The only thing that is certain is more uncertainty

May 19, 2010

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Sometimes pitting yourself against the market is like finding yourself in a small boat smack in the eye of the storm – it’s vexing, when the winds keep changing direction. You tack the best you can hopping that she will spit you out like a seed,  but she’s got you in vice. You try again to slip through the iron curtain, but the storm adjust and closes off that route. Over and over you play this out, like some crazy man digging a hole in the ground for no rhyme or reason.

So all you can do is give in to it, close your eyes and seal your thoughts the best you can as you contemplate the smallness of your courage. There’s no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time inside this maelstrom. Just the endless swirl of confusion mixed with equal parts of fear and trepidation.

In the final analysis, it’s impossible for one to achieve perfect understanding of something – matters little whether it applies to the vagaries of the market, the human body or even your vocation – I guess what I’ve just said could just as well apply to whatever challenges you may be facing in life – could be battling an illness, caring for a sick one or just raising a difficult kid – my point is all we can really do is stick a licked thumb and hope for an approximation, a gut feel or intuit –  as there will always be plenty of stuff in anything that you wish to peer deeper into to vex, confound and remind you – all you can really do is put one feet in front of another and hope for the best.

There’s nothing demoralizing about this attitude; knowing precisely where you stand against a challenge can actually be incredibly edifying, liberating and nourishing – for starters you don’t ever need to fortify yourself with sugary bullshit that is regularly churned up by the you jump and I jump rah rah brigade – neither do you need to seek comfort and strenght from some bent pastor who is venturing into the experimental architecture business in the name of JC – once you begin to strip away all those non value added bullshit; you can dedicate yourself to what you need to do  – scaling the problem accurately without the distraction that comes from having to negotiate around good for fuck all bullshit – you will be remarkably surprised how effective and efficient and independent minded you can be once you make that decision to keep to the truth instead of believing in tooth fairies.  

Curiously, the people who never ever seem to be afflicted by self doubt are the same ones who never ever see the value of introspection or even auditing their thoughts, words and actions – in other words, they don’t even see the wisdom of sitting down and thinking through things – wonder no more why only this erudite lot seem to see the world with such clarity and fidelity – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if everything in life is reduced to a comic strip and coupe of nano bites then it stands to reason that everything can only be clear and simple Simon –  though I suspect much of what makes up their world view is closer to how they wish to see the world as opposed to how the world actually is – to them the world is simple only because everything is neatly pigeon holed into yes or no, right and wrong, good and bad, worthy and useless yada yada yada yada – in other words the world is binary – you’re either switch on or off, rich or poor, successful or a failure, functional or dysfunction, with us or against us yada yada yada  that attitude doesn’t mean they are confident, self assured and wise – it just means they are so dumb that they have absolutely no idea how complicated things really are.

Fact of the matter is nothing is ever given whenever you choose to peer into something beyond it’s superficial veneer – at a deeper level, I am reminded even really simple stuff like leaky faucets, cupboards that don’t close properly and toilets that can’t seem to flush properly can be a source of exasperation that can reduce the best rocket scientist into a nervous wreck. Anyone who doesn’t know the devil resides in the details is simply someone who hasn’t really bothered to invest time and energy  to understand stuff beyond the dictionary meaning of the word simple. Anyone who doesn’t know this probably hasn’t lived the full measure of day, all they’re really doing is existing and that simply means they know even less about themselves along with what’s happening in this world.

And that makes them the most dangerous people in this planet.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood Press 2010

Get one thing clear. Get it so very clear so that all doubt is expunged! I did not predict the fall of dow taking a 1,000 point dive – I realize this is hard for most people to believe, but that is the truth and nothing but the truth….the danger here is very clear to me…there are some here who believe that I have the power to foresee events and outcome….well I have news for you…I can see nothing beyond my big toe…now I realize why when Vollariane decided to leave the brotherhood, he destroyed every vestige to his name….this is the first discipline of leadership….no one must be worshipped…I do not believe for one moment that is a healthy enterprise.

As for the social political blog scene once the time is ripe we will fire shells again – understand this the war we are engaged with Temasek Review aka Wayang Party is a war of attrition – we fire one case of 155mm, they fire back and it goes back and forth….as to how long this will take it is really an academic question….my take it roughly ten to twenty years…but one thing is certain….we will fire when the time is right….I think they have already factored this in, so it’s fair game…besides what are they going to do…kick us out? I really don’t think so. We would be 10 or 20 times more ferocious if they did that…so it is fair to say this is how politics will be conducted from now till perhaps the end of time….only understand this, we did not start this. But I have a feeling we will end it.”

Darkness 2010 – Conversation captured by an auto-bot in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010


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