Tubular bells in Bedok Jetty – the end

May 9, 2010

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Many of you may not know this. But not so long ago the old Bedok jetty used to be side skirted with tubular steel railings. You know the green ugly ones – during the early mornings just before dawn; when the wind would suddenly change direction. These tubular railings would catch the wind and resonate hard producing a strange sonic rhythm that would fill the whole jetty like some cascading sonic waterfall – the crescendo never ever lasted very long – at most a few minutes. Then as soon as it started; it was all over in a flash.

I wouldn’t go as far as to declare the range of harmonics belonged to any form that one usually regards as artistic beauty in the traditional sense.

Nonetheless, I remembered it as a clean, melodious and satisfying sound – somehow the sounds were sinuously interwoven like kueh lapis. As if each layer of sound merged seamlessly with other layers to create an illusion one only finds in tribal music.

You know what I am talking about. Or maybe you don’t? That haunting repetitive drone that just goes up, down and up and down and so on and so forth very much like the didjeridu – these days it’s all gone – there is nothing there but silence – all the steel railings have been replaced by ultra silent aluminum railings.

I bet you my last dollar if the bureaucrat who signed off on this work detail ever bothered to wake up before 5.00 am for morning rides with us – he would have thought at least twice or thrice about the whole idea of gutting out those old steel tubular railings. But who in their right frame of mind wakes up before 5.00. And who would even believe there used to be a slice of heaven in Bedok jetty?

Good bye my friend. We all miss you. I miss you. Love always. Travel well.

It’s impossible. It’s impossible.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

P.S: Thank you FY (you people have alot of class)  for front row seats in the recent Andrea Bocelli concert. I was not around. So gave them to Missy Dotty and her mummy. I have informed both the ASDF and Singaporedaddy (the think tank) to extend full diplomatic access to your appointed notaries; everything that we have is entirely at your disposal.

If there is anything that we can do to help you, please do not hesistate to contact us directly. I would prefer a real world meeting as we would prefer to meet in flesh and blood when it comes to something so big. I am sure you understand FY? 


Greece may seem very far from us. She is after all only a minion state. Famous for producing yogurt, feta cheese and olio exotica – but these days we live in strange times.

And in these strange times it seems to me our destiny is inextricably linked to the real world happenings.

This is a blessing and a curse. As some of you may realize, the Euro has dropped because of contagion fears. And look how it has affected prices in the virtual, everything from the Interspacing Metal Exchange to our new clearing house from Kuala Lumpur to Munich has been affected by this free fall! The price of Sardonyx and Palladium has gone up by 300% standard Imperiums within the last 24 hours alone! Yesterday we had Germans fighting with the French over the new rating of the standard Imperium. The British have threatened to pull out of the confederation claiming this event proves conclusively a single currency does not work.

So I will not spare any of you the entre lo que existe y lo que no existe, el espacio es somos novios treatment. I will not insult your intelligence. But I will say this, gentlemen. I may not know exactly whether Greece is able to ride this storm tomorrow or the day after, but I think I know enough to say what happens in the real world can very well affect us even if we are somewhere in the virtual world. The real world and the virtual may have already merged in the way two lover have eloped and all we can really do is say we did not forsee this, it’s impossible!  We are definitely in a Que passe contigio tio situation!

I know it sounds implausible, impossible even, my fear is the theoretical impossibility has just turned into a possibility – it’s impossible I know. It’s supposed to be only a game. It’s impossible….sorry, it’s possible, I mean.”

Darkness 2010 – This has been captured by auto-bot crawler – key word, search: It’s Impossible – A recent Emergency Meeting between the Brotherhood and the Confederation / Interspacing Metal Exchange / in Buenos Aries – the Book of Ages – recorded under the Chapter “The Turmoil.” – The Brotherhood Press 2010


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