Is Temasek Review, the franchiser of the gold plated fire engine?

November 28, 2009

Just as common sense informs us for every action there is a counter reaction; this should compel us to ask why did Temasek Review even launch an attack on the Strait Times when it claimed that the later was responsible for crippling their servers? The claim even by the most liberal reading has to be incredulous as not only did TR lack the factual means to prosecute successfully on such an elephant enterprise but they were bound to end up with egg in their face – this begs the question: why would a blog set itself out for failure?

To understand WHY my apprentice (by the way your zipper is down); you first need to familiarize yourself with the art of selling a gold plated fire engine – how is this impossible transaction accomplished?

Simple, start a fire; that guarantees the demand better still if a tsunami of panic and outrage can be triggered; providing the fire rages on unabated, it may even have the effect of exacting a tenuous purchase on our collective concerns sharpening our fears further.

Viola! The transaction is complete.

Understand this! FEAR is the most powerful marketing astringent that even supersedes sex; providing the gold plated fire engine sales pitch goes off without a hitch; it could even compel perfectly level headed people to buy into ideas which they would not normally consider – don’t believe me; then consider this; how did the Nazi party in 1938 achieve a landslide victory? Did ordinary Germans fear the Bolsheviks? Closer to the stuff where the rubber meets the rubber; how do you think Volvo sell their chunky cars? Could they be selling you and I the idea we wouldn’t be lying in some bed with medical grade tubes sticking out from our nostrils if we drove one? What about insurance companies; what might they actually be selling? And the list goes on and on; it’s a litany that hardly requires any elaboration in a world where most of us find ourselves marinating in the marketing manifesto.

Now armed with this knowledge – what if I said to you one of the goals of Temasek Review is to perpetuate the myth that the internet is a feral domain populated by compulsive liars who do nothing all day but confect conspiracy theories along with disseminating lies. Think about it; how would the rhetoric of officialdom come across against an internet that we all know is maturing so fast that it will eventually challenge the primacy of the MSM as the sole purveyor of the truth? What better way to retard this inexorable change; then to insert the equivalent of a village dunce who likes to play with matches ro even represent the name and face of our blogosphere?

From time to time, of course, that village dunce may be directed by their puppet masters to (they cant do it all the time as people are basically like roaches, the more you spray them, the more they develop immunity; so a little goes a long way here and they would have to deploy this strategy very sparingly) provoke our sense and sensibilities by churning out ever more fantastical lies which may hopefully push our collective consciousness to some tipping point where many of us may even feel the need to re-evaluate many of our time honored conception about freedom of speech in the context of the internet? I other words they want us all to score a high to very high in the “puih” factor scale.

That incidentally is how bent governments, cult churches and of course hucksters and charlatans, take your pick (I consider them all birds of the same feathers) go about justifying the NEED for far reaching legislation and guidelines in the name of protecting the truth or for matter your rights which would otherwise have been wholly unnecessary. (btw is the elections coming?)

That in a nutshell is how one goes abt selling a gold plated fire engine.

And this is where Temasek Review comes in as the agent or proxy that makes this transaction not only possible; but arguably sensible, intelligent and even clever enough to hold it out as a prescriptive cure of our times.

The psychology for clinching the sale takes its cue from eleventh hour medicine, which, when it cannot cure, seeks to relieve suffering as efficiently as possible. But tell me would all this be possible without Temasek Review? Let me put it another way; what if I said to you, even if TR did not exist; an equivalent in some form would have to be found – short of fabricating a new word; you could say it is the one vital ingredient that makes possible the sale of the gold plated fire engine.

Now you know – Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Darkness 2009

(Its kendo day, once I have finished we will cont our conversation again, I promise)

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