A Very Recent Conversation

May 5, 2010

“You may have to fly to Buenos Aires.”


“As soon as possible…the guilds are nervous Darkness. They are all waiting for you.”

“I understand.”

“They stand to lose everything based on your recent call to back Greece.”
“On the contrary; they stand to gain everything and more…remember always – me and the ASDF took us out of the market before this melt down – we are only 15% exposed! 15 miserable percentages against 85%! – even that is not enough to satisfy the Guilds! – but, I you know what? I understand why they are nervous.”
“Things don’t look good for you.”
“No they don’t. And thank you for your candor. All I can say at this moment in time is I understand…I understand completely.”
“I don’t wish to come across as presumptous…but is there anything that you would wish me to do Darkness?”
“Yes. This is my ring. Can you please give it to Harphoon. Tell him that the privilege was mine and mine alone. Tell the guilds that he has nothing to do with this. I accept full reponsibility for this falure. Tell Harphoon, no man could have wished for a better apprentice…..now go, leave me alone. I need time to compose myself and gather my papers. You of all people know how losoh (long winded) the Confederation can get when it comes to these things?”
“Of course Darkness. By your command.”

The Brotherhood Press 2010 – this conversation was captured by a listening post based in Primus Aldentes Prime / The Chronicler of the Book of Ages.

“You need to understand the internet is not like the physical world; for starters, it has a memory as long as an elephant – if they know the real cost of faking doss attacks – I don’t believe for one moment anyone high up will sign on the dotted line – the only reason why they have faked in total 37 doss attacks is because these fuckers actually believe there is no accrued cost to their actions. In other words, they believe they can just pick up where they lefted off and step on the gas go wherever they want to go – but how can that be?

Tell me – If lets say you happen to be a big firm and you want to site your operations here. Can you just do that?

I don’t think so. For starters you owe a fiduciary duty of care to your shareholders to undertake due diligence – that simply means at some point – you will need to ask yourself the same question we have been asking, how is it possible for a site in the Singapore blogosphere to sustain 37 doss attacks without even leaving so much as an electronic signature! What kinda of attack is this? Because let me share with you all one thing; to the best of my knowledge no such attack exist anywhere else in this whole planet except in Singapore – so this is unusual, exceptional and very very special!

How long will this go on for? I don’t know. I guess we can put an end to it tomorrow, if we really want too. But why should we?

Let me put it another way – how long has the Pakistani and Indian conflict gone on in Kashmir?

At half past three for the last forty years after tea time the Indians fire off 10 shells from their 155/s – the day after that, the Paks reply the same with their heavy artillery – I guess this will go on till the end of time…..war is after all a continuation of politics by other means…I am fine with that…it’s not peace…but at least, we have some semblance of detente…I can live with that…the saddest thing about all this is after a while….neither they or us will even remember what it was all about. But one thing is certain at half past three..those shells will fly over their heads. All they can really do is pretend as if they didn’t hear it whizzing through the air…I don’t think the others will care to pretend to be deaf. You people didn’t…so why should the others?This is war.”

Darkness 2010 – reply to the Munchen Guilds on the recent spat with Temasek Review previously called the Wayang Party.

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