Why Obama will not be able to change anything for you and me

January 25, 2010

Almost a year after Obama & Co stepped into the White House under the chorus “time for change”, many of his supporters are beginning to make teeth sucking sounds. Bemusement is a polite way of putting it. In cruder terms, the only thing Obama & Co has changed is by embellishing the dictionary meaning of the word “change” – to mean “nothingness.” In the same way “gay” now refers to ones sexual orientation, instead of a state of happy repose. Yes, that is my frank assessment, Obama has done fuck all!
Let’s review his score card. And let me explain why nothing has changed. Firslty, Obama took on an elephant as soon as he stepped into the white house – healthcare. Sounds like humanity in motion, if only you didn’t know healthcare is the equivalent of raising the Titanic. It cannot be done. That’s the long and short of it. Why do you think no US president in history has ever included healthcare reformation in their manifesto? Wonder no more why Obama’s healthcare bill is with its lofty “you are healed!” is starting to look like a patchy flag of defeatism; fact remains even if those hefty improvement do make it through to the other side, it still won’t provide coverage for all Americans, and may not provide a public alternative to the over-charging insurance companies – that’s a giant IF, as it has to be first approved by the senate. So it fair to say there will be no change there for the next hundred years.
Secondly Obama’s “go green” environmental friendly message is crumbling; even his green dream team is back pedaling so fast from the vital Copenhagen conference; the new tune they are singing now is –never mind, the minor details like the single biggest emitter of warming gases just happens to be the us– will not commit to any legally binding restrictions to reducing ozoneshpere . And with the cash for clunkers deal to save the likes of GM; don’t expect to see any electric barreling down the interstate highway; that will also take a few hundred years to materialize. No change there.
On the economy. Obama has appointed Count Dracula as the CEO of the blood bank – by appointing the likes of Lawrence Summers in charge of the economic recovery – wonder no more why the zombie banks are getting bailed out – Obama has effectively transformed the capitalism into communism. So the long and short of it is simple; don’t expect the share prices in Citibank to pop – by the time, they reach the USD$40 mark, we will all be teleporting instead flying and rubber tires will be obsolete as we will all be driven around by anti gravity levitating machines that run on tap water – another 100 years again – no change lah!
Sure some of you may be saying Darkness; you are not giving him enough time. Hasn’t he mothballed Guantanamo? Water boarding and building human pyramids with naked Iraqi’s have been put to an end along with – the resumption of stem-cell research. His side kick, Hillary Clinton has even reaffirmed the elemental right to free speech by demanding the Chinese to stop harrying Google – so there is change right?
Nope! And let me tell you why there is no change; those issues are like discussing the merits of cup holders when you decide to buy a V8 Jaguar – they aren’t rubber meets the road issues.
What many people don’t realize is the US today is like a defanged lion; take the fiasco with Google – do you think Obama is going to come down hard on China? That’s just Chinese opera on a geo-political chess board – cold cuts will inform you that the Chinese by virtue of the sheer quantity of the American bonds they have in reserve, literally have a proverbial gun on the head of the US economy – one reason why water can still run uphill and defy basic economics to allow the US treasury to print money without the currency free falling is in a large part predicated on China’s continued support of the US economy – so what we have here is a shift in balance of power – don’t believe me, then consider this, why did Nasdaq suffer its biggest fall last Friday? Did it have something to do with meteorite slamming into wall street; nope – all this happened simply because the Chinese raised their interest rates; that’s how little it takes to put a kink on the US economic recovery and if you think that is the only economic weapon they have in their armory; you are dead wrong – this is what I call economic warfare.
The other reason why change is not going to come soon – is there are entrenched vest interest who wield tremendous power to shape that will always shape American politics . At first glance, this all sounds like a bunch of freemasons controlling the world; it’s a preposterous caricature that borders on the conspiracy theories, but the facts are plain. The Jewish lobby is still around; so are the powerfull steel unions; along with juggernaut “too big to fail” institutions that will all color and work against Obama & Co’s vision of saving people and planet– That’s the reality of US politics; the rich and powerful will do what they like irrespective of what Obama wants – that’s one reason why in an age when banks are still bleeding in shark infested waters and all this comes at the back of Joe the Plumber, the tax payer, cigar chomping fat cats are still doling out creamy bonuses and flying around in private jets.
In reality change will not come.
These examples are just the tip of the iceberg why I believe the theory and reality of change will always be a forlorn dream in the Obama administration, as what’s at the nucleus of change is in reality governed not by Obama; rather by powerful under currents that has always been at work in the US political landscape; not only at the political front, but also the business sphere; these twin heads will ultimately shape what may or may not “change.”
I am not optimistic about Obama’s prospects for effecting real change – beyond the sobriquet chicken soup assurance that will give most middle class white Americans the belief, “even a African American can aspire to the highest office in the US,” Thus reaffirming their conviction –  this is trully the land of the free, when infact, it has and will always be none other than the land of the fee: the cold cut fact will eat away at Obama soon enough. These are just the facts of life that most people don’t seem to understand how feral American politics can be; there is a world between rhetoric and action – providing the politics (the Republicans) and corporations are in cahoots: The latter will just focus on maximizing profits. While the latter will work furiously and mysteriously to get back into the white house in the next general elections – the cost to you, me and the likes of Joe the Plumber is grist to the mill; and these realities will simply mean the gulf between Obama’s sugary sweet rhetoric and the failure to pass from the realm of theory to get anything done will just be like the pathos of Hemmingway’s story of “the old man and the sea.”

Where the man who took on a Marlin for 3 days and nights and finally won might as well have considered himself defeated, the moment he drew in the catch that may have changed his luck – as somewhere out there in the wide open sea far from the smell of the land; like the main protagonist in the story where victory and defeat hangs on one word called “change.” Change plays a preponderant role in both this tale and Obama’s.

It’s all too easy to buy into the idealistic conviction Obama like the the old man has finally caught the fish; the game is won; all that needs doing now is to let the sail bring the bounty back home; but that’s just really the beginning of the story; as they are still a very long way from home; and somewhere deep beneath the cold paraffin blue of the gulf stream, the sharks have caught the faint smell of blood. That is the change that will change Obama’s change.

I am sorry if this dashed all your hopes and aspirations; it’s nothing personal, its strictly business – and believe me when I write this; I do so very much in the spirit of a man who does so by repeating to himself, “aiyoh,” there is no translation in the English language for this expression or even what it may mean, except perhaps the sound a man would make when a nail is driven into the skin, flesh and bone – as I am sure, like the Old man who only knows the sea like the lines on the palm of his hands; Obama will soon learn of the sharks.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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