Why justice by itself is never enough – Jack Neo

March 17, 2010

There is another storm brewing in the tea cup, check this out; Gagged by the church – Foyce Le Xuan this time it’s a trios ménage involving Mr Neo, Miss Le Xuan and CHC.

Let’s dive right into the deep end as I am writing this on the train, so I only have 15 minutes –what are the salient points? Where did it all fuck up?

Well if you ask me -when it comes to scandals involving the rich and powerful it’s futile to attempt to gut out the human condition – you might as well go and plough the sea.

Or worse deny the possibility at every turn and opportunity power and politics may even play a preponderant role when someone decides to stand beside another or render support of any kind – life, I am reminded is never what it appears to be – anymore than you can expect most reasonable people to believe the main reason why Mrs Goh once supported TT Durai once upon a time was solely because he was a simply a hell of a great guy and she was simply enamored by his métier in raising funds for the sick and infirmed (along with raising other things) – I am reminded here – public opinion is a capricious thing and it’s liable to swing either way; to exacerbate matters man can always be counted to be a thinking animal. People will always ask thorny questions? Some may even drill deeper and ask what’s the connection? Who stands to gain from all this? Are they in cahoots? Along with the whole list of desiderata ranging from the plausible to the fringes of UFOism, Yeti and big foot – but….hey what did you really expect? That comes with the territory.

As we all saw recently how George Yeo was slapped down in the internet when he plumbed to support his good buddy – the kernel that sparked the outrage underscores the importance of keeping to the aphorism “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.”

Hence it is not nearly enough that the cogs and wheels that makes up even something as rickety as the people’s court be allowed to take its natural course unfettered and unencumbered, if possible it may even be necessary to ensure all suspicion and contradictions are driven out of the process to ensure justice is seen to be done.

The question therefore doesn’t revolve around a simple matter of rights per se as some may lead us all to believe; as it remains firmly a question of how can one gainfully ensure justice is seen to be done? This may require some explanation, as what we are talking about is nothing more than a perceptive shift somewhere in your and my head – for example:  while it may appear technically OK in the legal sense to book people sporting Kangaroo prints near a court house – most people will have no problem in teasing out the moral contradictions in how the law is surreptiously applied here and even drawing the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) while this episode has all the trapping of black letter law; justice is not seen to be done i.e it’s just olde fashion bullying (real or imagined) – the same can be said about how the PAP seems to win virtually every legal case hands down that they have even manage to defy the laws of probability along with rubbishing Newtonian physics (water it seems can even run uphill); here again the multi headed hydra of “what the fuck is going on!” surfaces again only this time; one is left with the indelible feeling, no one can ever beat the house (real or imagined) – the rules will always favor them – again all it does is amplify the sinking feeling while the law is furiously at work; justice is absent i.e justice is not seen to be done – by the same token while no one denies it may well be within George Yeo’s elemental right as a human being to lend support to Jack Neo and probably saving the whales  if the imperative is to translate the seeing part to give justice a sense of scale and perspective that is socially considered fair and square, then Mr Yeo’s personal needs has to be secondary to the higher imperative of ensuring his actions do not pose a contradiction to the first part of the dictum,  justice must be done – don’t say this is cheem; read it a few times – you can work it out and if you do, it’s yours for the taking – trust me.

One could even say, the word “seen” used in this context, has to assume a verb that even demands – if someone who has the capacity to influence the outcome of the case be it a minister, pastor or fortune teller (though it remains moot whether they could even influence the final outcome) – then he or she would do well to abstain from commenting beneficially or prejudicially on the case.

Better still take a long holiday or hide somewhere in your basement. To plumb for former (beneficially) as we all saw from George Yeo’s call to rally behind his buddy is stand and do battle against the indefensible – either way you cut it, it’s lose/lose – don’t believe me come and see me; I’ve even worked it out mathematically using Nash equilibria; game theory.

To do the latter (prejudicially) is likely invite the same stripe of criticism only this time for the all the opposite reasons – and this is may explain why most bloggers and readers do not give much credence to what Sengkang Sally Foyce has to say about Jack Neo trying to fuck her – as not only does her criticism of her former mentor comes across as saccharine laced; the timing also smacks of cheap opportunism and self publicity thus undermining her credibility to the status of another siaw charbor (mad woman) – in this case though she may very well be justified to raise the case, the conditions simply do not confer upon her any competitive advantage  i.e justice may well be done, since she claims to be sexually harrased; but since the “seen” part is missing; this simply means her case doesn’t go any where near fulfilling the conditions of the second half of the dictum, to paraphrase, no one believes her – she has done the impossible, win the battle and yet lose the war.

As while the first part of the dictum: Justice must be done – hinges on soley technical facts as to what was once done or not done to account for guilt or innocence. In the case of the second half of the dictum, justice must be seen to be done – what’s demanded here is not cold facts as it remains something fuzzy that cannot be really defined – as the highground doesn’t reside in cold rational metallic analysis of facts and events as it resides in a faraway country called the hearts & minds. 

Against the hubris of these two competing ideals; it may be wiser to let the chips fall where they may and allow the people’s court to take its course – granted the internet is hardly a rational domain in the conventional sense and may even challenge most of us to suspend our sense and sensibilities, but somewhere in all this mess with all its sham, drudgery and shattered dreams, it is still a very beautiful place as it still values its kooky sense of fairplay. Only dont be surprise if you should decide to use the real world language to try to decipher it’s code – it may very well be written in an alphabet only netizens can read.

Darkness 2010

“We have been fighting the Aryanians for nearly 8 long years; in space time, that’s nearly a thousand years….(deleted) now we have them in a vice…..their best regiments along with all their allies and supply lines have all been encircled….why have our armor been told to stop! (deleted)”

“Have they surrendered?”

“How is that material? There is no Geneva Conventions in the virtual  (deleted)…they kill us and we give the same.”

“Have they surrendered?”

“Yes, they have…they’re asking for an armistice.”

“Good….proceed with the negotiations. Invite them for dinner and make sure you all wear your No.1. (deleted) Then ask for the sky and if possible even the moon, but no armistice.”

“You mean to say you are going to let them all go home? You know they will be back again…(deleted)”

“I said, proceed with the negotiations….I did not say we had to accept any of their terms….after that…..unleash hell (deleted)….and another thing (deleted)…this conversation did not take place….I was not here. (deleted)…war you must understand will always be an unpleasant enterprise; so we must keep up appearances…. it seems odd to me of all people; you seem to have forgotten war is merely a continuation of politics by other means. Maybe you have spent too much time in the trenches…… (delete)”

Remnants of a conversation captured by an auto-bot crawler during the Ascension Wars somewhere along the Eastern trenches in the Planet D’ni – three days following this intercepted conversation from a listening post based in the Adulasian steppes – the entire Aryanian army comprising of 50 divisions was wiped out and not a single man survived – though rumors of atrocities persisted ; no proof was ever established by the Confederation – Extracted from Chapter 107 of the Book of Ages under the title: “the Sardon massacre”. The FILB – Sponsored by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild. The Brotherhood Press 2010.

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