2009

(I wrote this real fast during a water cooler break; do feel free to correct for spelling and grammar – Nasdaq is going nowhere, its range bound – if this goes on for any longer; someone has to go; either me or the market)

We all know the ST these days is starting to look like a cassette player in the age of iPods and MP3 players, may seem like a quaint blast from the past conversation piece but hardly anyone these days denies it should at least have the grace and dignity to make its way next to the dodo exhibit in some dusty museum.

Observation suggest the press is dying; readership is falling and people just aren’t seeing any value in newsprints any longer – it’s a sad but true valedictory tale that’s scissoring it way across the world and Singapore is no exception to this rule – even those battling against this tsunami of change like the Strait Times are finding it uphill and starting to resemble beleaguered animals as they get abused relentlessly in the internet while their credibility dies in ever steady increments.

This begs the question: what’s the best way to arrest the rot? How do we recapture the high ground again in the new media? How do we restore to the credibility of a beleaguered press in the eyes of netizens? The question acquires as added edge when one considers the ST isn’t just a regular newspaper; but it also performs the “higher” imperative of nation building and perpetuating the raison of the ruling hegemony.

My theory goes like this; one great way of getting netizens who would otherwise remain terminally indifferent to what the MSM has to say these days along with having to bear the pain of Auntie Sumiko’s ruminations about how euthanasia is like visiting to a Banyan tree spa is simply to repackage the whole idea of news; that’s to say get the “new” to bring back the “old.”

And how is this perceptive shift accomplished?

Simple get Temasek Review to act as a proxy for the ST – sound incredulous? The stuff of alien abduction? And where did the plane go when it ploughed into the Pentagon in 9/11.

Think again! TR lies in a confluence point in the new media! its also managed to successfully sell itself as a anti govt blog (never mind the minor detail about taking pot shots at workers party, I am sure that was just bad aiming) Did you know that of all the sites; TR is the only one that REGULARLY lifts articles from (you guessed it) the MSM! Of course, it’s packaged under the subversive tag of “plagiarism” to give it the illicit thrill underground movement like stone washed jeans and plastic palm trees.

And not only does TR regularly feature MSM writes; it does this on an industrial scale; based on the average number of articles a day which you; the occasional blog reader may hardly register as a whole lot (since who in their right mind has to time and energy to track back the origin of every article!) – but just to give you all a sense of scale as to the volume; just divide the number of blogs in the WHOLE of our blogosphere (including TOC, ok lah, I give discount multiply by an imaginary factor of 2) then inverse it with the number of times TR gives airtime to articles written by the apparatus of assimilation and root it with the number of published articles in the MSM and what do you end up with?

A whopping 8,000% comparative between the number of times a blog would normally cite a MSM article – this simply means: they’re in fact funneling you and I reads which would normally not be in our zone of consciousness very much in the way water rushes out from a pipe – a coincidence you say; OK lets put in allegorical terms then; what’s the probability of a tornado whipping through a junkyard and magically assembling a 747? Probabilities don’t make for possibilities.

Think about! Sometimes, not all the time, I admit (especially when a blind date turns out to be a 2 metric ton “internal” beauty) perception can be reality – but even if we decamped from the idea for just a moment; one thing remains robust even to suggest what I am theorizing this minute may not all together be the stuff of big foot, UFO sightings, bubble tea conspiracies etc – perception and reality can reinforce each other; what better way to funnel news which none of us would normally never ever consider reading than to repackage it as “breaking news” in a site that has a strong subversive and oppositional whiff?

Stands to reason; most of us will let our guard down; if we believed the site that carries the news is well known for taking bites at Mr Gahmen & Co; they’re after all one of us right?

Viola – perception has become real, it has to be believed; this is the crucial point; where prophecy becomes not only self-fulfilling; but sub-consciously it also convinces us the gold standard of blogging is to somehow fashion ourselves as a newspaper and since bloggers have neither the human, financial or readership footprint of the MSM – we will always come out short; and the house wins all the time; thus guaranteeing the primacy of a newspaper.

There is however one saving grace that guarantees a redemptive end to this short story – perception can never outrun reality forever – and the danger is that over pitching a brand even one as self aggrandizing as the Strait Times only sets the general audience searching for REAL news to for the fall. As eventually, like all great marketing ploys that take their cue from selling only helium filled hopes and dreams such as Ponzi schemes; when the house of cards come tumbling down and what is on offer in TR just an exact mirror image of another round of palpable surreal and contrived reality from the chemically enhanced artificiality of the apparatus of mass assimilation – the truth may just decide to stick it toe out from one corner and say, what the fuck!

