Liar Pants on Fire – a study on how to shoot your foot

August 17, 2010


This is quite hilarious – I don’t know which version holds up as the true version – but I am sure given the benefit to technology and the grapevine these days, it shouldn’t be too hard to ferret out the truth. Fact of the matter is these sort of incidences are good in my opinion and a sign that society may actually be more confident – as it is only when people continue to question the system that it will improve. Darkness 2010 – The Brotherhood 

Cyclist in the thick of accident puzzled by joint reply

I AM puzzled by the joint reply of the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (“Police, SCDF at accident site within 20 minutes”; Aug 6) t(“Police and ambulance slow to respond to accident”; July29).o Mr Teo Kai Loon’s letter  I was also involved in the accident. While the joint reply was correct in stating that a call was placed to the Police Emergency Call Centre 999 at 6.30pm, the subsequent details were not quite so.   

The casualties were conveyed to Alexandra Hospital and not Singapore General Hospital.   

The first ambulance arrived about 30 minutes after the call, at about 7am, and not within the purported 15 minutes.   

We were still calling the authorities’ call centre at 6.50am, asking about the estimated time of arrival of the ambulance and I have phone records to confirm it.   

The Traffic Police did arrive 15 minutes after the ambulance, as the joint reply stated, but the police arrival was at about 7.15am, which was 45 minutes after the call.   

I know this because I was helping to guide traffic at the rear of the accident scene, using my bicycle tail-lights to try and slow down vehicles and feeling very vulnerable because of the oncoming traffic. I was constantly hoping for the arrival of a police vehicle to provide better protection at the accident site.   

The first personnel to arrive were in fact the Coast Guard from a nearby unit, who arrived at about the same time as the first ambulance.   

They helped me guide traffic, but they did not have the necessary tools to screen off the accident site.   

If the authorities deem that a 30-minute to 45-minute response time is appropriate given their resources and constraints, all we wanted was to be told as such.   

Perhaps the call centre staff could have been better equipped to ascertain the location of an accident, as I struggled to communicate our exact whereabouts.   

If the nearest units were indeed, unfortunately, 30 minutes to 45 minutes away, and this was a particularly busy morning for the police and SCDF, then assess whether we need additional resources or resource placement.   

If it is an unfortunate one-off incident, we will just have to accept it as such because we understand that it is not always possible to be everywhere for everyone at all times.   

All we hope for is that we can learn from this and help improve responses to such incidents in future.   

Roy Tan   

“Let me understand this clearly….you come into the virtual. You call me a gangster. Then you call me a racketeer and then you insult my mother. And you want us all to submit to your laws? Am I hearing all these things right?”

“Yes that is right Darkness!”

“Tribune, take all this people and execute them all, leave only this fool here to carry back this message to their people.”

“You cannot do this! There are laws against this Darkness!”

“Yes, you are right, there are laws against this – but who protects us when you people seize our servers and shut down our virtual goldmines all the way from Xiamen to Harbin? I want to be a good man. I do not want to kill people. But how do I go about the business of rehabilitating my evil nature when you people keep forcing me to be bad – do you not see that I am as much a victim of circumstances. I want to be good. But how can I be good when the people who are supposed to serve and protect us are wolves? So I must also be a wolf? Am I right? Besides, I do not recognize your laws…not here at least. Don’t worry dying here is not a problem. You will be back next week… time when you see me again make sure you don’t insult my mother again…travel well.”

The Carphatian Incident / 5,000 parsec EE of the Andreammo Galaxy – The Age of Steel – The Book of Ages – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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