The Stupidity of going after Goldman Sachs

April 22, 2010

(You may need to increase the font size of this essay to enhance your reading pleasure – to do so hold down the Ctrl key and press +) Let’s dive right in, Goldman Sachs versus the SEC – who will win? First of all just because the SEC is making alot of noise means a big fat nothing to me – I am reminded:  Politicians are not so different from ships: they like nothing more than to blow their horn and make noise when they’re lost in a fog wonder no more why: politicians don’t seem to have all the answers until they write their memoirs.

Who will win? That’s a no brainer. Firstly, I don’t believe the average jury can even understand the complexities of these instruments; so sentiments, emotion and general feel will definitely play a preponderant role here; besides if you’re just earning $40K per year; why would you even consider voting in favor of bankers who typically get paid creamy bonuses. So my feel is this matter ever goes to court. It’s a done deal, GS will lose – but they wouldn’t be able to put a single dent on GS stellar financial record.

If you really want to know why the SEC is railing against GS – try political gerry mangering. If these instruments were really that toxic; all the banks will be implicated – a better explanation is the Obama administration wants to send a clear message to Wall Street – we will have our day with pushing though a plan for regulating the markets and if you stop us, we would just pulverize you like we did GS!

In other words its plain good old fashion Gestapo tactics. However what is missing from the Obama camp is brain power –  firstly, many of the so called double dealing instruments GS was peddling to investors are in every sense kosher – what many people don’t seem to realize is – the stock market is just a giant casino, so when someone makes money another loses – so many smart people, even professors and including economist, believed that tranches of collateralized debt obligations (CDO) Goldman Sachs used to deal with were not as evil as how it’s so often depicted in the MSM.

My money is still on GS. I believe this is one of the best managed bank in the world. And let me share with you why? Because unlike the rest of the Zombie banks who do nothing but shuffle paper and are just Legends in their own mind – GS is a REAL bank; as through the years have invested billions in terms of proprietry based trading technology and core competencies which simply makes them the Toyota Motors of the Investment Banking world – in other words, GS has such a strong beach head in the financial world; if you take them out; it’s like removing the hub on your wheel – the rest of the spokes just have no where to fit! So lets be clear this is not some shitty outfit like Citigroup or UBS! It’s REAL!

And that to me is everything; the alpha and omega of investing. Bc if you put your $ on the unreal – then it will be a long term investment like buying charcoal from 7/11 and waiting for them to turn into precious diamonds – you are fucked!

Besides at the current price its trading at, it’s a steal. If Obama & Co thinks Goldman can be taken down just like humpty dumpty, then he and his team has scaled it all wrong – as they will just run circles around him; one thing about intelligent folk is they are very hard to knock out and once they come after you – you’re as good as toast!

Obama & Co has definitely picked a fight with sixteen wheeler trailer – good luck to him and his presidential term; as for his dream pipe to push for further financial regulations – that’s a goner! By taking a cutlass to GS, Obama and Bernanke along with his entire motley crew have more or less alienated themselves from the very people who are most able to pull America out of the shit hole!

He has just dug a very big hole for himself along with killing the goose that lays the golden egg – this just goes to prove my point about politics and politicians – honesty in politics is like oxygen. The higher up you go, the thinner it gets.

Welcome to a bent world!

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

“The stockmarket is a casino (period). You talk about the morality; I say, that’s like talking about growing weed in a monastery, the stockmarket is a casino – if you walk away with $10,000 winnings, someone, somewhere is walking away minus that same amount – the only morality in a casino is nobody gives anything except an opportunity; neither should you expect a fair game either.

It’s all bent. Otherwise you wouldn’t get hucksters and charlatans confecting terms like long term investment or paper losses – that’s just a polite way of saying, “Oh dear, I fucked up! I am sorrry, please call me back when the Mayan calendar decides to run out!” If you cannot stomach that reality; then just stick to board games.

Besides when you talk about morality; you are forgetting one thing; just look at what Obama & Co did – they gave truckloads of money to super duper losers like Citigroup who ran their bank like a charitable organization – and they said to all of these two time losers, now that you have all fucked up big time; we are going to give you all more money to compete with the very clever guys like Goldman Sachs – so maybe you can tell me where the morality is over there?

Now Obama is going after the best bank in the world; in other words; he is sending out a message to the whole wide world; do not be smart, be stupid and if possible fail traditionally.

The real criminals who should be in the dock facing this SEC crap are the zombie firms like Citigroup, GM, AIG etc. Because they were the one’s who robbed billions from ordinary hard working folk – and you are never ever going to get your money back – not in this life time, at least.

So what does that say? Life is not fair, it has never ever been fair and if you want it to be fair, you better learn to stand your ground and fight for it! Or learn how to vote with your wallet!”

Darkness 2010

Recent conversation in a thread concerning Goldman Sachs vs SEC in Ekunaba – captured by an auto-bot crawler – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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