Yongye International Inc.

March 15, 2010

This is going to be a mini-skirt. I am into Yongye Int – ticker: YONG. There are few reasons why I like this counter.

(1) No one has heard of it; and its only just beginning to register on the radar of most offshore funds / I’ve been tracking the volume on this stock. We expect the pick up rate will cont till maybe May and trail off somewhere around June.

(2) They’re into agriculture / upstream side / fertilizers / so we all know spring is coming – we expect food related stocks to do exceptionally well this year.

(3) We expect to see further food related supply chain problems in central Africa by third quarter; this will boost this stock further. Currently their capacity is at only 70%; so we expect the remainder of the 30% to be enable to fulfill export demand primarily in the African continent.

(4) We also anticipate there will be a shortage of fertilizer especially fluvic acid by fourth quarter due to global demand.

She’s good to go – for the medium and long term.

A few more China stocks are on our cross hairs – as we expect the Yuan to be revalued in the last quarter of 2010 – do check out Shanda Gaming (ticker: GAME) – this stock is currently getting whacked – in a nutshell, they have absolutely no idea what they are doing – they have tons of money, but when it comes to RPG, they are at least 5 years behind the curve and no technology – however, I have every reason to believe a flying saucer will be landing on their lawn somewhere in mid April to offer them an innovative die-die make or break business model – meanwhile do keep Shanda in your scope.

(Pls remember there are only liars, cheats and perpetual masturbators in the internet – pls do your own research before investing in the stock market)


Darkness 2010

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