Motorcycling around the World on an electric motorbike?

April 19, 2010

(You may need to increase the font size to enhance you reading experience – to do this: hold down the Ctrl key and press +) We may well be living in interesting times; but trust me life only really begins to get real interesting when you’re saddled in a motorbike cruising along at 100 mph – in fact, one of my dreams is to retire before I hit 45 and as soon as I hit that marker – I want to travel around the whole in a motorbike – not interested in sailing the seven seas (nothing to see there) – same goes for planes. As for bicycles, that’s just not possible all the way – the best way to go around the whole is on a motorbike.

I am still a long way from that vintage (age is after all relative); but I ridden done enough to know that if a motorbike was a human being; his motto in life would probably be, work to ride and ride to work. He would also be a pretty rational person that you could probably reason with and have a really interesting conversation with – unlike modern cars drivers who have been reduced to playing computer games – since these days modern cars seem to gut out everything from engine noise, wind, climate, potholes and bugs that occasionally slam into your face – riding a motorbike is as real as it gets; there’s nothing that separates you from the elements and everything you do is directly translated into a result; If you ride like there’s no tomorrow, there won’t be one! If you ignore that loose bearing that keeps rattling away, it’s going to come back and bite you somewhere down the road; you never ever pick a fight with a 3 tonner on the road – and safety is definitely not an accident – like I said a motorcycle isn’t so different from a human being; for he functions according to the laws of reason and if there’s any emotion there, its misplaced – as when you get deeper into motorcycling it can be nothing short of a philosophy; a miniature diorama of study of life itself – to paraphrase, most of us aren’t mindful of the what we say or do; we are like car drivers hermetically sealed in our steel chrysalis where increasingly we become detached from the world; if we pass a motorbike real fast, we don’t realize, it leaves a wake that’s like a typhoon; if we don’t stick to our lane, we don’t realize that it ruins the rhythm of the motorcyclist and so on.

That’s one reason why everything that goes into a motorcycle fascinates me; to me it just isn’t a pile of steel, wires and cables that is supposed to make noise; there’s an art, symmetry and Tao to it all – you can even call it an allegory of life.

These days with the advent of electric cars et al, motorbikes have gone three pin – in the US, they’re even selling them besides ipods and the latest 3 D flat screens – just wondering to myself, whether its possible to make a trip a world trip on one of those dinky battery wonders?

That would really be interesting – check the vid out, the future is here!

Darkness 2010 – the Brotherhood Press 2010

“You people do what you want….as for me when I hit 45, I want to retire…that doesn’t mean I am a lazy, useless and a good for nothing – you watch your words! –  as that’s the official narrative they have to sell you – but I am not buying! – you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out a human being is not supposed to work till he dies standing – for one he doesnt have the right equipment; our joints aren’t supposed to last beyond X years, as for our teeth, then can’t even endure Y number of lemon drops and as for our brain, it’s definitely got an expiry date like a bag of crisp – nothing is supposed to last forever; it takes alot of humility to come to terms with what life is and not what you think it should be; it takes even more courage to say; that my ticket is up! – and someone else should be sitting here instead of me. My time is up!

Dont think for one moment this is easy – it ain’t! Some people live till they are well into their 90’s and they cannot even buy into that simple philosophy – IMHO, they’re no better than a drunkard or a drug addict, they’re so high on their own products; they actually believe without them the world will stop spinning! How much sense does that make? – As coming to terms with humanity can be so humbling that the natural reaction is to fight it tooth and nail – so to me what Vollariane did was not a weakness! This man walked away from it all at one drop of a hat and he didn’t even bother to look back – that’s wisdom, courage and real power – real power – mastery over yourself –  any man who cannot see it is simply so dumb that he has probably never ever lived even one day.

So you hold you tongue when you say the things that you say about Vollariane, or I may just take it very personally.”

Darkness 2003 / Kendo session / Recorded by the Chronicler / The Book of Ages – Chapter entitled: The New Beginning – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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