Jack Neo fooling around may just be good medicine

March 10, 2010

Following in the wake of all the tangled sheets revelations; it’s finally cut and dried – Jack Neo is just another human being like you and me – does this come as a rude shock?

Not really, but what does surprise me is how this entire episode reveals so much about how we all like to set ourselves up for the proverbial fall from grace; For instance: we like to put perfectly ordinary folk like Jack Neo on a pedestal, then cloth him with our infantile mythology as to how he can somehow always be purer than spring snow – only to feign surprise when he doesn’t measure up to our unrealistic expectations.

To me the laugh is not on Jack Neo; but on all of us.

Jack Neo I am sure had a big part to play in this myth making machine; since most of his movies were usually laced with goody two shoes good for you and me moral messages along with allowing his image to be seen alongside the party political hegemony of the day –so definitely, he asked for it. In fact, he painted a big bull’s eye right on his arse!

If he was like let’s say Quentin Tarantino who regularly makes blood curdling movies like Pulp fiction, Kill Bill and the Inglorious Bastards then all this would just slide off like water from a duck’s bill.

But even all this tit bits (no pun intended) can hardly explain why when most of us are confronted with the truth about the basic and primal of human conditions  – that’s the cue for “Aiyoh, I never knew he was like that one?” Followed by gloating galore and that sinking feeling of disappointment that we have somehow being duped – but I got news for you; Jack Neo’s story is as old as the hills; it isn’t new as much as the old dresses up as new.

Perhaps it’s good to be reminded from time to time; the people we choose to put on pedestals have the same feet of clay they had before we lionized them. Maybe then we can just appreciate their gifts along with whatever they have to offer be it cooking, golfing, movie making or just looking pretty in beauty pageants without the myths and fairytales.

And while we are set on spring cleaning mode; perhaps this also a good time to put a few bullets into our infantile teddy bear expectation that public figures could somehow be larger than life that they can even be counted always to do the right thing. They cannot. It’s all in our brain. You made it all up – so if you think; he let you down – here comes the kicker: you have no one to blame but yourself!

If only we all can remind ourselves no one is above the seven sins anymore then you can be expected to step right out of your skin – that way at least we all don’t need to feel like we’ve all been duped or pretend that all this comes as some great shock. I am sorry, it doesn’t.  Not to me at least. Hey,what did you expect? – take a forgettable fatty like Jack Neo (who probably had as much luck with girls in his teens as the elephant man) and showcase him as the Singapore success story – and you expect him to take it all in without some of it going to his head? You’ve got to be kidding me right? That’s like saying. I should be shocked if someone decides to tell me “sex,” is the most Googled word.

Thanks a lot Jack Neo for delivering us all back to the good earth again – next time if you want to fuck around, take my advice; go find a level headed girl; that way she wouldn’t snitch on you; and the best part is since she so flat headed;  she can even double as your side table during your football matches for you to put your chips and tiger beer on.

Happy hunting and need I say, never go in anything without a good escape plan. Remember always life is not so different from a bank heist; any idiot can walk  into a bank and stuff money down a pillow case – its the get away that really makes or breaks you! The rest is just fairytales. And I just don’t have any time for that.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

Darkness 2005: I did all that from the age of 15 right up to 25. That chapter of my life is over a done with. Whatever mysteries there yielded themselves quite willingly like petals spreading themselves before the full glory of the morning dawn. After a while it just gets terribly boring. Now I just want to dedicate my life to retiring comfortably before I hit 40.

Pirana Pride: What are you talking about Darkness? You seem to talk in riddles. Are you talking about motorcycle maintenance?

Darkness 2005: Yes, that as well. You can never ride enough from 15 to 25; but 10 years is a very long time, eventually even the best of us will realize no matter how many twin peaks and black forest you have once ploughed through; it will all from this moment onwards look and feel exactly the same; that’s when I think the road runs out – that’s also when you really begin thinking about what’s more to life?

Pirana Pride: You make it sound so mechanical….

Darkness 2005: What did you expect? I thought we were talking about motorcycle maintenance?

This has been captured by an auto-bot crawler in a secured thread in Phi Beta Kappa by the FILB – sponsored by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild & The Confederation of Gamers – The Brotherhood Press 2010



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