Why China fucked itself big time with Google

January 31, 2010

Google announced recently that it might pull out of China, the world’s biggest Internet market, because it detected that the email accounts of Chinese human rights activists using Google’s Gmail service had been breached and the search giant’s corporate infrastructure had experienced some attacks.
Google’s “ultimatum” may seem like an elephant gun, judging from the amount of support it’s getting from the White House to the Capital Hill, from Lagos to Paris, politicians, business leaders, philosophers et al backed Google’s decision to the hilt – but to me that’s not where the crying game is going to be played.
Fact remains, even if Google decides to pull out from China there are going to be plenty of firms who can pick up the slack – from a commercial standpoint, it’s no big deal, neither will Google’s threat to pull out trigger a precipitous change like the fall of the Berlin wall – cold factual cuts suggest the Great Firewall will be up and standing – so once again, what Google is or is not going to do is like whether we get a rainbow tomorrow or not – it’s pretty irrelevant.
The real crying game and where I think China Inc will suffer the most damage is in it’s reputation – and to understand this, you may need to buy into a new concept. As we are talking about morality and not money – you see its very simple; the world these days has changed irrevocably – some people who still go around the world and give, “I am living legend,” talks may not realize this – but if you look around you the mantra these days isn’t like those helium filled days when you can do anything you want to turn in buck and as long as your shareholders get a good return on their investment – life just goes right on.
These days – with the economic meltdown, even the average Joe in Nebraska is asking himself, why should my tax dollars be used to pay out creamy bonuses for corporate honcho’s that seem to do nothing but fly around in private jets – there’s not only a perceptive shift – but there’s a real demand for moral coherency along with the whole idea of “doing the right thing.”

So far, China’s definition of “doing the right thing” has been a shambolic disaster,:
I am sure Xinhua news will try to sell this as Shao lin Chiropractors doling out free back massages to Tibetans, who are just so relaxed that they can’t even pull up their pants (so now you know lah, if you have back pain, just take a trip to Tibet) – Look, I am not saying people are not interested in money any more; sure they are – but they’re increasing asking themselves ethically loaded questions like they have never bothered to ask before: like why is this guy getting so much money and why is he delivering so little value? Or where is this Persian rug made? Did some child go blind just so that I can warm my feet in winter? And the list goes on and on. To paraphrase, a new calculus has leached into the collective consciousness – its not just about good olde return on investment, but what is the moral cost?
It’s in this land somewhere in my head, yours and perhaps a few billion people in the world where China’s mismanagement of the Google affair will really blow up – as no one likes to deal with a morally bankrupt regime that’s so paranoid, insecure and fearful of that it even has to hire stadium loads of cyber warriors just to keep their decrepit oligarchy intact.
That sort of attitude just breeds suspicion, mistrust and does very little to recruit the hearts and minds of the masses – china will feel the backlash, it will come and hit them like a multi headed hydra in the international world of trade and commerce. The shit storm is just starting to brew – for example Chinese telecom equipment vendor Huawei is increasingly being seen as Trojan horse by most middle class Indians who have always valued the idea of democracy and free speech and this recent spat with Google will only exacerbate and breed bad karma – the same corrosive blend of mistrust scuttled the deal between BHP Billiton and a large Chinese mining conglomerate – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, ordinary folk who all subscribe to the idea of the level playing are all getting increasingly incensed by China’s belligerence and recalcitrant attitude –result: they all forming groups in facebook and twitter to boycott Chinese made products.
As I said, this is only the rumble before the storm; you’ve seen nothing yet – but this not new, the world has already seen it all before – and the growing mood of discontentment is reminiscent of how South Africa in the 80’s under Apartheid was increasingly perceived as many to be pariah state – and that was way before the advent of the internet – they bowed out then.
This time with the awesome power of the internet to recruit, organize and focus; the successful struggle for freedom and democracy in china will be immeasurably sharpened and heightened – already, even in our fraternity, there is a boycott on all China made bicycle products, components and nick nacks – doesn’t matter how cheap or good it is, if it’s made in China – dowanlah (I don’t want) is the ubiquitous response – money is secondary to morality.
In summary; china may have won the battle; but they have certainly lost the war – as while battles are fought with the power of the Yuan, GDP, GNP and stellar economic track records – wars aren’t that simple to win as they reside somewhere in a soft and cushy country called the hearts and minds – without a moral compasss you’re fucked (there is no way to be polite about it).

