The very Curious case of MFA and Dr Ionescu

April 17, 2010

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Recently a MFA spokesman said: “Dr Ionescu is not hurting Singapore. If you follow what Romanian netizens are saying, it is clear that even his own compatriots do not believe him. He is only hurting himself and embarrassing his own government and all Romanians.”
I have absolutely no idea where the MFA is getting its intelligence from; one thing is clear, the onus is not on me to prove the case otherwise because what I have to say is simply couched as a very reasonable question –  besides I have always been under the impression (based on what our charming MSM has to say) the internet is just a cesspit filled with only lies, disinformation and now populated by astroturfers? – so why should the MFA even consider using a “dodgy” platform that just happens to be height of moral turpitude and everything that is so undesirable as a basis of lending credence to its case? I mean let me put it another way; how far do you think I would get if I asked you invest in some Nigerian gold mine if the CEO mentioned in the sales brochure just happens to feature Bernie Madoff? Get my drift?

That’s odd to me, very odd indeed.

My point is simple, make up your mind and be consistent, don’t flip flop, if you really believe as a statement of fact, the internet is full of lies and disinformation; then stick to that line as a matter of policy – don’t even consider using it as a basis of attributing a rumor let alone substantiating a case on a factual basis –  that only serves to contradict your position and undermine your credibility.

The other lingering question at the back of my head is how did the MFA derive that conclusion?

“If you follow what Romanian netizens are saying, it is clear that even his own compatriots do not believe him.”

Have they parachute any cyber troopers into the Caucasus? Do they even know that most forums in Romania operate out from Greater Russia? Do they even have any idea that Russia has as many virtual platforms as ten China’s put together…yada yada yada yada. Something to consider again – when you decide to make far and wide sweeping statements – my feel is sometimes it’s good to have friends who may be able to help you, sometimes it may even be a good idea for governments to make friends with netizens and sometimes it makes far more sense to build rather than to burn bridges – that way at least some good Samaritan could point you to the right direction where you can at least make an informed decision – that way you may even be able to conduct a SWOT analysis, undertake a trade off / pay out calculation on how best to determine your strategy to maximize your return on energy. And that way, you will know not only your enemy from the inside out; but since you know precisely where you stand in competitive chess board and you will win! – as it is you just like a blind man looking for his cane.

It’s a nice day, I am going cycling and trying my level best to fix by dodgy brakes, my gut feel tells me what I need to do with my pliers this afternoon may have far more value than trying to figure out a pointless mystery as to who is really rambling here.

Darkness 2010

Darkness: SD What do you think about those break away states that used to be part of the USSR? You spent time there…

Singaporedaddy: Well they are all supposed to be capitalist these days, but they’re still communist right down to the marrow, so it’s where east and west clash and it’s a right mess.

Darkness: What does that mean precisely?
Singaporedaddy: That means exactly what it means, it’s a mess. You have absolutely no idea how open minded they can be? They even believe we are aliens. And some of them have even travelled to Dotseng in Russia just to be con by farmers who make crop circles to earn a few roubles. 

Darkness: That open minded huh? Till, their brains are spilling out?

Singaporedaddy: Especially, when their brains are spilling out Darkness, but what do expect from a country, where the traditional greeting happens to be Doamne ajhuta.

Darknesss: WTF does that mean?

Singaporedaddy: God help us all!

This conversation was recently captured by an auto-bot in Primus Aldentes Prime – the Brotherhood Press 2010

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