As one of the King soldiers said to another before a slumped humpty dumpty, “how are we going to ever put it back?”

Start back pedaling – the truth is out!

Darkness 2009

Wrote this on the way home from the train; got to prepare for trading tonite when the NAS opens – I’ve got a feeling she will fly tonight. See you latter.

Just as common sense informs us for every action there is a counter reaction; this should compel us to ask why did Temasek Review even launch an attack on the Strait Times when it claimed that the later was responsible for crippling their servers? The claim even by the most liberal reading has to be incredulous as not only did TR lack the factual means to prosecute successfully on such an elephant enterprise but they were bound to end up with egg in their face – this begs the question: why would a blog set itself out for failure?

To understand WHY my apprentice (by the way your zipper is down); you first need to familiarize yourself with the art of selling a gold plated fire engine – how is this impossible transaction accomplished?

Simple, start a fire; that guarantees the demand better still if a tsunami of panic and outrage can be triggered; providing the fire rages on unabated, it may even have the effect of exacting a tenuous purchase on our collective concerns sharpening our fears further.

Viola! The transaction is complete.

Understand this! FEAR is the most powerful marketing astringent that even supersedes sex; providing the gold plated fire engine sales pitch goes off without a hitch; it could even compel perfectly level headed people to buy into ideas which they would not normally consider – don’t believe me; then consider this; how did the Nazi party in 1938 achieve a landslide victory? Did ordinary Germans fear the Bolsheviks? Closer to the stuff where the rubber meets the rubber; how do you think Volvo sell their chunky cars? Could they be selling you and I the idea we wouldn’t be lying in some bed with medical grade tubes sticking out from our nostrils if we drove one? What about insurance companies; what might they actually be selling? And the list goes on and on; it’s a litany that hardly requires any elaboration in a world where most of us find ourselves marinating in the marketing manifesto.

Now armed with this knowledge – what if I said to you one of the goals of Temasek Review is to perpetuate the myth that the internet is a feral domain populated by compulsive liars who do nothing all day but confect conspiracy theories along with disseminating lies. Think about it; how would the rhetoric of officialdom come across against an internet that we all know is maturing so fast that it will eventually challenge the primacy of the MSM as the sole purveyor of the truth? What better way to retard this inexorable change; then to insert the equivalent of a village dunce who likes to play with matches ro even represent the name and face of our blogosphere?

From time to time, of course, that village dunce may be directed by their puppet masters to (they cant do it all the time as people are basically like roaches, the more you spray them, the more they develop immunity; so a little goes a long way here and they would have to deploy this strategy very sparingly) provoke our sense and sensibilities by churning out ever more fantastical lies which may hopefully push our collective consciousness to some tipping point where many of us may even feel the need to re-evaluate many of our time honored conception about freedom of speech in the context of the internet? I other words they want us all to score a high to very high in the “puih” factor scale.

That incidentally is how bent governments, cult churches and of course hucksters and charlatans, take your pick (I consider them all birds of the same feathers) go about justifying the NEED for far reaching legislation and guidelines in the name of protecting the truth or for matter your rights which would otherwise have been wholly unnecessary. (btw is the elections coming?)

That in a nutshell is how one goes abt selling a gold plated fire engine.

And this is where Temasek Review comes in as the agent or proxy that makes this transaction not only possible; but arguably sensible, intelligent and even clever enough to hold it out as a prescriptive cure of our times.

The psychology for clinching the sale takes its cue from eleventh hour medicine, which, when it cannot cure, seeks to relieve suffering as efficiently as possible. But tell me would all this be possible without Temasek Review? Let me put it another way; what if I said to you, even if TR did not exist; an equivalent in some form would have to be found – short of fabricating a new word; you could say it is the one vital ingredient that makes possible the sale of the gold plated fire engine.

Now you know – Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Darkness 2009

(Its kendo day, once I have finished we will cont our conversation again, I promise)

I know what you’re thinking; I even know that you’re two minded, but I want to tell you what’s rattling in your head this minute is a perfectly natural reaction. As trying to pin down the broader role and goal of Temasek Review is fiendishly difficult, its one part paradox, two parts enigma with a twist of lemon – as till now you’re just a man who knows how to draw a straight line; to strike a line, and to carve any number of given lines, with admirable speed and precision – that incidentally is how the vast majority of netizens (including myself) have come to draw their respective conclusion about the internet; we seek out the familiarity of forms, patterns and structures which edify our own sense of belief and now that you know what you know; that’s a bit like asking a stonecutter to think deeper abt the alphabets he cuts daily with such admirable speed – a perceptive shift is bound to occur; now it seems passing from the realm of theory to reality assumes an air of hesitancy; 9 out of 10, if he puts chisel to stone; the strikes comes off the wrong way and he fucks it up – 9 out of 10, if decides to use a curved chisel or a size 3 mallet to strike a curve line – he fucks it up again.

