Unusually Uncertain! WTF does it mean?

July 22, 2010

(To increase the font in this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) US stocks took a swan dive last night – thanks to the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernie Bernanke when he described the economic outlook as “unusually uncertain” but fell short of elaborating any new steps to jump-start growth if the market continues to belch out black smoke.

Bernanke’s statement concerning the shaky recovery left many investors “unusually uncertain” as they tried to decrypt what the FED chairman really meant when he said the outlook was “unusually uncertain.”

To add to the mystery of how “unusually uncertain,” things are and may get in the foreseeable future; Bernanke true to his clearer than mud form – did not bother to elaborate how the FED was going to do more to spur growth should the economy relapse into a recession.

As a consequence investors throughout the world were left “unusually uncertain,” as to whether they should stay or split from the market – judging from how the S & P 500 closed last night – it is fair to say most of them opted for the latter. 

And since this is the same man who once defined too big to fail as something we will know when we see it, it is fair to say, most of us will continue to be unusually uncertain as to what or how the FED will respond to further complications in the US economic recovery.

 Darkness 2010

“Trust is everything. You can tell if a man is trustworthy by just observing the way his wife or girlfriend treats him.

If her trust in him cannot be easily shaken by loose talk. That means this man has cultivated her loyalty in the way Zorro knows his horse – you notice, Zorro just has to whistle and his horse appears like a magic carpet – this horse even knows how his master will jump on it – have you ever seen Zorro jump and his horse looks up and moves to avoid him? Never – so that means, where there is perfect trust, there is also perfect harmony; as there is consistency in thought, deeds and words.

So it is always a pleasure to do business with a man who understands the importance of trust.”

“We understand envoy of the brotherhood. In that world where you speak of, the one where there is no trust – Zorro can whistle till his voice is hoarse – yet the four legged taxi will never come. Where might this horse be? Perhaps she has eloped with another? That is why our people prefer camels – they are slower, but at least they don’t break your nuts? I feel very sorry for Mr Zorro, his nuts must be very sore.”

“Nuts? How so Khaleed?”

“Have you ridden a horse before? It’s painful. Camels have two humps, so you can sit between them when you ride – very comfortable – you should come to Dubai, my uncle has the third largest camel bazaar over here. So I ride them all the time.”

“Mmmmh…how coincidental, women have two humps as well.”

“Yes, the creator is indeed the master architect, is he not Singaporedaddy?  How rude of me, you must be tired after folding space. A thousand pardons, let me show you my harem.”

“You have harems in the virtual?” 

“Of course, do you think we are all savages in the colonies? I will have you know, I have some of the best camels there.”

Singaporedaddy – conversation with the Pro-Consul of the Ottomans / somewhere along the Arullian front – captured by an auto-bot crawler – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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