Going to Hong Lim Park? Have you considered this…

July 29, 2010

This communique has been issued by the Interspacing Corps in the Strangelands @ Primus time: 982885 / in response to numerous questions concerning MDP. Vui Kong etc.

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Primus Aldentes PrimeIf you wish to support a cause. Do it for the right and not the wrong reasons.

Firstly, if you go to TOC and read most of the comments posted concerning Vui Kong. You will notice one glaring inconsistency – absolutely no intelligent comments from those who may see the need to keep the death penalty against the fight against drugs. (after this they may change their attitude, but the damage has been done)

That is not because many Singaporeans, residents and even Malaysians have not written to TOC expressing their views in support of the MDP. It just means TOC has deleted these comments in order to engineer consent on this subject.

So let us be very clear here. The picture TOC presents to the world does not in any way represent an accurate appraisal of what most readers feel about this subject – it is designed to reflect ONLY the views of the owner of TOC and their inner circle.

 Secondly, not everyone who supports the MDP relishes the prospects of taking a life lightly – many broach this very serious subject with intense reservation – and here again TOC attempts to hijack the image of the reasonable man; as time and again, they keep on harping that only the inane can justify taking a life of another no matter how serious the crime; in the universe of TOC no one who is of sound mind and moral probity can possibly not see the wisdom of sparing a life no matter how serious the crime. On the contrary, this narrative misleads – as it is precisely because many of us value, respect and honor life,that is why we are prepared to make uncomfortable moral compromises to protect many who may otherwise fall victim to the vicious cycle of drug abuse. So let us be very clear, just because you are against the death penalty does not necessarily make you an enlightened human; anymore than a person living in a cave can claim he is an archeologist. It is not very hip or cool either; unless you believe the best way for humanity to progress is to buy into panaceas and discard sound practices.

Ultimately, the question boils down to only this: do you consider the drug trade to be a real and present danger to our society?

If answered in the negative. Then by all means go to Hong Lim Park. Have a ball. Only as I have said, if you wish to support something –do it for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

However if you do consider the drug trade to be what most reasonable believe it to be – the greatest solvent that menaces society – then consider: how is any civilization supposed to perpetuate its inalienable right to self determination when confronted with such a ferocious enemy? How do you even find common ground with those who may not wish to live and let live; and have no reservations in using every available means (including the young and ignorant) to get their contraband to our shores just to turn a quick buck? How are we to reason with the enemy who doesn’t even perceive any moral contradiction about poisoning your mummy, sister, her friends and the people who we love and care for in our community? Can anyone tell me how this can be done? I think not.

It is very easy to buy into TOC’s homily sugary fairytale that all we have to do is to dismantle the MDP and all of us can suddenly be enlightened beings and live happily ever after and good will somehow triumph over the forces of darkness. You don’t need to be very intelligent to unravel the weakness in that argument –because the question still stands, how can we continue to effectively protect our society from the drug menace in the absence of resolve in the shape and form of the MDP?

TOC is not only disinterested in this narrative. They refuse to even have an all inclusive debate on this subject – As I suspect they know very little about what conditions first needs to be obtained to create a drug free Singapore.

Otherwise why even bother deleting post on those who choose to speak intelligently and informatively about the need to keep the MDP? Neither have they even devoted so much as one article, one sentence, one paragraph on the need to maintain the MDP to facilitate you the reader to gain a better understanding on this subject – so that you can make an informed decision concerning the matter – so pray tell, how can you even buy into TOC’s idea if what they are really showing you is only one side of the coin?

You decide. Ultimately the decision is yours and yours alone. Only it bears repeating as it’s jugular – If you wish to support a cause. Do it for the right and not the wrong reasons.

Singaporedaddy (1st class officer from the IDC – Internet Liaison officer of the Brotherhood / bearer of letters representing the Confederation of Gamers)

“I demand to see the Magistrate you idiot! Do you not understand we have travelled some 300 light years just to petition the known Emperor of the Universe Pandishah IV. Some brigands have invaded our planet, they have robbed us of our mines, livestock, lands, titles and our right to be heard, this is the law, do you hear me! I demand to see the local Magistrate of this region!”

“Your papers are not in order…begone or we will have you arrested!”

“Let them through Centurion….show me the papers….yes, I see these are old seals….very old indeed…issued long before the Republica period, tell me do you know who these people who invaded you are?

“We have no idea…but we came here to petition the Envoy of the Emperor of the known universe for a voice to reclaim what is rightfully ours.”

“You pay your taxes regularly I see….so by the laws of the Confederation your tribe shall have a voice.”

“The soldier told me at the gate the Emperor is no more.”

“That is true, nonetheless, your papers are in order…and you have a right to a voice. The law is the law. Now go tell you people never to despair, I shall take your petition up personally.”

“It has been so long a time since we last came to the city…I don’t recognize all of these insignias or even the uniforms of your people…..I never knew so many things have changed since the passing of the Emperor…who may I humbly ask are you?”

“I am the regional Liaison officer of the brotherhood for the space port of Prima Maritima. They call me Sergei, but my name is actually Singaporedaddy. Now back to business, tell me more of these people who stole your voice…”

This conversation has been retrieved and captured by an auto-bot from the Great Library of Alexandria in the space port of Prima Maritima – 3093 parsecs of the Tiberium Asteriod Belt 700 years ago –  The age of the rocket – The Book of Ages – The Brotherhood Press 2010



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