You know why that happens don’t you? Because now his job has been transformed into a thinking being – let me put it another way: it’s conceivable many of us left our back doors wide open; as its all too easy to jump from the knowledge a blog such as TR can have agency to the conviction that it must have agency to even bring about meaningful change for you and I; but if you really think long and hard about it; the only reason why anyone would accord TR, that sort of kosher appellation of an oppositional blog is simply because it seems to have all the set pieces we all traditionally associate with oppositional blogs – but as we begin to peel away the layers and look closer at why they claim some malevolent force out there is trying to cripple their servers along with asking ourselves the broader scope of their hidden agenda – then what rapidly emerges is the realization, we ought not only to treat with extreme reserve and askance many of their representations; but we would also do well to re-examine many of time honored assumptions of whether they are really an oppositional blog and not a wolf sporting fleece.

And at this juncture in the name of fair play; you would also do well to ask what exactly is my motivation? Do I have an axe to grind with TR? Believe it or not, I don’t – my motivation if I can compress it into something as compact as a pill is simply one indestructible idea – it is the belief that what unifies us all as netizens is not that the internet can change anything, but that it can preserve something – and what’s that thing to be preserved – the right to the seek out the truth – whether you realize it or not, bloggers and their cachet of readers are preservers of the truth; custodians of a tradition of authentic language; practitioners of looking into darkened interiors along with beaconing out the murk.

One day when our bones have turned into dust – digital archeologist are not going to peruse through the Strait Times; they’re going to sieve through the electronic chatter to piece together the nuances of what you and I really though about this and that – so we are an organic community; we may disagree on many things; but we can all agree without too much fuss that nothing in the world seems simple to us all. So please understand this: I have every right to question; and if that right is forcibly taken away from me (as I have been threatened no end) then many of you who would do well to consider whether it also means that thing we’re talking about when we use the word “identity” has reach a terminal end?

So let be clear, I am not stopping TR from furthering their hidden agenda; by all means cyber warriors carry on; only don’t expect me to hold back; why should I? Did you really believe for one moment that you could just waltz in; pirouette a yarn and not expect anyone here to even ask: “Is this the real thing?”

You know what’s the real tragedy in all this do you; its not whether TR is perdition or salvation; or even whether TR’s advent in our blogosphere represents the specter of a reign of dystopian mind control or opens up an new dawn of consciousness – it is simply this: I want to believe, you have no idea how much I want to believe you.

Darkness 2009

(This took me less than 12 minutes 32 seconds to write without any corrections; you low IQ cyber warriors would probably take 6 days and bit – so always remember, there is plenty more where this came from – don’t ever threaten me again)

Hi Teamsters!

Lets take this opportunity to recap; in chapter one, I share with you the keys to power; in chapter two, I explained how that key is able to rotate a lock and open a door and in Chapter 3, we touched on the subject of how that entering that door only leads you further into a proverbial hall of mirrors.

We could go further; but this may be a good place to pause only because where we have to go after this requires knowledge; not any knowledge, but special knowledge – you have followed me to this point so far and the last thing I want you to do is trip and fall. So let’s spend some time asking ourselves why Temasek Review keeps telling you and I that someone is out to cripple their servers.

As I mentioned in Chapter 3, the whole idea is to sell you and I – a product that is packaged with the promise of an illicit experience, better still if comes laced with a subversive whiff and even if I am able to convince you; the “truth” came to you at an exorbitant cost involving personal sacrifice and untold hardships – now you understand why confecting the good versus evil story that some malevolent force out there is short circuiting their servers goes a very long way to fulfill that marketing goal.

Like I said it’s a good marketing strategy; the only problem is once you know how it really works; then the spell breaks and everything begins to unravel.

So to make the “truth” really irresistible those cyber warriors in TR also have to engineer it to be durable and resilient enough to stand up to scrutiny – and what better way to accomplish this feat by being able to provide you with snippets and sound bites of controversial news flashes – here the recipe that makes it possible for you to take the bait, hook, line and sinker is simply this:

Equal parts of the truth is laced with lies. To tell you not the truth, but to keep you in a happy stupor.

Now you understand why Temasek Review doesn’t seem to have any hang up’s about even churning out news that is critical of the government – they know too well, whatever they serve up would eventually be served up anyway somewhere in blogosphere – so what they do is give it the McDonalds treatment and serve up the worse in the best possible way; thereby mitigating the damage.

