The Joy of Cooking

June 4, 2010

I love to cook. Most of the time; I cook for the boys who make up the brotherhood and the guilds along with all the cooks –  I realize it all sounds quirky; but I enjoy cooking the way some people enjoy polishing their cars on a weekend, making pottery and knitting.  

The whole process of slicing, gutting, splicing and thinning is just incredibly liberating and edifying to me for some strange reason, and it calms me down – there are times when I get carried away and just barge into  my regular che char joint where the owner just happens to be one of my cycling mates (coming to think of it most of the places where I cook are owned by my friends) – and start banging the pots and pans along with making a real mess – coming to think of it most of the restaurants where I eat in – most of the food is whipped by moir.

I think that most people who dine with me for the very first time are usually surprised by the whole dinning experience of going behind the scene where we usually eat on the kitchen counter usually with the chef and his mates, and part and parcel of the excitement involves seeing the whole process before, during and after – it just adds a zing and entirely different dimension to the whole dining experience. 

What I usually do is bath the whole area in candle light; open up a fine bottle of wine and put a knife to the chef to show me his treasure trove and it all takes off from there with the help of my violin, of course.

I hope that one day I can cook for you. If you allow me.

Darkness 2010

PS: Only one problem haven’t figure out how to settle the bill yet; my money doesn’t seem to be good anywhere – that’s a problem.

“I hate the guy; but what can I do now? My wife loves him along with my daughters – did you know that he took us dinning and we spent 4 hours in a kitchen where we had cooks dancing around like Bollywood actors while he played his violin and cooked for us all. It was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had Singaporedaddy as I was there to discuss serious business with Darkness.”

“So did you manage to secure your terms on the behalf of the Confederation?”

“No, as I said, my wife and daughters were taken in by the devil.”

“Why am I not surpirsed to hear this Francoise?”

Conversation between the Liaison officer of the Eastern Balkan trade route Singaporedaddy and a 3rd degree representative from the Confederation – captured by an auto-bot crawler in Ekunaba – The Brotherhood Press 2010.

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