Time to say bye bye to YRC Worldwide Inc

March 10, 2010

Hello Teamsters,

I will keep this short. A few weeks ago. I made a buy call on YRCW, it’s gone up some 30% since then. Its time to cut loose on YRCW, we are getting abit of vibration and tremors. I don’t like what I am seeing here. My feel tells me she’s likely to give way anytime; so its time to cut her lose. Listen to me dont be greedy. Do as I say!

Darkness 2010

P.S: I am switching over to Synovus; Ticker: SNV. There are three reasons why I like this little bank. Firstly, no one has ever heard of it. Secondly, the management have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and thirdly I have every reason to believe a parrot picking up cards randomly in the boardroom is making all the decision – so to me this fulfills all my criteria of the classical Zombie cum Lazarus firm – the way I see things can only look good when they get so bad – so I am locking and loading her for a in and out session. I have a feeling she may be able to break USD$3.00 this time round. So she’s good to go! I’ve also got the British pound on my crosshairs – let her bleed for a while; my feel tells me she’s good for another 5% downside; then we will raid her. KOHO inform the Confederation to cut lose on USD$ @ 50% / switch over to U.K Stocks – meanwhile we will all run periscope depth-slow and steady gentlemen – spread the word; sterling is the game. Please do it slowly so there is no panic. TQ

Darkness 2010


(Pls note: there are only lies and disinformation online. Pls do not take my advice. Better still consider me a mentally retarded person. Do your own research and buy at your own risk)

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