Why is the price of food going through the roof

August 13, 2010

This is a video blog that I have made recently about this subject.


This is something I decided to video blog about as I felt the Strait Times had misrepresented the real reasons behind the price hikes – I don’t blame ST as firstly, many of the “journalist,” are poorly educated.

Secondly many of them lack the exposure to allow them to scale this problem accurately beyond taking and running with what is usually offered as the most plausible explanation.

And thirdly, many “journalist” is ST may simply lack the mental lattitude to fully comprehend the breadth of the issues – and this is not unusual as Vivian Balakrishnan has mentioned, “The Strait Times is not the fourth estate.” And as our Northern cousins, the Malaysians would say, if you don’t use a knife, it will rust.

So I hope in future, ST will stick to topics such as nation building issues and parroting the leaders of our times et al.

The moral of the story is very simple. Never ever send a sheep to do a wolf’s job….never! If you do so, the real wolf will simply have to show up and put the sheep in a nice citrus smelling pine box…the end!

So far this series has score just under 800 viewers in Ekunaba and the PBK, they don’t seem to be very interest – nonetheless I hope you enjoy it.

Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood

“Singaporedaddy, you are the brotherhood Liaison are you not! Why don’t you pick up the phone and call those aliens to help us Russians? If you people can lift stones for the bloody Egyptians jut to built their useless Pyramids, then surely you people can help us with the fires over here?”

“You bloody Kaftah! How many times do I need to say this! This people have nothing to do with building the Pyramids! Go back and milk your mummy’s goat! А что ты сделал для тушения пожара?”

“We have sent that bloody idiot Putin! Once we drop him into the fire, there is enough hot air in him to blow out every fire in mother Russia! Одним махом да еще сразу два пожара… (силачем слывусь не даром семерых одним ударом). Лохи МЧСники! Летают летают и в пожары попасть не могут а еще по 6 лет на летчиков учились а Вова хренак… и два пожара как не бывало. Вообще молодец! Ездит по стране и учит летчиков летать, пожарных тушить, комбайнеров сено собирать, доярок доить, татар сабантуй праздновать а детей в пионер лагерях отдыхать. Ну кто мы без него?! Петр первый да и только!”

Two Russian Gamers somewhere along in the Balkan Trade Route – 225 Km off Minsk – Captured by an Auto-Bot Crawler – The Brotherhood Press 2o1o

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