Panorama Club

August 13, 2010

As many of you may already know in both of our secured networks, such as Ekunaba and PBK. The Brotherhood Press has recently been broadcasting using a proprietry technology known as Panavisiontech – this is basically an initiative that is started by a 37 nation group of pano ethuist.

If some of you like to hook up with Singaporedaddy – pls visit the site here:

At this point in time, 360 degree technology is pretty nutty – there are alot of developers but many of them are just goofing around. We don’t know what will happen with this technology, but we know enough to say it has tremendous scope for growth ranging from gaming to defense.

It’s early days, so my gut feel tells me that we should just run with this for a while before we decide to come in and dominate this technology. Let’s just see how it all goes down.

If you want to collaborate with us. You are free to do so. Only please understand, this is a multi-national effort, so you really need to take off your Singaporean only hat and put on your rainbow – we are the world. And hopefully that way, you will not beat yourself up and even enjoy yourself!

Darkness 2010

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