The Art of Selling Yourself To Those Who Want To Sell You Stuff

August 14, 2010

(To increase the font size of this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) Selling yourself as a product has to be a vital life skill that sits along side breathing, shitting and eating – I don’t care what anyone tells you – it’s important!

Some people do it by squeezing all the knowledge into their heads like a phyton. I can’t think of anything more painful to get ahead!

Besides, I have a low tolerance for pain, so naturally, I try to get it off others for absolutely free. And that just means you have to learn the art of selling yourself.

It stands the test of reason. If no one even finds you interesting enough to want to spend time with you. Then how the hell are you going to get them to share with you what’s really important in their lives?

The way I see it. Everyone has an angle that they have been nursing to break free from the litany of everyday life. They have too, that’s the last refuge of the workers manifesto – the condition of hope is to believe somewhere in hopelessness, there is hope! So they dream on – they hatch their get rich schemes – the deal of the century etc etc etc.

It matters very little what they do – they could be really boring people who lead really boring lifes and have to even put up with really boring bosses who do nothing all day long except say really boring things, but get it in your head – every single one of them without a single exception has an escape plane, a secret tunnel that they just believe deep down may hold the promise of redemption if only they had the guts to pull it off – and all they need is someone to come along who they can really trust to tell the whole plan too.

That’s what I really mean by getting into the inside grove – it’s two parts creating the right mood for collaboration and one part just being a blank canvas where others are prepared to put their faith in you.

The inside groove that is. Once you are there and everything is lined up perfectly. You will find that the system works for you in more ways than you could have possibly imagined.

While your competitors are working hard and sweating bullets to beat the system pound for pound, muscle for muscle and inch for inch. You are working smart and cutting all the right moves by going the other way.  In this place, you just cruise on the inside lane. There is no resistance. No Jack in the boxes. No surprises. Its all there layed out in one straight line like a highway. All you have to do is keep to the line and the line will keep you!

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