Bike at your own risk! – Managing Risk on two wheels

May 16, 2010

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When it comes to managing safety while cycling – it’s really a matter of touch and go. Sure you wear a helmet, abide by the road safety code, ride in packs and some of you may even light yourself up like Christmas trees.

But I’ve got news for you: all these will do absolutely fuck all to prevent you from getting hit by a car. Fact remains loads of cyclists are either maimed or killed by cars in Singapore. And the reason is simple.

Firstly, most of the roads, junctions and crossings aren’t designed to accommodate bicycles, they don’t take into account blind spots and 10 other things which makes it safer for cyclist. Secondly, most motorist are either blind or have absolutely no idea how to manage themselves and others on the road – that simply means; you’re always at the mercy of the guy behind one metric tons of steel.

Get with it; the law is not enough by half to keep you safe and sound on the road, not by a long shot. Not when you have to usually share the same stretch of road with the seven habits of highly ineffective drivers – and here the law is just a ass, as what it tells you to do is ride with the traffic, not against it – but that only works if you have motorist who are attuned to the idea roads are meant for bicycles as much as lorries, cars, buses and motorcycles.

I’ve had enough. Seen my fair share of road accidents, deaths and horror stories – the best defense is to go on the offence – and one good way to really improve your chances of survival is to be seen. That’s as good as it gets.

I went down to a Nike outlet this evening and got myself a night cycling wind cheater – I can’t say I am a great fan of Nike as everything they manufacture is just horrendously lousy and super expensive – but this kit comes with loads of reflective strips and I think it will go a long way to improve my survival chances on the road when it comes to my night rides.

I hope…..I pray….I think, so I am.

Happy ridding and may the force be with you.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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