How do you control the internet – Temasek Review the Wolf in the Sheeps clothing Part 2/13

November 28, 2009

Dear all, this was written by baby darkness – Missy dotty and copied from this site.

I am waiting for Missy Dotty, we’re supposed to go out for dinner and she’s late (again) – now I know why watch manufacturers typically make women’s timepieces smaller than men’s – they’re not supposed to tell the time. So let’s take this opportunity to dive in from where I last penned off as I hack happily away on my trusted Nokia Communicator.

Now in my last windbag sharing; I told you who we are; but to the perceptive reader it also underscores one very important aspect of the missing puzzle to allow you all to make an informed decision about who Temasek Review really is and what exactly is their agenda in blogosphere.

The gist of it goes like this: if you want to understand how it is possible to control blogosphere – then it’s not so different to the story of how ALL elites acquire power or perpetuate their class politics.

In the first chapter of this series, I shared in our case; we the brotherhood managed it by controlling space fold technology – “the power to transverse the infinity of space in a single bound” – a corollary of that also gives us the right to mythologize our hold on power along with the right to wear funny looking hats.

So the long and short of it is this: if you want command & control; you need to first monopolize one crucial technology – think about it; how did the Mongol hordes vanquish their enemies in the steppes; they mastered the art of ridding and shooting deadly arrows on horseback – the same holds true of the Romans; who ruled their extensive empire through a network of roads – and in the case of the British; they prosecuted their empire on naval power – mastery of the power of one is the skeleton key to the gaining access to the multitudes.

And this begs the question: what do you need to control in the internet; if you’re going to establish any semblance of command and control?

But before you answer that question; you need to understand a bit about the complexity of power & politics – that is to say since all oligarchies (and this could well be governments, secret police to your local consortium of kaypoh aunties club – take your pick) tend to be intensely conservative. They like the Samurai, Manchu and Ottomans, all suffer from the same set of fears – fear to tamper with anything in the system they control, lest in so doing they bring the whole edifice down – and this leads us to one paradox; no hegemony can ever resist change in perpetuity, that’s simply impossible in the chastening passage of time; but when and if change comes, however, nothing prevents them from controlling your perception of change.

Think about it – the shift here is subtle; read it again – so from this; we know that the most expedient way to manage change is by managing perception and that my friends in a nutshell is the most expeditious way to establish command and control of the internet.

Now armed with this knowledge; consider this – what if I can convince there is a site in blogosphere that is able to mirror your every sentiment, feeling and even outrage concerning your object of interest, be it ministers salaries, price of housing etc ? Or better still what if I am to reveal to you snippets and sound bites that you simply cant even get from the MSM that simply goes a very long way to reaffirm what you have always suspected about your hidden suspicion concerning power & politics?

And here comes the kicker: are you ready? What if this apparatus that I am talking about is owned and operate by those who choose to manage the course of change? Tell me wouldn’t they able to resolve the hubris of precipitous change along with perhaps managing the transition to alternative forms under their own terms and conditions?

Now you understand.

Alas, the lady is finally here – and the night is young. See you later

Written by Darkness 2009 of the brotherhood

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