One way to beat the recession – winter clothes at 30% off?

April 30, 2010

If like me you’re a cheap skate and like to get expensive stuff on the cheapy cheap – then check this out out – Planet Traveller located at the upper most floor in the new Ion shopping mall is having a whopping 30% off sale on climbing anoraks – I don’t want to get too technical, but for alpinist and those who sail these are called outer shells – high performance garments have to be technical I am afraid –  so for those of you who just consider apparel nothing more than curtains that you just throw over yourself do bear with me – for you, in a nutshell, this will keep you warm, dry and very comfortable even in winter without the hassle of having to put up with the weight and bulk of a NASA (need another stupid astronaut) space suit – The end. Finis. Finito.

For those of you who are only too familiar with the serious business of braving the elements – and the black arts of gearing up for a challenge, let me dive into the technicals –  this is a two in one, comes with a inner liner -can be removed, the way I see it the inner can’t be more than a 100 spec, so this is definitely not designed for the uppereaches – it’s more for the weekend warrior odd country bog hike and climb minus the do and die spirit, but for sailing its good for all seasons – and as a travelling companion for business it fits the bill perfectly – (only please understand – I will always have a morbid fear of flying, so come to me, I will not go to you unless its a matter of life and death – period) – the outer shell is moderately abrasion resistant (but nowhere near the requirement of the serious stuff) – nonetheless, breathability, waterproofing and windproofing remains excellent – VAUDE (pronounced Fon-dee), the German based firm uses a proprietry technology they call CEPLEX ADVANCED – this guarantees very good breathability up to 20,000 g/m2/24h –so it’s good for everything from light snow to the high seas (but I will not recommend it for the serious climbs, it’s nowhere near that pedigree – nowhere close!) – the thing I really like about this jacket is they have provisioned zippers just below the armpit to allow for vents (this unfortunately is a feature that most manufacturers have dispensed with including North Face); that comes in handy especially when you’re exerting yourself  and don’t want your anorak to impersonate a waist slimming sauna suit.

The other thing I like about it is the hood; the detailing is professional and well thought out – so again, this makes for perfect weather proofing.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the purchase (below $300! Believe or not. It’s impossible to get the same discount any where in either Singapore or Malaysia….impossible) – but there is a kicker – the color is definitely dorky; but then again haute couture is hardly something stones and sharks will appreciate – and if I really get bored sporting it; I guess it’s one way to have some fun impersonating a traffic cone –  usually I loathe the idea of braving the crowds on a Friday night in Orchard; trust me, that’s the last place I want to be; rather go to some quiet place where I can be all by myself. Or just stay home cook and read a book – but this discount was simply too good to give it the fly by – discount will last only for two days – this Sat and Sun, after that it’s back to business as usual again.

Planet Traveller also retails one of widest selection of all weather gloves in Singapore (you really have to check it out – the selection is simply amazing, their selection of maps are pretty good as well) – besides the category 1 to even 5 blizzard proof mitts – there is also a whole lot of knick knacks about travelling, camping and hiking that you can get cheapy cheap, so go down there and check it all out this weekend – 20% store wide discount; but for the VAUDE, its a unbelievable 30% off – in my book, that’s a definite buy, buy, buy – please spread it around pronto.

Btw how was your recent investment in NBG?

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