Don’t believe me; just take a look at how these news flashes are typically served up in the Temasek Review – they don’t really give you REAL news as much as fashion the illusion that you are being told the news – that way you’re inclined to remain terminally supine and indiffernt; that way instead of getting worked up all you really do is fall into a stupor where nothing really provokes you enough to do anything – now you understand why the soviets deliberately kept two commodities dead cheap -cigarettes and vodka.

Now I know what some of you are going to say at this point: “Hey Darkness, I don’t settle for second best! Don’t insult my intelligence, if I can have the real thing why would I want to settle for a fake!”

Wrong again – as this whole idea that I am sharing with you is nothign short of a science called psychological warfare and it is not so different from how so many people are willing to buy sweetened carbonated water just because Coca-Cola markets its products “as the real thing.”

Now you understand why theme parks are so popular even when they are sited just a few hundred yards from real beaches – because what they are able to do is successfully package the “truth” in such a way where there’s always an equal measure of truth mixed with lies to create a very attractive package; just like what Temasek Review regularly serves up (don’t believe me go and read one of TR’s articles and compare it with one that is regularly posted in TOC, the former leaves you asking more questions than it answers!) – you see in theme park logic, it’s a bit like tucking into prime cut Kobe beef in the matrix – just because it ain’t real doesn’t mean it cannot command an intrinsic value; in theme park mentality no one ever needs to know that six foot high waves can be produced at a press of button, each precisely the same as the last. Nor does anyone bother to ask whether those palm trees are real or manufactured in some sweat shop in China – providing all the mild inconveniences of salt water spoiling your mascara and creepy crawlies are kept out of the equation; the result it produces is, you’re be back for more as that is really delivers is nothing short of the quintessential comfort zone – that unfortunately is also the place where your soul, spirit and ability to think critical dies in increments; you’re so contended you’re not even aware you’re melting into oblivion.

Now we will move on; but before you follow me beyond chapter 4; you need to make up your mind whether you want to take the blue or red pill – its your choice.

See you later, I am going cycling

Darkness 2009

Feel free to correct for spelling and grammar, hey wat did you really expect for 15 minutes?

I’ve just finished dinner with Missy Dotty; it didn’t go well; as my mind was on the market – I have a feeling when a woman goes on one of her wonky moods; they call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken. Anyway that’s over; I never mix my personal life with work; its nothing personal, that’s just business – I am looking at my four screens again and its all red, the market is range bound and it will be one of those ground hog nights again.

Where were we? Oh yes, how does one go about controlling the internet – like I said in Chapter 2, the key lies somewhere in between the art of controlling perception and selling the illusion that you have the power to do so; let me put it this way; if I can convince you; you have the power to effect change; then 9 out of 10; you will probably settle for the illusion of change rather than insisting on the real deal – don’t believe me? Then how do you explain why so many women fork out a small fortune at the end of every month just to buy a jar a la anti gravity moisturizer; where the only active ingredient happens to be tap water – and this really brings me to the main nub of this entry.

Why does Temasek Review keep on telling us that they have suffered a DOS attack and why do they go off line so often? What do they have to gain from this? Doesn’t seem to make any sense right?

Wrong! Makes perfect sense if you understand how the marketing manifesto really works – because what they are doing in an oblique way is to sell you and I the belief that what they actually have to say is something authentic and so subversive that someone up there feels the need to censor simply to preserve our fragile minds; it’s the stuff of stone wash jeans and less than perfect rustic “ I am not mass produced” marketing and it’s the antithesis of everything that most of us have come to hate about the hate and spin culture that is so prevalent in the MSM – the whole idea takes its cue from the Moulin Rouge – the allure of forbidden fruit; illicit thrill along with conjuring up images of chiaroscuro.

You see whenever the Temasek Review tells you and I someone has launched a DOS attack on them – what they’re in effect doing is reinforcing the necessary lie that has to feature in every successful fairy tale between good and evil – we have made the world a better place – progress always has to come at a terrible cost; nothing is ever gained without a good fight along with perhaps the trite Hollywood promise of redemption – if the good in the world outweighs the bad; its always has to be by the slimmest of margins and it was brought to you and I at a great personal sacrifice.

That of course really commands as much currency as my disposal underwear that is starting to smell a bit fruity after spending two days tracking the market in the office. In other words, it’s a crock of shit – they just threw the switch themselves. I’ve come to that in chapter 12.

