Jack Neo wanted to * * * * me? ? ? ?Duh!!!

March 15, 2010

Huh….you mean to say this is sexual harassment?

“Thinking of you now”

“I am on the way to jB doing e album promotion last 2 days were in KL. Miss u.”






Get a life, you trashy publicity whore! If that is really the case; then 99.9% of us men are toast!

PS: FYI, I send those type of messages out at least 20 times a day! Sue her lah Jack for the sake of 99.9% of all men on this planet – do us all a favor, this is a matter of self perservation of the gender species – tell you what, I will even ask Missy Dotty & her gang to give you free legal advice along requesting the Mercantile Guild to bankroll this from head to tail; we will even cover all expenses etc. I will even double…no, I will quardruple what the PAP is paying you! Are you listening to me Jack!!!!!!!! You cannot lose on this one…..it’s a sure fire win!

This whole circus show is getting ridicolous! This is crazy! BTW Mr Mata-Mata dont you dare charge Jack. I am giving you good intelligence here (it’s straight from the grapevine), better than the CIA, this will not and cannot fly online….do you hear me… just ignore this siaow charbor!

She is definitely a mental case!  If this is allowed to see the light of day; dont be surprised if we get a Salem witchhunt – This has gone far enough….I have reached the end point!

It is one thing to hold a man to account for his malfeasance, but when it degenerates to this feral level; then it’s just plain good olde fashion witch hunting cum bullying with a dash of blackmail and we will fight it tooth and nail…do you all hear me…..this doesn’t feel right…it is very wrong!

Darkness 2010

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