I am out of SIRI

February 25, 2010










A week and a bit ago https://dotseng.wordpress.com/2010/02/17/what-the-esc-didnt-tell-you-abt-innovation-and-creativity/ I recommended Sirius XM Radio Inc (Nasdaq ticker:SIRI) as a buy @ USD$0.78 – today it’s trading @ USD$1.10 (you go do the sums along with the percentages) – I am going to keep it short and sweet – I am out / I know that may surprise many of you; as rumor has it SIRI may even hit the USD$1.50 mark and judging from some of the threads in Ekunaba and PBK some of you even believe it can hit as high as two bucks – you know what, I don’t really don’t give a shit- the way I see it playing the stock market is it’s not so different from pulling off a bank heist –any fool can stroll into a bank and put money into a pillow case; that’s the easy part; the hard part is the get away – that requires nothing short of discipline, time management and most importantly sound judgement – so that’s the long and short of the SIRI story – like I said, I am out. There’s nothing more to write beyond what I’ve just shared.

Remember greed kills. But any fool can say that – always keep in mind the get away is the 99% that makes the 1% a perfect 100%. – stay focussed and remember – it’s nothing personal; it’s strictly business when it comes to the stock market – like I’ve always said, its a glorified form of gambling; so don’t get distracted, stay focussed, do your thing and once the stopwatch beeps that’s the time to take off  – I am out of SIRI – btw thanks for the fish SIRI.

Darkness 2010

I abhor the word donation; so give part of your profits to some notable sites like The Online Citizen – do it anon; leave no trace that will get the Liaison officer SD off my back!

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