So if anyone tells you that it doesn’t make one molecule of common sense for Temasek Review to throw the switch; that by itself doesn’t make any sense – truth remains; by throwing the switch and claiming it was a DOS attack – that is the only way for them to maintain a tenuous purchase on the Singapore imagination because ours is a country where no one ever believes the truth could simply emerge without the terrible cost of sacrifice.

Now you know why the necessary lie has to be perpetuated at every cost and opportunity – consider the alternative – would you even consider reading the Temasek Review if it was just another blog? There you go something to fry your mind.

On that note; it’s back to the life of cookie cutter…it will be a long night.

Darkness 2009

PS: Feel free to copy and paste it in your blog and gaming forum – everyone deserves to know the truth. Btw, where are the famous “cyber warriors?” Can anyone give me directions 🙂

This has been copied and pasted by Missy Dotty.

Dear all, this was written by baby darkness – Missy dotty and copied from this site.  http://singaporedaily.net/2009/11/20/daily-sg-20-nov-2009/#comment-6768

I am waiting for Missy Dotty, we’re supposed to go out for dinner and she’s late (again) – now I know why watch manufacturers typically make women’s timepieces smaller than men’s – they’re not supposed to tell the time. So let’s take this opportunity to dive in from where I last penned off as I hack happily away on my trusted Nokia Communicator.

Now in my last windbag sharing; I told you who we are; but to the perceptive reader it also underscores one very important aspect of the missing puzzle to allow you all to make an informed decision about who Temasek Review really is and what exactly is their agenda in blogosphere.

The gist of it goes like this: if you want to understand how it is possible to control blogosphere – then it’s not so different to the story of how ALL elites acquire power or perpetuate their class politics.

In the first chapter of this series, I shared in our case; we the brotherhood managed it by controlling space fold technology – “the power to transverse the infinity of space in a single bound” – a corollary of that also gives us the right to mythologize our hold on power along with the right to wear funny looking hats.

So the long and short of it is this: if you want command & control; you need to first monopolize one crucial technology – think about it; how did the Mongol hordes vanquish their enemies in the steppes; they mastered the art of ridding and shooting deadly arrows on horseback – the same holds true of the Romans; who ruled their extensive empire through a network of roads – and in the case of the British; they prosecuted their empire on naval power – mastery of the power of one is the skeleton key to the gaining access to the multitudes.

And this begs the question: what do you need to control in the internet; if you’re going to establish any semblance of command and control?

But before you answer that question; you need to understand a bit about the complexity of power & politics – that is to say since all oligarchies (and this could well be governments, secret police to your local consortium of kaypoh aunties club – take your pick) tend to be intensely conservative. They like the Samurai, Manchu and Ottomans, all suffer from the same set of fears – fear to tamper with anything in the system they control, lest in so doing they bring the whole edifice down – and this leads us to one paradox; no hegemony can ever resist change in perpetuity, that’s simply impossible in the chastening passage of time; but when and if change comes, however, nothing prevents them from controlling your perception of change.

Think about it – the shift here is subtle; read it again – so from this; we know that the most expedient way to manage change is by managing perception and that my friends in a nutshell is the most expeditious way to establish command and control of the internet.

Now armed with this knowledge; consider this – what if I can convince there is a site in blogosphere that is able to mirror your every sentiment, feeling and even outrage concerning your object of interest, be it ministers salaries, price of housing etc ? Or better still what if I am to reveal to you snippets and sound bites that you simply cant even get from the MSM that simply goes a very long way to reaffirm what you have always suspected about your hidden suspicion concerning power & politics?

And here comes the kicker: are you ready? What if this apparatus that I am talking about is owned and operate by those who choose to manage the course of change? Tell me wouldn’t they able to resolve the hubris of precipitous change along with perhaps managing the transition to alternative forms under their own terms and conditions?

Now you understand.

Alas, the lady is finally here – and the night is young. See you later

Written by Darkness 2009 of the brotherhood


It all there folks, some of you may be getting it elsewhere, but I lifted it from Singaporedaily as the other forum sites were really wild and imho unsuitable for readers, do follow the entries in the thread, its scraggy in some areas, but the message comes through with a bit of work, pay attention to some markers e.g 1/13 – 2/13 etc. It seems to be written on the go, on his pint sized Nokia communicator that he carries with him wherever he goes,  so the scripting, sentencing and grammar all seems mangled.  I only have one thing to say to you Wayang Party, but I will not say it, as it will not be suitable, so I will keep it to myself. Just a word of advice, don’t ever come down here and make threats in my blog against anyone ever again.

PS: Singapore daddy, I just have one niggling question, why do some in the brotherhood want Darkness to stop blowing up this matter? And who is the confederation? I thought it was one family, that was what he told me????????

Missy Dotty