Temasek Review the wolf in the sheep’s Clothing in blogoland?

November 28, 2009

It all there folks, some of you may be getting it elsewhere, but I lifted it from Singaporedaily as the other forum sites were really wild and imho unsuitable for readers, do follow the entries in the thread, its scraggy in some areas, but the message comes through with a bit of work, pay attention to some markers e.g 1/13 – 2/13 etc. It seems to be written on the go, on his pint sized Nokia communicator that he carries with him wherever he goes,  so the scripting, sentencing and grammar all seems mangled.  I only have one thing to say to you Wayang Party, but I will not say it, as it will not be suitable, so I will keep it to myself. Just a word of advice, don’t ever come down here and make threats in my blog against anyone ever again.

PS: Singapore daddy, I just have one niggling question, why do some in the brotherhood want Darkness to stop blowing up this matter? And who is the confederation? I thought it was one family, that was what he told me????????

Missy Dotty

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