Is the National Bank of Greece (NBG) a buy?

April 23, 2010

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Few weeks ago highlighted, the National Bank of Greece as a possible buy How the hell did Greece become the center of the global economy? The time has come. Now if you missed out on the 2008 rally; this may just be one stock that will take you back in time like a time machine and allow you make the same monster profits.

IMHO buying into NBG offers opportunities of a lifetime for a whole basket of reasons – firstly, its dead cheap, trading at just USD$3.00 and a bit. Secondly, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the bank; what you need to understand here they are really only two outstanding issues concerning Greece; the first part has to do with NBG’s exposure to government bonds and the second is ironing out the pesky details of the EU rescue plan along with how it’s going to handshake with the IMF package – and the third which I consider to be the main reason why NBG stocks are getting fucked is based predominantly on sentiment, sentiment and sentiment – you see the stock market is not so different from line of people queuing up for something or rather – most of them standing in line are clueless as to what’s at the end of the queue – for all you know they’re selling African Shrunken head key chains (like the one in the previously P65 blog) – and that really a pithy summary of why NBG is getting beaten down; the long and short of it is simple Simon; Greece has a bad rep because everyone thinks it’s a basket case and the floor boards are going to give way any time – but they’re wrong; firstly, they have a great hedge; 40% of the economy is based on tourism and the Euro is free falling; so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out there’s a big cushion there – unlike nations who have all their chips on commodities, manufacturing or share crops – no brainer there.

Nevertheless, I say hit the numbers; punch your calculator and put the numbers through the paces – and what you will discover is simply this, the National Bank of Greece S.A.(NBG) could be the best long term financial stock left to buy in the whole of the S & P 500 – I am not kidding, it’s a steal! The buy of the century even! 

Besides many of the problems faced by the Greek economy are not as catastrophic as the world may think. Furthermore, they are part of the EU and that means they are bullet proof – let’s face it; the Europeans want to contain this mess; the last thing they want to do is deal with a mushroom cloud – so I dont see ANY of the issues facing Greece as insormountable; they can be resolved and once Greece gets back on the rails and puts into place austerity measures; it’s very likely NBG will once again see its share price rise to renewed heights. I even took the trouble yesterday to run through some of my computations using our super computer; the Mordecai 51, guess what it checked out!

Pity, this baby was built personally by me (even good a jeweller to give it a touch of panache with mother of pearl inlays) – it cannot stay in Singapore and will be trucked to Malaysia soon (if we can move it as it weights about 8 metric tons – too many unknown cyber attacks courtesy of Wayang Party, Temasek Review and soon I suspect to be to the new online ST; that just means Singapore is a bad investment to grow tech enterprises – nothing personal, it’s always business – don’t believe just refer to Google vs China)

So lock and load; we are going in; the Germans are in, so are the rest of Guilds – the future is bright – just make sure when it tops USD$ 7.00 sell, sell, sell.

Don’t say you didn’t get it here and remember spread the mana around and give to some sites like theonlinecitizen; we are good. We don;t need it. But give to them and give it willingly! It’s better than giving to some church that is trying to impersonate Donald Trump. So give big (bc that is what we will do); give 5 figures! I may not agree with TOC all the time; but I am a gentlemen and if Singaporedaddy says there is value there – you know what? I actually believe him –  so your money is in very good hands as you’re doing people & planet a big favor. 

And if you give don’t be surprised if it just makes one huge circle and comes around this way again for you and me; then maybe we will start to see some changes!

Darkness 2010

Warning: Pls do not take any financial advice online, there are only lies and disinformation online.

“This may require a very long explanation…I think as long as no one can explain how Wayang Party (currently known as Temasek Review) was able to suffer 37 massive Doss attacks; each without leaving a single electronic trail….then it will not be wise to locate a Mordecai 51 here…first, it cost a bomb…secondly, each takes a year to built…we have conducted a thorough analysis and we have turned out nothing…so unless the MDA in Singapore provides us with a report….if they don’t think we are important, then it’s up to them….if MiCA thinks we are not important, then again, it is up to them…but at least as a matter of record, I wrote in, I asked and that stays….so Gentlemen when we look at all this……it is a very bad risk…..Gentlemen, I want to break the rice bowls of these people who signed off on this…that is to say in 10 or 20 years down the line, when this man or woman who approved this said, what am I doing with my life? – it would not be so different from a man staring at a loaded revolver……….we will move every single unit out!…’s a lousy risk….in life, you must learn never to put good money with the bad; like old and new wine…they cannot be mixed, it will always be a sad enterprise… we have a situation that will not go away…every time the confederation ask shall whether we should base this or that is Singapore…..the first question is how did the thing sinister (37 Doss attacks) happen?… will be last 3, 5 and even up to 10 years….as the internet has a memory like an elephant…so what we have here is a man who has just put a gun into his mouth and pulled the trigger…the world is cruel….if you want to compete, it is not enough to create the right physical conditions by just laying out miles of fiber optics and creating an island wide WIFI coverage….life is not so simple….you need the right attitude as well!… Gentlemen, now you know why we are all here in Germany and this conference is not held in Singapore… as I said is very simple….for ever cause there is always reaction…..only let us be very clear for the record, I did not start this. You may all not believe me, but I worked very hard to make sure this conference was in Singapore…but as you can see, it is a bad investment.”

Darkness 2010 – speech to the Munchen Guilds and the Confederation in Munich Germany recently – recorded in the Book of Ages under the Chapter – Saral – The Brotherhood Press 2010.

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