NBG latest news

July 21, 2010

(To increase the font – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) National Bank of Greece, ticker NBG – Prepare to average on my mark – those of you who have been following our updates entered at a median price of 2.20. For the last week NBG has been beaten down – OK, if you want to sell, I understand. Please go. No need to explain. Just go!

Those of you who wish to go deeper into the rabbit’s hole follow me – I will be averaging at a target price of USD$2.70 and below – keep it tight. Pls note we are already in shaky territory -so I expect loads of turbulence – this is going to get very rough, so if you don’t have balls for this sort of trade, my advice is take profit. There is no shame, we already had a good run on her – 40%, in less than a month is not bad. But I am staying in – hold on tight – may the force be with you.

Remember, it doesn’t get easier than this – when she dips below USD$2.70 buy, buy and buy – spread the word. She is ripe for the raid.


That’s all. Happy Hunting.

Darkness 2010

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