The Look of Love

January 25, 2010

I saw it in your eyes today. It lasted only briefly, but I saw it. You said non chalantly, “it’s fate.” You said, “I should go ahead and marry that dentist.” Well, I am going to do exactly that Darkness.  But I saw it, that look of regret, it came and went in a blink, that look that said, it all. I saw it all Darkness.

I’ve show you…..unless of course, you stop me.

I’ve learnt alot from you. You see, lawyers are trained to observe things that most people dont pay much attention too. One of them is how to play the game.  I remember, you told me once, never ever show you cards and even if you come up short, just play it as if you have the royal flush.

You see my dear, a c man doesn’t stand over a bridge and cast his eyes aimlessly at the gyre of swirling dark water in the Singapore river for hours at 3.00 am, pulling one cigarette after another over nothing. You’re disturbed aren’t you?

Well that makes both us dear. You see, I know something you don’t. I saw it all, from a distance. You could say, I needed to see it. I needed confirmation. Now that I know, the rest is simple.

Missy Dotty

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