Welcome to the crying game.

Darkness 2010
“I see a storm coming; look at the edges. Do you see how the eddies curl and turn white like bones, the sea is trying to tell us something –  I don’t care what the weather report says; besides when have they ever been right….look up there…..for fuck sake, learn something for once… do you see the cumulus driving away the thin threads at the upper reaches, that means she’s gathering speed…soon, she will be spinning like a top…that’s the tell, we are not sailing into a storm, we are right in the eye of one that’s just about to form….don;t tell the lad yet, I don’t want any of them to lose their heads – it may look clear and sunny now, but the crying game will begin soon….change to 130? You don’t understand do you:  we are in it, so there’s no point trying to outrun her – she’s got us by the balls and judging from the way she’s working herself up; that whore is bent on slapping us good and proper, all we can do is curl up and roll with the punches….. and perhaps say to her, me trae al fresco -it’s no mystrey why this ins the only side of the ocean where you find the most wrecks – the Spaniards used to fear it so much, they called it –  la cola del diablo – it took down more ships than ten Bermuda Triangles  put together- she’s bad, tell the rest of the boys to gear up with hoods and I want everything tied down like a magnet; this will be rough! That’s how, the big ones come…you can never see them coming,  not like the small ones, where you can even smell them days ahead!…this is a mother, where two or maybe three fronts close in all in one spot….today is the day, you will see grown men pee….and shout out mama! Today is the day, you will learn to respect the sea….la cola el diablo, the whore that you are…….**** you! and **** your sisters!”

Darkness 2004

(Recorded in the Book of Ages / under the Chapter of Expeditions to the unknown / page 2,23o – Brotherhood Press 2004 – Somewhere in the Indian Ocean)

N.B DO BOOKMARK THIS SITE, IF SOME OF YOU CLAIM, YOU ARE MISSING OUT, BOOKMARK IT, THAT WAY WHEN WE DECIDE TO TAKE OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE, AT LEAST YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO CONT READING SOME OF OUR STUFF . BOOKMARK, IT AS WHEN THEY TAKE OFF, AS THEY DO, AT LEAST, YOU WILL HAVE A LINK, DO IT NOW!– ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO BOOKMARK THIS SITE IS THIS HAS HAPPENED  RECENTLY – http://singaporedaily.net/2010/01/11/daily-sg-11-jan-2010/#comment-7611 , THE BP HAS BARRED ALL FUTURE ESSAYS TO BE POSTED BY THE SINGAPORE DAILY. I DID ASK BABY DARKNESS ABOUT THIS AND THIS IS WHAT HE HAD TO SAY, ” There are two ways to read, one is you let someone spoon feed you like a baby. The second is you choose what and how you want to eat.  Remember, if your body is a temple. Your mind has to be the altar piece; it’s the linchpin that makes possible the grand idea of La Convivencia with you and your community, spirit, mind and perhaps 7 million other things– without this one thing, the power to choose, you are simply a cactus on a window sill! 

So understand this little rich girl, there is reading and there is reading, there is a world of difference, if you dont even bother to argue with the belief, you are what you eat. Then you would have absolutely no problem understanding – why, you are most definitely without a shadow of doubt what you read and dont read.

You can certainly categorize what I write, but you have no right to judge ……that was what Singaporedaily did – a broad line has to be drawn, otherwise, dont be surprise, if someone decides its card blanche to give you and me the mushroom treatment, “feed you shit and keep you in the dark.” So this has nothing to do with Anime 3 and her rubberband brigade. I value her readership and support, but this is a bigger sphere we are dealing with here – so this is where I will draw the line…it will hurt…like that other fake site, Temasek review that kept faking doss attacks; but how could they let the real wolf out without first planting the idea in peoples mind, “if it can happen to me, it will also happen to you,” Think about it – they cried wolf – we helped, but this time, I am not going to stick my neck out for no one…its everyman for himself….I dont even care, if the whole house catches fire…call it tough love, but if you aren’t a hard man, then you shouldn’t be in the ring and that’s the only way to deal with people who cry wolf, its all here, the explanation

http://singaporedaily.net/2010/01/12/daily-sg-12-jan-2010/#comment-7618 – dont worry dotty, the readers will eventually pick up the scent…they always do, you just wait and see, dont ever sweat the small stuff, life is too short – Darkness 2010……”Missy Dotty

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