It’s Showtime! – MTB

February 18, 2010

I will be brief. It’s the dry season – that means get your bike prepped – we will be trading Kendo for cycling beginning this week.

Training will begin as usual at 6.00 am on Sat @ Bukit Timah / helmets are mandatory – last man forks the bill for breakfast as usual –  no exception.

The brotherhood may be split, but when it comes to sports – we are all one happy family, so please, let’s set aside our differences and close ranks.

The following will fall in for TMZ detail.

(1) Astroboy – Safety Officer

(2) Pumpman – Mechanic

(3) Chronicler & KOHO – Medics

(4) Leaders – me and maybe Scholarboy

(5) Sweepers – Killamaru & Snoopy

(6) Trail setters – Vollairaine and his crew (they don’t want to ride with us, not yet…so let’s give them some space.)

We have sponsors from an anon group of gamers based in Dubai; he or she is prepared to fund all expenses for two riders for the Mythos Alpine providing we do our part to promote their sales of Arabic perfume, gaharu and such stuff (I am still working out the details, but money to them seems to be the least of their problems, they just want us to give them a 100% guarantee the Malaysian trade route will remain open / with the Arab season coming soon thousands of Arabs will converge on Bukit Bintang as the Mecca / it has been transformed into a die-die must see site – they want our best techs to make sure the servers are running 24/7 to make 100% sure trade and commerce is in order  – so I have a personally staked my commitment to the Al Mahjeeds tribe, that we will do our part to ensure these trade routes remain open with zero possibility of failure (volunteers can step forward please) – meanwhile, some work needs to be done on the building where these servers are housed – I would probably require a team of climbers to do something very similar to what we did here:  – so there you all have it. Darkness will not be leading this team. It is up to me. I realize many of you have reservations about my leadership. But I shall try my very best to gain your trust and respect in the way Darkness managed to do the same – all I ask in return is a fair run – those who are interested please respond using our secured channels.

The criteria will be the same – ONLY experienced climber with at least 3 unguided climbs will be elligble for this mission – guided climbers WILL NOT EVEN BE CONSIDERED, we dont care whether you have scaled Everest, if you did it with a guide, then in our book, that doesn’t count as climb – please understand this is the minimum baseline as the nature of the work will be dangerous and requires nothing short of the highest skill and experience in the field of climbing.

May the best man win and do us all proud.

Harphoon 2010

This message has been broadcasted in Ekunaba / the Strangelands / SLF 1 & 9 and all channel partner sites allied to the neutral flag of the brotherhood – brought to you by the ICG – Interspacing Communication Guild – The Brotherhood Press 2010

N.B MESSAGE BY MISSY DOTTY:  DO BOOKMARK THIS SITE, IF SOME OF YOU CLAIM, YOU ARE MISSING OUT, BOOKMARK IT, THAT WAY WHEN WE DECIDE TO TAKE OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE, AT LEAST YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO CONT READING SOME OF OUR STUFF . BOOKMARK, IT AS WHEN THEY TAKE OFF, AS THEY DO, AT LEAST, YOU WILL HAVE A LINK, DO IT NOW!– ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO BOOKMARK THIS SITE IS THIS HAS HAPPENED  RECENTLY – , THE BP HAS BARRED ALL FUTURE ESSAYS TO BE POSTED BY THE SINGAPORE DAILY. I DID ASK BABY DARKNESS ABOUT THIS AND THIS IS WHAT HE HAD TO SAY, ” There are two ways to read, one is you let someone spoon feed you like a baby. The second is you choose what and how you want to eat.  Remember, if your body is a temple. Your mind has to be the altar piece; it’s the linchpin that makes possible the grand idea of La Convivencia with you and your community, spirit, mind and perhaps 7 million other things- without this one thing, the power to choose, you are simply a cactus on a window sill! 

So understand this little rich girl, there is reading and there is reading, there is a world of difference, if you dont even bother to argue with the belief, you are what you eat. Then you would have absolutely no problem understanding – why, you are most definitely without a shadow of doubt what you read and dont read.

You can certainly categorize what I write, but you have no right to judge ……that was what Singaporedaily did – a broad line has to be drawn, otherwise, dont be surprise, if someone decides its card blanche to give you and me the mushroom treatment, “feed you shit and keep you in the dark.” So this has nothing to do with Anime 3 and her rubberband brigade. I value her readership and support, but this is a bigger sphere we are dealing with here – so this is where I will draw the line…it will hurt…like that other fake site, Temasek review that kept faking doss attacks; but how could they let the real wolf out without first planting the idea in peoples mind, “if it can happen to me, it will also happen to you,” Think about it – they cried wolf – we helped, but this time, I am not going to stick my neck out for no one…its everyman for himself….I dont even care, if the whole house catches fire…call it tough love, but if you aren’t a hard man, then you shouldn’t be in the ring and that’s the only way to deal with people who cry wolf, its all here, the explanation – dont worry dotty, the readers will eventually pick up the scent…they always do, you just wait and see, dont ever sweat the small stuff, life is too short – Darkness 2010……”Missy Dotty

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