Why I think the US are a bunch of cheap pirates – the Toyota fiasco

February 24, 2010

WASHINGTON – yesterday, the world’s largest automaker went face to face against angry U.S. lawmakers.
They pressed U.S. sales chief James Lentz on the company’s efforts to find and fix the acceleration problems that has mired Toyota cars —many suggested Toyota was sedentary and were too late and too limited in their efforts to resolve these problems.
Do I agree? Irrelevant – but one thing stands out against this simplistic picture that’s dressed up as accountability and good corporate governance. Fact remains the government i.e the congressional hearings shouldn’t even have taken place and you may ask yourself why?
Simple; the US government today (if you didn’t know it duh!!!!) just happens to be the de facto owner of GM (in equity terms at least) so what we have here believe it or not is another rival car company grilling a competitor – that smacks of hypocrisy, infamy and good old fashion conflict of interest; it’s not so different from appointing Count Dracula as the CEO of the Blood bank and asking whether he thinks it’s a good idea to double or triple the national blood donation program – same goes when the US govt sits and judges Toyota – it’s a classic case of Cui bono? (you know why they call him the count don’t you, because he’s so good at accounting that he can even make red look like blue) – this sorry side show goes a long way to confirm my longheld suspicion the US is probably the only nation on this planet which has miraculously gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization – after this debacle, the US is no longer the land of the free but rather fee .

But there is cause for optimism. While most US auto firms are gobbling up market share because of this Toyota debacle – one thing remain glaringly certain – it’s going to be just a false dawn for them – history has shown that people and firms are like roaches; the more you spray them – the stronger they get. Adolf Hitler tried to waste the Jews; all he did was inure them with the spirit of survival that second to none – that’s what happens when you try to fix people up the bent way – they get stronger; never weaker!
Obviously, Toyota now faces the challenge of regaining consumers’ confidence — the bullet proof “Toyota” image which was once the synonym for quality, reliability and safety has taken a ding. They will suffer. There will certainly be pain. The path to recovery would even be windly and long and their stocks may even sink lower – but one thing is certain when Toyota shakes off the dust and comes back again for the good fight – don’t be surprise if they produce a machine that will change the world.

Darkness 2010

“Sitting bull was spot on Gentlemen – white man speak with fork tongue – that’s how I see those cheap pirates in Capitol hill; they’re just a bunch of carpetbaggers! –  it doesn’t take a whole lot of brain juice to figure out who is big or small these days – that’s a no brainer – the real question is who amongst the small and seemingly weak will become the big and strong and likewise who amongst the strong and mighty will be weak somewhere down the future –that’s how I see it when it comes to beating the market – I don’t think Toyota is like Citigroup or UBS where they are just shuffling papers and are so open minded and creative that their brains are spilling out when they come up with so called innovative financial instruments that not even you and I can understand – to me, it’s just a form of financial origami – they’re paper pushers and I have absolutely no idea what those firms are doing – I am not kidding you, for all you know the senior managers in Zurich are playing Soduku all day long– but Toyota is as close to a bull shit free firm that you will ever get – Ford thinks they’re ahead now; but there’s more to making cars than fabricating a steel cage and sticking four tires on it – this fiasco will give them a false sense of security; they will get bloated and rest on their laurel – that’s good – I cant think of a better formulation for slow acting poison – pride & prejudice – so I wouldn’t touch Ford with a barge pole! No way!

Toyota right now is in the shit pot; but they’re a real nut & bolt firm – pneumatic hand drills, metal presses and more importantly you all have absolutely no idea how much pride the Japanese take in building stuff – so they’re going to take this personally – you put this in your diary, they will come back again and we will see a second coming in Detroit, like what they once did to the US auto industry in the 80’s; she’s not a dot.com firm or some fuzzy marketing outfit that is marketing bottled Himalayan air or driven by some cloudy vision or something – so if I had to put my chips on either the fake or real for 2 or 3 years – it’s a two second decision gentlemen – I’ve always put my money on people who make real things, not those who are just pushing buttons and shuffling paper here and there and doing things that are closer to mumbo jumbo than real business – the long and short of it goes like this: if you invest your money in the unreal, you may have a good run, could even last a few years, but a day will come when you will end up right back in square numero uno – because investing in the fake is not so different from playing snake and ladders. Its fool’s gold. And if you lost money there; you have no one but yourself to blame.”

Darkness 2010 – conversation captured in a thread in Ekunaba recently by an auto-bot crawler – this has been brought to you by the FILB – The Brotherhood Press 2010


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So understand this little rich girl, there is reading and there is reading, there is a world of difference, if you dont even bother to argue with the belief, you are what you eat. Then you would have absolutely no problem understanding – why, you are most definitely without a shadow of doubt what you read and dont read.

You can certainly categorize what I write, but you have no right to judge ……that was what Singaporedaily did – a broad line has to be drawn, otherwise, dont be surprise, if someone decides its card blanche to give you and me the mushroom treatment, “feed you shit and keep you in the dark.” So this has nothing to do with Anime 3 and her rubberband brigade. I value her readership and support, but this is a bigger sphere we are dealing with here – so this is where I will draw the line…it will hurt…like that other fake site, Temasek review that kept faking doss attacks; but how could they let the real wolf out without first planting the idea in peoples mind, “if it can happen to me, it will also happen to you,” Think about it – they cried wolf – we helped, but this time, I am not going to stick my neck out for no one…its everyman for himself….I dont even care, if the whole house catches fire…call it tough love, but if you aren’t a hard man, then you shouldn’t be in the ring and that’s the only way to deal with people who cry wolf, its all here, the explanation 

http://singaporedaily.net/2010/01/12/daily-sg-12-jan-2010/#comment-7618 – dont worry dotty, the readers will eventually pick up the scent…they always do, you just wait and see, dont ever sweat the small stuff, life is too short – Darkness 2010……”Missy Dotty

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